2015: A Year-end Post

Hi everyone! I'm finally back. Haha. I don't know if anyone still reads my blog though considering that I've always been gone for a few months then come back again out of the blue, but to those who still do, thank you so much! You're really interested in my life. LOL.

Anyway, the reason why I've been gone for long is the fact that I don't have my laptop anymore and it was a hassle to use our family PC, and until now I don't have a laptop yet, so right now, I'm actually kinda forced to getting used to this tablet in writing my blog post for today.

You see, it has been my yearly tradition to write year-end posts because it's the least I can do with my blog since I don't really update it regularly, so yes, here I am.

Well, this isn't the usual year-end post of mine that you will read because, instead of organizing my moments monthly, I decided to just take into account the first times I've had for the year. I've thought that since I'm already a graduating student, I am bound to have my lasts, so to minimize my anxiety over that, I would like to focus on the firsts. Also, I remembered that I did have a lot of firsts for the year, so I guess they're worth the share.

Behold, here are 20 of my "First times" for 2015. Why 20? It's because I turned 20 this year. Here we go ~

1. First time to have my name on the Dean's List

Before, seeing the Dean's List made me feel bitter inside because of the fact that I was just always so close to reaching that 3.35 QPI, but now, it's been an honor and a fulfillment that finally, my name's already on the list, and my QPI was way above the quota. From that moment I knew, that God has answered my prayers, and I am very thankful for that.

Soon in 2016, I'm expecting to find my name on the Dean's List again because this time, I'll be one of the First Honors, and I'll blog about this as soon as the list comes up, or until the next year-end post. Haha 

2. First time to support a party in campus elections

I didn't really give much fuss about the elections in our university and that I was honestly just voting for the sake of FFP and NSTP requirements. Also, I was oblivious about the issues that come with it, but everything changed when it was already my batchmates' turn to run, and this time, there was a new party established, then from there, I was invited to be one of the campaign managers.

I learned a lot from this experience, and I became more aware about some related issues, though I wasn't directly involved because I didn't want to join in the commotion. Along with that, it was also a thrill to support my friends because some of them belonged to a different party, not the one I was invited to campaign. In the end, I just voted to whoever are those deserving regardless of the parties they belonged to.

Will I be able to support a party once again next year? That I don't know, but we'll see, considering that it will be my last, for my undergrad years at least.

3. First time to attend a Chinkee Tan seminar

Yes, it was my first time to attend a seminar from a known TV personality, and judging from my picture's caption on Facebook, I can say that it was beyond what I expected and that I was actually willing to pay more for it. It's too bad though that I wasn't able to take a picture with him, hence, that would've been #bucketlistgoalcompleted for me.

4. First time retreat in college

..and also my last retreat with my awesome batchmates happened on the same year, and honestly it was waaay better than this first time, but anyway, it's good that I finally knew how XU does the retreats. It was just like the typical retreats I have joined before but this time in college, since I'm actually close with most of my batchmates, I had a better and more worthwhile time because I wasn't afraid to express myself more due to the fact that I became more comfortable with the peers I'm with. Well, these retreats actually took the heaviness of my burdens away for the 2 days, and I am thankful for the experience.

5. First time to meet Police City Director Faro Antonio Olaguera

I'm not going to elaborate more as to why he has visited our home and why I was able to meet him but yes, here it is, I was able to meet this year another important and known person, and what's better is that we got to take pictures with him. Haha. #bucketlistgoalcompleted . Again, it was an honor to finally meet one of the important people in Cagayan de Oro, and considering that I will be more exposed to the real world soon, I am looking forward to meeting more of these kinds of people.

6. First time overnight for a defense paper

Well, my parents don't usually let me join overnights but surprisingly, I was allowed to be part of this no-sleep adventure. Woooh. I actually had no sleep, literally speaking, but I don't regret anything because it was great having my peers around and the hours I was awake in the middle of the night wasn't so boring for me at that time, though most of the time we actually spent the time as how we wanted it to be spent, hence, we really maximized our time writing our defense paper, and we were minimally distracted with other stuff.

Would I want to experience this again? Well, yes, it's not like I can avoid it in the years to come in Law School, but aside from that, it was actually a good experience, though it wasn't that guilt-free. Haha

7. First time to have a book signed by author

Yes, this is another #bucketlistgoalcompleted moment for me, and I'm looking forward to more books to be signed. I'm taking this step by step. XD From locals like him to ..who knows, maybe I'll get to have my books signed by international authors, but that's just wishful thinking.

8. First time to do community work with REM family

You know that feeling when you seem so enlightened and that you know your efforts are worth it at that time because you knew that you did the right thing? I experienced that while I was doing community work again, and this time, it's with another family that's close to my heart, and yes, that would be my REM family. It was great being with them, not to mention the big feast that came along after the philanthropic deed.

9. First time to take part in ORSEM (aside from being an incoming freshman way back)

I wasn't an ORSEM volunteer, but it seemed like it because I was an org officer and one of those tasked to be on a booth to introduce future schoolmates what our course and org is all about. It was also a fulfilling experience because I knew what it's like to deal with innocent people like the incoming freshman that I was. It's funny because I actually found them cute and adorable, remembering that I've been in their shoes in the past.

