Is this the end?

My blog just turned nine (9) years yesterday. Nine years ago, I was a thirteen (13) year-old girl who stumbled upon someone's blog and was inspired to make her own. The idea of having my own humble abode on the internet and being able to share my personal thoughts drove me to create my blog, which was then Story of my Life (my blog title for the first few weeks) with the URL, (this URL will still lead to this blog BTW). Along the way, I met a lot of new blogger friends. I enjoyed all the blog hopping and the commenting on blog posts of other bloggers.

But, who knew that this will all come to a possible end?-

Blogging was fun, but like everything else, it has its disadvantages. Since it involves exposing one's self to the entire world (assuming we'd have a public blog like mine), we are prone to getting in trouble with the thoughts we share if we don't filter them well in our blog posts.

As for me, admittedly I got in trouble many times because of what I wrote in the past. I almost ruined friendships. I was too honest about things. My attention was called many times to tell me to edit what I wrote or delete it altogether. I was (and probably still am) unusually loud online despite being very quiet in person, and I kinda went too far with my seemingly split personality. 

I actually did my best to filter stuff on my blog posts, but there are things that turned out to be taken out of context or could be offensive to some people without me knowing. Some turned out to be cringy when I try to read them again, hence, all the deleted blog posts that are in a safe place right now.

Let's face it, most of us entered the blogging world with the intent of being able to unleash our thoughts when we have no one else to talk to. As someone who didn't really have any close friends whom I can talk to about my random thoughts, my blog was there for me. I would spend countless hours writing about how my day went, and that made me happy.

But then, as the years went by, those countless hours felt more like work that I was not passionate about. I suddenly lost my drive to go on with blogging. Every time I try to write, I am now afraid of being able to include things that might incriminate me in the long run. Checking my posts for typographical errors wasn't something I was willing to do anymore as well. My busy schedule does not permit me to reserve time for blogging anymore, and whenever I'm free, I'm not inclined to blog but instead, it's either I use that time to sleep, scroll through social media feeds, or read lessons in advance. 

Maintaining this blog became tiresome for me already, maybe because I don't think I can still get anything from it, or simply because I was so caught up with all my worries inherent with it.

I actually have a lot of things in mind that I want to blog about, but it's either I decide not to write them anymore because they could once again include incriminating evidence, or that I simply lack the time because I'd rather use the time to study or sleep.

Summer was supposed to be a great time to blog, but I would like to apologize to my readers (if any) or to the internet in general because I was not able to write anything at all due to these circumstances. It's amazing how I was able to bring myself to blog right now despite that. Well, I actually forced myself to write this because I didn't want to set it aside later until it gets forgotten since this isn't something that should be forgotten at all. I figured that I should give you a heads up with what's going on with the owner of this blog right now in case you're wondering why there weren't any posts lately.

Now that I'm already in my second year in Law School, I don't think I can update my blog regularly anymore, at least, for the meantime. After this, I will be studying provisions and cases once again. I will once again spend nights reading hundreds of pages, and I don't think I would still have enough time to blog with that.

I will be declaring an indefinite hiatus for this blog, while I think about whether or not I should end my blogging hobby or not.

This is not the end, at least, not yet, but at least you're now aware with the circumstances I'm facing right now.

I apologize to those who messaged me through this blog that I was not able to reply to. I'm not sure if it's already too late to reply (although it probably is), but I hope that I'll do my best to reply to those messages next time.

As for real estate concerns, I would like to say that I am not practicing my profession as of this time. I am currently a full-time Law student, and I'm not confident with answering real estate inquiries anymore, and that's why chose not to reply to those messages instead. I don't know when I'll be back, but I'll inform you once I do so.

So, that's it for now. Till here :*


  1. keep blogging....puwede ka naman mag relaks lang muna..pero wag talikdan ang pag blog..

  2. salamat sa pagiging bahagi ng blog ko sa 10 years...celebrating 10 years, Written Feelings....


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