Two (2) Licenses in One Year

Expensive review fees, countless review materials and sources, expensive hotel reservations because I live far away from the city proper and our review sessions in the hotel usually end late at night, the anxiousness and pressure over the possibility of passing or failing, countless moments praying to God that He will guide me all throughout and grant my wishes, and so much more. Finally, all of these efforts paid off.

I am now a Real Estate Broker and Appraiser, all achieved in one year.

Here are the screenshots of our results:


This is one of the best gifts that I could ever receive from God before I turn 21 next month. When I found out about these good news first hand, it made me shed tears of joy, and it makes me even more happy to know how happy my parents and siblings are for me as well, as well as my friends and moreover, the school we represent, and also the review center we reviewed in.

Thank you so much, first and foremost, to God, for answering my prayers. Thank you to my family for their undying support. Thank you to those who kept encouraging me when I'm feeling down. Thank you to Xavier University for preparing us for these board exams. Thank you, Institute of Professional Real Estate Service, Inc., (IPREE, Inc.) for giving us a good atmosphere for review. Thank you to everyone who became part of my journey to pass these board exams.

Gone are the days that my heart would ache whenever I feel anxious. It feels so good now that I am finally relieved of this aspect of my life.

I can finally watch KDramas in peace. Hahaha jk

Well, my next chapter would then be to find a job. xD I haven't really been preparing much tho because I was waiting for these board exam results to come up. Now that it turned out that I passed both, the path that I would be paving and the future that I'll be seeing myself in would be clearer to me now. I just hope for the best.

May God bless me in this new chapter in my life. :)

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  1. Wow! I should have read this while reviewing for the Criminology Licensure Examination. I passed the exam with a good rating even if I wasn't able to enroll for the board review. Hehehe. But, if I read it then, it can definitely inspire me to review even more.


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