10. First time to attend BOLTS - CSG

Joining this was like me saying, "I blew my chances before, and this time I ain't gonna do that because I know that this would be my last." Well, this experience did not disappoint me at all, and I'm glad that I didn't ditch it away, though at some point that time I was kinda paranoid with the fact that I missed my OBE sessions because of it, but it's good that I wasn't able to miss a whole lot, and I was able to ask notes from my classmates, so it wasn't such a loss after all. During the BOLTS, I learned a lot and I made new friends, and that's all that matters.

11. First moments at Faber Room

I have been an org officer for the second time around in the co-curricular oganization I'm in now, and I was wondering why it's just this school year that we were given a privilege to have the Faber Room as a hangout place, but heck, there I was, chillin', and it was like a status symbol for me in the campus to have the opportunity to hang out there, since they say that student leaders are mostly the ones that are there, so yes.

This picture here is one of those documentations for my first moments there. I remembered that time, it was after my Socio class when I was dying to know the whereabouts of my close friends because my friends in that class had other stuff to do and I didn't want to feel alone so thankfully one of my friends replied to me and said that she's in the Faber Room. When I got in, I was kinda surprised that she had a new companion with a familiar face - familiar, because I've met him before that (#AFARM), only that I didn't get to know him better that time. Yes, that's the guy over there. His name is Mico. Shoutout to him! He has blogs right here and here. Anyway, who knew that this was the start of a new friendship after all.

12. First time to facilitate community building

Well, since it was my first time, it was an epic fail experience for me and I knew that I did bad, but at least I learned. Haha. During this experience, instead of being one of the participants, I was one of those who facilitated the activities. Well, to whoever chose me to be one of the facilitators, thank you so much. It felt fulfilling for me as a graduating student. Hihi

13. First times at OJT

Here are the blog posts talking about these moments:
14. First time to meet long lost relatives

One of the greatest fulfillment in my lifetime would be to meet most, if not all my relatives, and I'm glad I was able to take this step by step by meeting these "long lost" relatives. Well, in my 19 years of existence (I was 19 that time), it was my first time to meet them, and honestly, they're the relatives that I can say, "wow, we can really click". It's good that we became a bit close. They're the friendliest relatives I have as of now.

I was hoping though that I will be able to meet my long lost half-siblings, and when I get to have that moment, I can say that I can finally die in peace, along with the other things that I'm hoping to experience and fulfill before I die.

15. First time speaker at a seminar

The caption says it all. What more can I say? Well honestly it was an embarrassing experience because I am terrible at public speaking, but thank God I was able to get through it.

16. First time to meet Leuterio Realty and Brokerage founder, Anthony Leuterio

Looks like this year is full of me getting to meet important people, and this time it's the founder of a really big realty we're in. Again, it was an honor to meet such person. Another #bucketlistgoalcompleted moment for me. Haha

17. First time to attend wake

This isn't really a happy "first time" for me but it sure did give me a lot of hard hitting lessons in life, so I'm including this on the list. You see, a friend of mine, also a fellow REM, died too soon, and it was one of the most hurtful news I heard for the year. It was the first time that I cried for a friend. It was the first time that I had to deal with a death of someone dear to me. What hurt me is that she made us expect that she'll come back, so that meant it was beyond our expectations that she'd be gone. 

Well, this experience taught me to cherish every moment with the ones I love because we may never know when our last moments with them will be. I also realized that while at times I'm here hoping that I would die, hence, having the same sentiments as one of my friends/batchmates, someone out there wanted to live more and is fighting for it, so it made me quite guilty thinking about it. So to that friend of mine who's probably in heaven now having her time in the afterlife, thank you for the lessons you have given me. It was heartbreaking losing you, but I guess, on the bright side, at least you didn't have to feel pain anymore, and what happened to you sure did give the rest of us here on Earth realizations that we should take note and apply in our lives.

18. Yearbook Pictorials

Yes, this is one of my first times, and also my last for undergrad. Some of us are afraid to post these kinds of pictures because of the jinx, and I'm also afraid of that, so I just posted the creative and corporate shots. Hahaha!

19. First time complete attendance at XUFD ..and first time rappelling

Yes, it was good that I got to visit XU for all the 4 days of the event, though it's too bad that I wasn't able to enjoy that much considering that I have this so-called curfew and all the fun happens in night time so boohoo for me, but at least I can say that I still enjoyed a bit.

Also, I have finally fulfilled another bucket list goal, which is rappelling. This experience was funny because moments way before it I was too eager to try it but then when we're already at the actual site with my sister, I became nervous and I wanted to back out, but I was thankful though that the one attending to us didn't let us back out so yes, I got to experience the thrill of letting myself have that moment, since, we may never know that it will be the last opportunity for me, so I knew I had to take it.

