My Back to School Essentials

Hello, everyone! Yes, it's back to school season. We are all now busy with our preparations such as the enrollment, and most importantly, shopping for school supplies.

In relation to school supplies, I'd love to share my back to school essentials for the school years that have passed and for much more to come (please make it only 4 years. LOL). Yes, I will be a student once again, a Law student to be specific. But that's not our topic for today. Haha! Wish me luck nevertheless. :))

Just so you know, this is NOT a sponsored post. The brands that will be featured in this post are simply the ones that I love and trust through the years, and I am not paid to promote them.

So yes, here it goes!

First of all, before I proceed, I would like to greet this blog a belated happy birthday! This blog here just turned 8 years old yesterday. Yay! I will be posting a special post soon to compensate for everything. Haha! Sorry again, my beloved readers. Is it too late now to say sorry? Have I been saying sorry too much these days? :p

Anyway, aside from that, I would like to greet the Philippines a happy independence day! This is the day when we commemorate our freedom from Spain. In relation to the recent happenings, I would also like to express my condolences to the bereaved families of the fallen soldiers who fought with the Maute Group during the Marawi City clash. If only all these chaos would end. It pains me to read about them on social media. If only world peace isn't too much to ask.

So much for that, let's get on to the gist of this post. :D

Well, to tell you guys, I am somewhat a self-confessed junkie of school supplies. Based on my experience, my classmates usually borrow or ask some of these essentials from me because most of them only bring their pen and notebook. There are also times when I let them pay whenever they ask a sheet of paper. xD

Now, what are these back to school essentials that I speak of? Aside from books, which will definitely vary according to which course or level you belong, without further ado, here they are.

This is my beloved G-Tec pen, but any pen will do just as long as it cooperates with your handwriting. Haha!

Even though most of you readers aren't in elementary anymore, you'll never know when you might need a pencil. :)

Of course, you'll need a sharpener along with your pencil.

This is my correction tape. Since it got mixed up with some other stuff in my pencil case, it got dirty, but it still serves the purpose. xD

These are my highlighters. Since I usually study on hard copies, these are very useful in emphasizing some of the important points of my reading materials. I don't really color code though. I only use any of these colors according to my mood. Haha!

I'm not really sure what these are called. Are these post-it flags? I dunno. But I know that these are very useful in bookmarking important pages. This is a neat way for me to organize my book when it comes to studying. This helps me keep track of exam or quiz coverages because taking note of pages and chapters isn't really enough for me.

You'll never know when you'll need a marker for visual aids, but then again, powerpoint presentations are already a thing.

...and a scissor to cut some stuff. :)

This is the pencil case where I put all those stuff I mentioned above. :D

For quizzes, seat works, activities, or simply for pocket notes in studying, you really need a pad paper with you so that you don't have to ask for your seatmates for one sheet when the need comes. This is a must-have for students, but ironically, most of them don't have this one. I wonder what's the reason. xD

For your notes, you obviously need a notebook to write. It doesn't matter what size or what brand, just as long as you're comfortable with the pages and everything. :)

So yes, that's it for now. I hope you learned a lot about knowing the school supplies that I usually keep.

How about you? What are the items that you consider as essentials in school?

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