Long Hiatus Notice + Comeback Teaser

..and I guess you already saw this coming, --well, except for the comeback teaser part, maybe? Don't expect this to have a video though. Haha jk

Well, hello there everyone! I am back once again. How are you all doing? As for me, right now I am going to talk about my plans for this blog and I'll tell you the reasons behind that. 

Finally, a new post for this seemingly neglected blog. Ready? Here it goes.

First, I'm going to talk about the Long Hiatus Notice. As mentioned, maybe you already saw it coming and wondered why I never gave this notice sooner. But why just now? 

Well, I deemed it appropriate to give you notice because soon in June (wow it rhymes lol), I will be on my 3rd year in Law School (hopefully not an irregular student *fingers crossed*), and I know that this will be a crucial school year (huhu I say this pretty much every year but okay), so I need to focus more on my studies, and this goes the same for the next school year after that, and months after the end of that, so that will be very, very long (2-3 years to be precise). But despite that, I'll make sure to write a year-end post and some other posts that I would deem fit especially on my schedule. Rest assured, since it's summer, I'll make the most of my time by blogging every now and then, so stay tuned!

So the long hiatus is the main reason why I postponed my ~grand~ comeback that's supposed to be due on my 10th blog anniversary. But anyway, I'll tell you about my planned comeback, and as mentioned, the reasons behind it.

But first, let me tell you a little backstory about how The Savvy Aspirant came to be and how I made the wrong move in not considering well other options and circumstances in making that comeback such as getting the domain that I'm sure that I'll never regret, among other things.

Well, you can read about it in these posts: click and click, but I'll just tell you what I did wrong at that time.

You see, my ultimate problem in blogging is thinking of a good blog name that I can live with for probably the rest of my life just like other prominent bloggers in the blogging world. After almost a decade of intermittent blogging, I can say that even though I may have been blogging for almost ten (10) years, I am not a reliable blogger that anyone can look up to by those who are new to this field because let's face it, the first six (6) years of my blogging were just pure rants and cringey posts that got me in trouble at some point and that I rarely wrote noteworthy posts back then (but what can you expect from a 13 to 19-year-old though). So with that, I deleted these cringe-worthy posts and eventually decided to have a major revamp on my blog when it almost turned eight (8) years, so that's the birth of The Savvy Aspirant.

Now, what did I do wrong? Well, I made my comeback a little too hastily. I pressured my brain to at least try to be witty in coming up with a blog name within a short span of time and availed the domain name for it from the most-hyped domain registrar that I thought gave the best deals, which, surprise -- it didn't. I got to admit that I regretted choosing The Savvy Aspirant shortly after some time which kinda influenced my drive in updating my blog more frequently, and that's just sad, although there are a lot of other reasons for that lost drive which I blogged about here.

To make matters worse, since I neglected my blog for months, it became kind of a big mess. I placed ads which didn't gain any significant revenue because I didn't have enough organic traffic. Google Adsense rejected my application because too many spambots infested my blog with spam comments and spam traffic (Ugh. I hate Spam, except the canned good, of course. Lol okay). My blog had too many residual settings that I couldn't fix unless I create a new one in its place, which would be too costly for me at this point if I want the most-reliable state this blog can be (*cough* Wordpress. *cough* self-hosting). You may notice that my old blog URL vannice95.blogspot.com will redirect to this blog, and yes, this is just the same blog I had years ago when I first started, only that I gave it a new domain name. So it is that old which is why it became prey by spambots.

But, with all that, I am not going to make the ideal comeback for this blog, at least not yet. I actually planned this way back more than a year ago and blogged about it, but I realized that I am not ready for the change yet, and I am not going to make the same mistake that I did before. I want to make things right this time. This blog may be turning ten (10) years this June 11, but unfortunately, there won't be a grand comeback for that celebration yet, and I know, it sucks. The big drawback for this is the lack of sufficient funds and the start of another cycle of not updating my blog consistently again because of the academic reasons that I have just mentioned, then also, I didn't want this change to be abrupt. As you can see, I am a licensed Real Estate Broker and Appraiser who never got to earn anything yet because I never practiced my profession all these years, and I apologize to those people who left unanswered queries on my inbox inquiring about real estate projects in my city, which I chose not to answer because I have no updates as to those projects anymore and my accreditation probably expired since it's been more or less two (2) years since I last attended product knowledge seminars, and I hope you understand. Next time I'll refer you to my colleagues that I trust. For now, just be aware that I have been studying my butt off in Law School, which is why I neglected my real estate practice for a while, but since it's summer, I may be able to bounce back a little. Yay!

So back to the comeback teaser, I weighed things and I realized that it would actually be a good idea to still blog in my late 20s because you know, ~blogging knows no age~ and I'll never be too old for blogging (haha I made that up but I hope it's actually true and that you agree with it lol). I'm actually planning to come back to blogging for good right after taking the Bar exam, which is still a bit of a long way to go, but for now, I'll make sure that I'll do good in Law School (please pray for me huhu it's actually killing me softly day by day -- please send help).

So yes, expect this comeback to have a whole new look and feel since I plan to have my blog self-hosted by then, and I also plan to move to Wordpress because I want to make my blog seem more legit than it already kinda is. I also plan to post my case digests and my art portfolio. I want to create a website and not just a blog, and I hope I can achieve that soon. I just really hope that no one else will buy the domain name that I already have in mind so everything will go smoothly by then.

But since this will probably be up years from now, all of those plans may change without prior notice, so it will still be a surprise to all of you. I hope you'll look forward to it!

Till here :*


  1. HI Atty. Nice! Claim it and you'll receive it. Haha! I read your blog for the first time, only because of in search operation (haha) for tips in pursuing law school. Hope to hear from you very soon. And also I am rooting for you! :))

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and your well-wishes! Your typing style seems familiar so I guess that we were well acquainted. Hehehe. I hope to hear from you soon also and that I would finally know who you are, somehow. Haha! Sorry for the late reply since I have just checked my blog :) once again, thank you!


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