I wasn't exactly pushed, I was inspired by the blogs I visited, and since then, I figured out that I wanted to design my own blog as well and express my never-ending thoughts about anything.

Days after I made it, my parents were thinking of ways on how to earn money, then they discovered that we could earn money through blogging. They then knew about my blog, and since that time until now I've been trying to earn money from here.

Though it seems that I never succeeded in earning money through this blog, blogging had nevertheless been a great experience since I am able to socialize with other bloggers, to know about the life of others, to express sympathy or joy for them, and many more. This explains why this blog will continue to live until the end.

03-22-17// I have rebranded my blog into something that represents me in a way that I can showcase my knowledge about the topics related to my profession, as well as the things I am good at and genuinely interested in.


Formerly Story of my Life/Take a Deep Breath/Let it be/Dare to Express, vannice95.blogspot.com
Shifted to a custom domain, March 22, 2017, The Savvy Aspirant, thesavvyaspirant.com, Redirectable from another custom domain, December 25, 2017, nicesalcedo.com

Nice Salcedo, where "Nice" is my nickname and "Salcedo" is my surname, hence, nicesalcedo.com, is the latest custom domain that I linked to this blog. However, despite the new custom domain, my blog name and my main custom domain still remain the same.

Savvy, according to Google's dictionary, means "shrewd and knowledgeable; having common sense and good judgment.".

The purpose of this blog is to impart my own knowledge about things that I put my heart into. As someone who likes to research about various relatable topics, it would be good to share them with the readers.

Although I'm not exactly confident with my knowledge, common sense, and judgment at all times, being savvy is something that I want to develop within myself. Blogging will be a haven for me to widen my comprehension, perhaps through reading articles constantly and writing about what I have understood. Also, as I get older, I am bound to have more experiences so I would like to document them here as well. This is a good platform to share what I have learned in the course of life, and I am more than willing to enlighten you.

Aspirant, according to Google's dictionary, means "a person who has ambitions to achieve something.", and this one perfectly describes me.

I have lived my life constantly setting goals for myself, which keep me motivated to go on. With each milestone in my life, I have ambitions to achieve, and this blog will be an instrument to help me reach them, through reminding me what I have been through to realizing those goals so that I can learn from them and use them later in my lifetime.

What pushed me to add another custom domain for my blog? Well, I wanted to give a more personal touch to my blog by giving it my own name. Since I didn't want anyone to grab my identity online, I took the opportunity to buy the custom domain with my own name so that I can have it to myself. I want my readers to be given the discretion to use either www.nicesalcedo.com or www.thesavvyaspirant.com to visit my blog, so I decided to do just that.

This blog will be focused on whatever topic that comes to my 20-something-year-old mind as time goes by, from being a confused millennial, a frustrated tech enthusiast, a real estate practitioner, a Law student, and so much more I could be in years time.

Here you may expect overviews about things related to my profession, which, as of this writing, would be about real estate. Also, since this is a personal blog, I may write about my experiences that are worth sharing, especially those that involve my goals and aspirations.

You may also expect postings of solicited/unsolicited reviews about series (Korean Drama is my niche, but I also love How to Get Away with Murder), movies (I usually like anything mainstream, but never horror), music, books, products, gadgets, and more.

There will be times that I would just write about my day, and unlike my younger self (my teenage self in particular), I will not go over the line with expressing my thoughts. I will, however, write opinionated posts about burning topics that I feel strongly about (if I'm brave enough, that is), such as political happenings in our country. I am ready to be constructively criticized with what I post since this is also a way to help me become better.

Also dubbed by a friend as a "wizard that never was" (students who study Computer Science in our university are called Wizards, in the same sense that Business students are called Eagles), I am naturally inclined to computer programming, though I'm only limited to HTML, CSS, and Javascript since I never actually took up a course for it (it was initially my college course choice). Since I have a background and interest with this, you may expect topics about it.

As a real person, I have feelings as well so you may expect emotional compositions from time to time. These may be cryptic, or I may just be blunt about them. I will try to minimize them though since I want to promote good vibes in this blog.

Overall, it's either you take note of these probable expectations or you may just choose to expect the unexpected. Everyone is unpredictable once in a while.

So yes, I hope you'll enjoy my blog! :)