2019: A Year-End Post

Hello everyone! Today, they say, is the last day of the decade. Back in 2009, I don't remember it being a big deal, but now in 2019, everyone seems to be talking about it. Or maybe that's just me.

Anyway, I am now back with my tradition of posting a year-end post by the end of the year. To be honest, I actually crammed in writing this post because I have been very busy with other things (hello, backlogs). If it wasn't for this tradition, I probably wouldn't update this blog, since as you can see, I haven't really updated in months, but yeah, here I am.

Without further ado, here are the highlights of my 2019.

January 2019 - This is my first selfie of the year. This is the year where I decided to embrace my wavy hair. By the end of the year, I usually would get my hair straightened, but now, I'm taking the step in trying to be contented with my natural hair. Honestly, it was a hard journey since it made me lose confidence along the way because let's face it, wavy or curly hair is hard to manage, and not knowing how to care for it properly made me feel ugly. Oh well, I just hope that I can finally flaunt my hair like it deserves to.

February to March 2019 - These months were really a struggle for me. 2nd year 2nd semester is probably one of the hardest semesters in Law School for me. I failed many times, and I barely passed some subjects. There were subjects where I realized too late that I have been studying them the wrong way, which almost cost me a whole school year. Since grades are yet to come up in early May, I spent months worrying about it. I can say that I barely made it through this semester, but I'm glad that things went a little better than expected.

With my relatives and workmates. Photo not mine. Credits to the owner of this picture.

April to May 2019 - These months were kinda like a breakthrough for me for this year. It was my goal for the year that I should earn some money and at the least, get some new experiences. I wanted to make my summer worthwhile, so I decided to have on-the-job training at my cousin's Law Office. Tell you what, it was probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I needed a breather away from worrying about my grades, so this was also a blessing in disguise and a distraction I needed during that time. Well, I have earned and saved a lot of money during these months. Also, I have gained new friends and became closer to my relatives. I was new to pretty much everything, but it was a good kind of new.

June to October 2019 - This is my 3rd year 1st semester in Law School. This was also the time when I broke down a lot since I failed some expectations for the past semester because I didn't make it to the Dean's List for the first time. I honestly felt that everyone was disappointed and looking down at me back then, so I vowed to myself that I should be resilient and bring myself back up for this semester. My friends kinda knew that I needed to be comforted back then, so they did, and I'm very thankful for that. It was a month full of remorse, and I knew I was giving myself a hard time. I knew that it didn't matter much to my parents as to whether or not I get to be on the Dean's List and that it was only me who is pressuring myself to be on that list, but it still hurts to think that they might have probably been a tiny bit disappointed with me.

..but well, I am proud to say that I indeed managed to bring myself back up. I consider this as my plot twist for this year. My efforts really paid off. I also had subjects where I almost failed. I cried many times during this semester. I can really say that prayers indeed work wonders, because I prayed to God every day for a miracle, and there it was. Lord, I couldn't have done it without You. Thank You so much.

Me during the bar operations. Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.

November to December 2019 - This is my 3rd year 2nd semester in Law School. The highlights were the annual Bar Operations which is when we serve our barristers as they prepare for the four (4) Sundays of the Bar exam and our General Assembly which is when the Dean's Listers were announced.

As for the Bar Operations, this is my second time to experience it. I blogged about my first experience in last year's year-end post, and as you can see, I really had fun. Just like last year, my experience for this year was also fun and worthwhile. When I travel, I always see to it that I get to try something new, which I did this time.

I was finally able to try the best milk tea in town before it opened in Cagayan de Oro. Hihi. Hello, Macao Imperial Tea!

I finally got to try samgyupsal at Samgyup Salamat. Yay!

This is one of the many churches we visited. I should've made a wish since it's my first time here, but oh well. Hehe

I am not really fond of historical stuff, but here we were in Fort Santiago. I had fun looking through amazing sceneries and artifacts. This one is my favorite.

This is a church around Intramuros.

Then there's me posing at the water fountain. I wasn't at the right timing tho. The water fountain didn't appear. Haha!
Just so you know, these were the things we did when we were on a break from serving our barristers. I hope you won't think that this is all we ever do. Haha! You can find our Bar Operations pictures in our Xavier University Association of Law Students page. I served on the 2nd Sunday.

Another highlight within this time period was our Epsilon Beta Kappa recruitment, wherein it was the first time I became more active in taking part in the activities. It was great meeting new friends. We took a lot of pictures, and here are some of them.

With the Resident Betans and Aspirants. Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.

With the 3rd year Resident Betans. Hihi. Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.

As a bonus, Spotify compiled my top artists and songs that I listened to during the decade. It was so thoughtful of them. Lol. For you to have an idea on the songs I like, here they are.

And yes, as you can see, I am a KPOP fan. Hihi. Fellow KPOP fans, where you at?

Well, as someone with defective eyesight, tomorrow is the first time in many years that I will be seeing 20-20. Haha! Of course, I learned that from a meme.

But seriously though, I would like to thank everyone who became part of my 2019, and I hope that you will still be part of my 2020. I would like to thank those who have given me love and support as I go through my challenges in life. Thank you also to those who have opened me to a lot of opportunities. At my age right now, I think what's important is that I could gather more experiences for me to learn more about life. I may not have the means to satisfy that fully, but I am thankful to everyone who made that possible.

I hope that 2020 will be a better year for all of us. I could honestly say at an impulse that 2019 is one of my worst years so far and that you may not find it obvious because I'm only blogging the best parts mostly, but like all the other years, it had its fair share of ups and downs, so it would be unfair to immediately say that it's the worst year out of all years that I have lived. 2014 was bad, too, but I also didn't blog all the bad parts. I guess it's a matter of perception.

So, I guess that's it for now. Have a happy and prosperous new year, everyone! I wish you all the best! See you in 2020!

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