I have lost my will to blog

This blog is pretty much abandoned. I honestly do not know what to do with it anymore. It has been infested with spam-bots, and it just turned 11 years old last June 11, 2020, which I feel bad now for not celebrating it.

This is a very old blog, and yet I was so inconsistent with updating it, which is why it did not succeed. My blog now seems to be a failure since it didn't really amount to anything for 11 years. I had viral posts here and there, but that's just it.

I've had too many excuses which lead to the downfall of this blog. I always thought how I should have a better camera in taking pictures, or how I should have enough money to buy fashionable clothes and other aesthetic stuff to make my blog more appealing, since art was my passion back then. When I was indeed able to get a few fashionable clothes, it turned out that I didn't have the confidence to wear them and post them on social media. I also realized that I cannot sustain it since again, it was never a priority in my budget and I was not yet earning any money back then.

I can say that through all these years, I didn't have a specific niche where readers can pinpoint what my blog is really about. My blog was a purely personal abode for all my thoughts, however random they may be. We can say that this is a lifestyle blog, but then again, it's too general for the readers. I don't even have a lifestyle that's worthy to be shared to the public since I don't know how to wear makeup, I'm too lazy to dress up for social media posts, and I don't have enough money to sustain anything that I could think of. I could blog about being a law student, but we all know how boring it could get, and that I wanted to have an escape from the ever stressful Law School, wherein which, blogging about it contradicts the purpose. I could create an art portfolio since I know how to edit and create stuff, but then again, all my supposed artworks are just publication materials for school.

Maybe I should just quit blogging. It's such a waste how I had so many plans, but I cannot sustain any of them. Even if I can, I'd be too busy to do anything or be too shy to even post such. I was so caught up with all the pressure about maintaining my blog that I just lost my will to do such. Come to think of it, a lot of my blog posts here are just me whining about how I wanted to quit already or how I wanted to revamp it but I cannot do so.

Or maybe I didn't really want to quit blogging. Maybe I just wanted to have an outlet where I can be free to express anything without worrying about being consistent in posting or on whether or not my readers would like it. Maybe I just want to escape from that expectation nowadays that in putting up content online, it should benefit some people. Maybe I just missed how blogging used to be something you do when you didn't have anyone to talk to and you simply want to get things out of your chest.

Nowadays, I believe that less people are reading blogs since they now turn to YouTube for vlogs. If I were 13 years old now, which was my age when I first started blogging back in 2009, I would have been quick to jump into the bandwagon of vlogging as well, but since I'm already almost in my mid-20s and that I now have greater priorities in my life, I cannot freely do so at the moment.

But if you still want to read about my life and my random musings, I have moved to Wordpress since it has a better interface than here in Blogger. My thoughts seem to flow more freely when I blog there, so please feel free to check it out.

As much as this seems to be a farewell, this is not final yet. I have to settle domain issues as well as sort out my content before finally saying goodbye to this blog. Rest assured that I'll give you a heads up if everything is settled.

For now, my blog is still available for your reading. I hope that you'll continue to enjoy it despite its inactivity.

So, that's it for now. Till here.


  1. "Maybe I just wanted to have an outlet where I can be free to express anything without worrying about being consistent in posting or on whether or not my readers would like it."

    This is exactly why I have my own blog. I'm writing for my own enjoyment, and not really to gain anything. If people read and comment, great. But if they don't it's not a disappointment either.

    If you want the kind of blog with a massive audience and return on your investment, essentially you have to treat it like a business.

  2. I suggest you continue blogging, Sis. In the beginning, my law school blog was something I set up just to promote my published articles and advocacy on anything West Philippine Sea-related. But as I went on, it became my niche in the worldwide web and means to connect with other wonderful and inspiring law school studygrammers and content creators.

    I hope you can give it a chance. You have a lot of good content here. Sayang naman...


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