New Beginnings: A Comeback Post

These past few years, (I think it started in 2013?) I have been on and off in the blogging world. It was a challenge to make time to blog during my college days. It may be because of demanding subjects and tasks, or I may have gotten too addicted to social media, especially on Twitter and Facebook where I can just conveniently tweet or post a status about my thoughts, or just retweet/share other people's relatable posts effortlessly on my timeline/feed. I knew that I was/am doing a no-brainer task everyday, which is kinda bad ("kinda", because there are also a lot of things I learned from reading articles shared on social media), but still I kept scrolling down. I don't really know for sure what makes social media addicting. Maybe it's because I look forward to some interesting posts to stumble upon and react to everyday, which makes me end up scrolling for almost an eternity until 1-2am of the next day. Yes, my addiction is that bad.

But you know, social media is also the one that led me back here. The whole story? You may read on.

Sunday and Monday of this week were my depressing days, hence, my Wordpress blog posts. It's just so alarming to me that all I do is stay at home everyday and wait for a miracle that I could finally close a sale or other means where I can use my real estate profession to earn.

But then, while scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I stumbled upon a Nuffnang-sponsored article by, where it says that bloggers can earn up to PHP 300,000 per month or more by just maintaining high traffic and posting relatable content. It then took me to nostalgia, because it got me reminiscing my blogging days when I used to have a lot of visitors per day and interact with other bloggers through comments and message boxes.

I then thought, why not bring it back?

So 3 days ago, I made an effort to tweak my blog a bit. I did some customization and coding, which led me to my tutorial post here, Aside from that, I took my time to research about custom domain mapping, since I was planning to get a custom domain for my blog. 

Yes, after almost 8 years with this blog, it is about time that I get a custom domain for this. Why? It's because I realized that "" domains aren't really taken seriously anymore, hence, the fake news that circulates all over social media with links that lead to Blogger blogs. Also, "vannice95" is now just so 2009 for me, and to tell you frankly, I was still 13 years old when I first entered the blogging world with this name. I'm not sure if I did change a lot through the years in terms of blogging, but I do know that it is about time that my blog URL will grow up with me.

Though I already have plans for this blog's new beginning, none of those are final yet. I have yet to take much consideration as to when I'll be registering a custom domain, how many years I should register it, whether I should migrate my old posts somewhere else or just let them stay here, what I want my blog content to be, how I should invite more traffic to this blog, and so much more.

Initially, I am planning to register as my custom domain for 5 years, because I thought that I don't see myself blogging anymore at the age of 26, since I know that being in the late 20s would mean a more busy lifestyle for me, but it depends though. Who knows, I may be able to turn blogging into a passion once again in the coming years. I'm not even certain now that I plan to pursue higher education if I can still be able to maintain this, but seeing that there are still people around my age who blog despite being Law students and whatnot, moreover, they can juggle between other priorities as well, I decided to give it a go. Well, this may just be an outlet for me to share my higher education experiences and inform you about things related to it.

In terms of my old blog posts, which, I got to admit, were too embarrassing for me to keep (Hello once again, my teenage self!), I don't really know what to do with them. Initially, I plan to just make them stay and intend this as a long-term personal blog, but then, another part of me thinks that as I grow to be an established individual who people might just want to bring down, they might use those posts against me, so I thought that maybe I should just transfer them somewhere else private. But you see, what holds me back from migrating my posts is that I want to use them as my own remembrance for how I was like a few years back and how I used to interact with my fellow bloggers through comments, and also, it will be time consuming to transfer, unless I would just export the whole thing to a dummy Wordpress blog, so I guess this one's a good move. Oh well, it's up to me to decide on this in the coming days or months.

As for my content, from now on, I plan to blog about stuff that matter to each and everyone, and less on my personal affairs, since blogging nowadays isn't like that anymore, unlike before. Updated blogs that I have visited recently are now about engaging content that are neatly categorized, which I want to achieve for my own blog soon. My initial topics as of now would be, of course, my real estate experiences and some marketing related to it, tech-related stuff (yes, I can say that I also have a knack for that), political views (if I'm brave enough), film/series reviews (Korean Drama fans, look forward to this one!), and some academic stuff that could be of help to you.

Well, I am just so thankful that I stumbled upon that article, because it led me to become productive. Who knew that the worthwhile hobby I should pursue is already existing, and I just had to bring it back in a more engaging way this time.

Till here, and here's to more memories with this blog!

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