One Oasis Sellers' Orientation Program and Site Tour

Last Monday, me and some of my fellow sellers from the realty attended the One Oasis Sellers' Orientation Program. We were introduced to the history and origin of the project's developer, Filinvest, as well as the know-hows of One Oasis itself and the booking process if ever we'll be able to sell one of their units soon. After which, since luckily we're at the site at that time, we had our site tour. The latter is my highlight of the post so get ready for some pictures!

In this post, I'm going to show you what's inside the ever beautiful Asian-Balinese condominium project at the heart of the city.

Before we proceed, if you want to read an overview regarding this condominium project and why you should invest, you can read them here. For prices, sample computations, and more information about the project, you can proceed here.

So yes, let us now take a sneak peek at the One Oasis condominium.

Let's start with the amenities.

Here are some different angle shots of the swimming pool.

So nice, isn't it? :)

Here's the clubhouse.

In this clubhouse, there's a multipurpose hall and a gym on the other side.

Here's the multipurpose hall where we conducted our Sellers' Orientation Program. Sorry, it's a limited shot, but trust me, this hall isn't as small as it looks.

The beautiful ceiling.

For those who want to go to the gym but don't want the hassle of traveling to another place, and for those who want to be fit, why not get a unit in One Oasis? There's a gym exclusive for the tenants.

For those who have kids, here's a playground for them to have fun in.

Next stop is the building!

This is the first of five (5) buildings in this condominium project. The construction of this building commenced last September 2014 and was turned over to the clients last March 2016. So yes, it took them less than 2 years to accomplish the building, and that is a proof that Filinvest builds their projects fast, without compromising quality, of course.

Now, let's get inside the building.

Here's what you will see.

A view from the inside.
Mailboxes per unit owner.

This is the building's fire detector per unit. Not only does this detect fire, but also it automatically calls the city's Fire Department once the fire is detected in one or more of those units (God forbid). The unit owners or administrators don't have to manually call the Fire Department if this happens, so yes, One Oasis does have great emergency measures in case of this type of incident.

A quick fact: One Oasis is the first ever Fire Code Compliant Building in Cagayan de Oro. Well, I guess you now know how you can trust this building in case of this fortuitous event, but let's pray it doesn't happen.

Next is the 1 bedroom unit.

Here's what you can expect when your unit is turned over to you.

Just so you know, there are still around 60 units available in this building. If you want to get a condo where you can guarantee that you can already move in upon finishing the payment of the equity, why not buy one of these units in One Oasis?

Now let's go to other parts of this building.

Here's the hallway.

Here are the stairs you could take in case of emergency.

In the case of fire, since we are all aware that while escaping from the building, the smoke could be suffocating, One Oasis has smoke filters installed around these staircases to minimize the suffocating effect from smoke.

Now, off to the rooftop!

In this building's rooftop, you will see dry cages where you can hang your clothes to dry.

Unlike other in other condos, this one's free! How about that? You can also hand-wash your clothes here.

Next stop is the basement parking area.

If you have your own car, you might want to avail one of these. This parking slot costs PHP 800,000.

To end my tour, here's a selfie of me with the condo building as proof that I took the pictures. :p

Soon, I will be posting the FAQs and answered concerns regarding this One Oasis condominium project.

Till next post!


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