Made with Love

"It's about time that I put my hobby into good use" - This is what I told myself a few days ago while I was away from the blogging world.

Well, I have been setting up my Zazzle account for that objective.

So, what is Zazzle?

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Zazzle is an online market place where everyone has the opportunity to customize their desired products, designers can sell their own works, and for those who don't design that much, they can sign up as associates to promote the products and designs they love.

As for me, I signed up both as a designer and an associate. Well, when you do have an account on Zazzle though, you can choose to be either or both, so it's a win-win if you were like me who was primarily confused as to which I should sign up for. I'm not really the best designer around, but even though that's the case, I love designing nevertheless and I am willing to develop my talent. Also, I don't have much time right now to write about all the products I love, at least, for now.

In fact, this week I should be reviewing for an exam, and if I do have the time, it would most probably take me the whole month since there are a lot of wonderful designs that I found in a span of just a few days of browsing around, then I'm also not sure how I should promote since I'm still looking for ways I can reach out to more international customers who are willing to spend dollars on my products. Oh well, for now I should just focus on adding up more designs and completing my profile, then the rest, the promotions and all, will follow.

I just love my experience with Zazzle so far, that's why I feel like promoting it right now, and no, this isn't obligatory. :)

Moving on, I have now designed over 20 products on my Design Store. I have gained inspiration from the designs I love on the products I see at the mall whenever I stroll around. To widen my portfolio, I even thought of learning how to paint since I love seeing watercolor flowers, but hopefully that will come later, since for now I should focus on what I'm already (fairly) good at, which is graphic design.

Well, if you want to see the designs that I have created so far, here are some of them.

If you like my designs, check out some more of these here. If you think they're worthy to be shared, why not spread the word? :)

Well, to those who love designing like me and for those who would want to try out targetting the international market, you should try signing up for Zazzle! It's free, and you don't have to maintain any inventory. Also, you can see which ones you can sell in the actual market if ever you're planning to put up your own physical store - so it's somewhat like a trial and error store for you as well. Just so you know, you earn from the royalties of your designs, which is around 5% or more of the base price of the customizable product you design. The good thing is that you can choose the percentage of your desired royalty, so it's a great deal!

If you want to be an associate, you will be paid at least 15% of the price of the product you share once it gets sold under your associate ID number within 45 days from the time your link gets clicked. So how about that?

If you simply want to gain some inspiration on customized products, you are nevertheless welcome to browse around, and who knows, you might just want to buy something there as well. :D

After all, these customized products are all made with love. ^_^

If you have some feedback, feel free to comment below!

Till here :*

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