What can I say about the rappelling experience? Well, all I can say is that, there wasn't really anything to be afraid of since I had trust on all the staff members attending to us. Before, I was afraid because the building's 6th floor was way above the ground and letting myself go down from there was like a suicidal attempt for me, but you know, it's not that scary after all once you're there and as long as you diligently follow the instructions given to you. Admittedly, after that experience I was like, "That's all? I want more." From there I realized that I had too much expectations for it but still, I wasn't disappointed at all. Again, #bucketlistgoalcompleted.

But then, there's one thing I wasn't able to fulfill, and that is to attend the rave party. Okay. #StrictParentProblems it is, but that's okay. My parents promised me freedom though once I graduate, soon. :))

20. First time to have a best guy friend in college

Remember what I've written on number 11? That guy right there is the new friend I've made in 2015, and yes, he's not just a friend - he is the best guy friend I ever had in my whole stay in college. He's one guy that I have somewhat a lot in common with, but he's waaay more weird than me, if only you knew. Haha. He always has that one-of-a-kind way to approach me and my friends in the campus. Anyhow, we're so close to the point that even though we don't always catch up in the campus since we don't have the same schedule, we'd usually find time to talk everyday and see how we both are doing, especially during those times when we needed to get something off our chests, wherein which, he had helped me move on. He makes me happy, and I'm thankful for all the happenings that led us to where we are now. No, we're not in love with each other, and no, we're never going to be more than close friends, but for some reason, being with him is like being in the ideal relationship that I've always wanted to have. Because of him, I thought of how great it would be if I get to marry a guy bestfriend, but for sure, it wouldn't necessarily be him, and it would certainly be someone else out there from the future, so yes.

Our friendship is one perfect example that a girl and a boy can be just friends, no matter how close they are.

Again, thank you so much, Mico. :) Another shoutout to you! Pa-cheeseburger ka naman. :p

He's just one of those significant people that I have to thank for before 2015 ends, and also one of those I'm looking forward to be with in the coming years to come, hence, 2016 is fast approaching and I'm hoping to make more memories these kinds of people for that year.

Of course, I would like to thank my family because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be here where I am now. Even though we're struggling financially for this year, still, they never failed to provide me with everything I need. I'm sorry that I wasn't the best daughter around, and I hope I can change that in the coming years.

Also, I would like to thank my friends because if it weren't for them, the stress school brings wouldn't be bearable for me, and with them, I knew that we're all in this together. I'm sorry that I've had a terrible way in dealing with the things that bother me when in fact they could just be talked over with you, and I hope I won't be tempted to be like that anymore so as not to let that big conflict happen again (hush, it's from the past already, no need to elaborate). I'm also thankful for the friends that never left me in times of need, and because of them, I learned a whole lot during my stay in college. Shoutout to my closest friends! You know who you are. :D I will forever cherish those moments we have. My experiences with you are indeed one-of-a-kind as well. Cheers to more of them for the years to come, even if we'll have our own separate lives after we graduate.

To all my teachers, I know that you are pressured because you wanted us all to pass the board exams, and with that you ended up pressuring us as well, but that's okay, I understand. Rest assured, we will do our best so as not to disappoint you. Thank you for your efforts, and like you, we hope that they will all be worth it in the end.

To my REM family, 2016 is our moment of truth. It is the year we have been waiting for. We'll be taking two (2) board exams, wherein which we should ace them all. We're all in this together guys! Nobody gets left behind. Let's attain that 100% passing rate, plus topnotchers that come with it. I know it's not going to be easy, but I hope we'll get through it. Let us make the school proud, and much more, this is the least we can do for our family, and more importantly, for ourselves.

To the guy that I've been writing blog posts about, I don't know if you do read my posts, and if you do, I'm sure that you'll know you're the one I've been talking about. Well, all I can say is that I now realize that the things I've written were quite embarrassing and I do hope they weren't a big deal for you. Haha. That goes for all the other guys I've written about, not only you. If it was a big deal though, I'm deeply sorry. Rest assured, I won't be writing about you anymore since I've finally moved on from you. I do hope as well that the feeling of awkwardness between us was just a product of my overthinking and a mere effect of me liking you, and by next year, that would all be gone. I will still look up to you though. You will always be that guy that I idolize in terms of being smart, having a great sense of humor, and being good at almost everything I wanted to be good at. You will always be an inspiration to me. I will continue to be competitive because I know that it's one of the traits that you admire from me. So yes, I would like to thank you for everything, for being a part of my life, and for the way you made me feel throughout the year because it was healthy for the heart, though it also hurt me a bit because I knew that you'd never feel the same way for me and that you could never be mine, but heck, all that matters is that it's actually been an honor for me to be one of your good friends, despite everything.

Last, but definitely not the least, I would like to thank God for giving me another year to cherish. This year was awesome. I can't say that it's the best though, but it's definitely a great year. Everything happens for a reason, as what Ms. Colombia would say. I am happy. I've had no regrets. Cheers to another year ahead, and I hope the Almighty will guide me through it considering that 2016 is a very, very, VERY important year for me and for the rest of us in XU BSREM who will be taking board exams. I hope we wouldn't be able to give room for failure because passing is what matters to everyone of us this time.

I guess, that would be it for now. Thank you so much for reading. Have a great 2016 ahead! Till here. :*

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