These Ugly Scars

I have ugly scars around my body, especially my legs. The sight of these scars make me lose my self esteem every time. I am no longer that confident with my own skin. I can't wear pedal pants and shorts anymore because of these. Whenever we're required to wear civilian attire, my choices of bottoms become limited since I am left with wearing jeans instead. I envy those girls who have flawless legs. Well, I was supposed to be like them if it weren't for the boils that keep on growing on my legs. I dread the day that I decided to shave because I believe that it was the cause why these boils broke out.

Aside from the fact that I'm afraid I'm going to get a violation from the security guard, I don't wear pedal pants anymore to school because of these scars. Gone are those days that I can confidently bare my legs without having to worry about other people seeing these. Instead of going bare, I am now forced to wear stockings whenever we're going to wear business attire. Ugh. *Sigh* What's the use of my fair legs when they're not even flawless at all?

Is it still possible that all these scars would go away? I am now desperate. I can't let my future clients see this. I can't let these scars ruin my confidence when facing people. I can't let these scars ruin my future. I can't let these hinder my career. Tsk. Now I'm over reacting.

Because of my desperation I began to search for products that guarantee scar removal. I found a lot of products actually. I'm not sure which of these could really remove my scars though. I'm also not sure if I'm actually going to buy everything due to the uncertainty that I'd have enough money to buy these things but oh well. Here's what I found:

Contractubex® is a highly effective treatment for all scar types. It actively promotes the healing process of the skin and reduces scarring from within. (Photo grabbed from
I've heard a lot of great reviews about this wonder product. My friends also highly recommended it to me. I guess it's worth the try, though it isn't really that good to my wallet since it's a bit pricey. I hope the price would be worth it for me. They say it costs around Php534 here in the Philippines for a 10g tube and Php943 for the 20g one.

Sebo de Macho. (Photo grabbed from
Many Filipinos here say that this works like a charm. It was actually tested and proven on my brother since he has this scar on his face and it became invisible after a couple of weeks of applying this. It was a fresh scar though at that time. I'm not sure if this works as good on scars that are a bit older like, shall we say, 4-year-old scars like some of the ones that I have. I guess I should try it for myself.

I also found an article which I've read that it could be effective as well if we'd resort to lightening the scars instead with these products:

Perla Soap, to be paired up with loofas. Who knew a laundry soap could also double as a whitening soap? Haha. (Photo grabbed from
I've actually been using this soap these past few days until it shrunk off, but I had just discovered right now that it could also be useful in lightening skin. If I knew about this beforehand, I swear I would vigorously lather this soap on my leg scars. Too bad. Now I have to wait for this new soap I'm using to shrink off and get back to Perla. xD

Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub. (Photo grabbed from
I remembered when me and my friends went to Watsons and saw this product. One of my friends then shared to us that her sister used this product once and it was indeed effective in making the skin smooth but the thing is that she got lazy so she discontinued it. Haha. I've also read some reviews of it and they say it's indeed effective in lightening skin as well, hence the description that they have on the label, so I guess it's also worth the try for me. I thought as well that this product must be really effective since it's been in the market for years so I could really guarantee something good out of this.

So yeah, there you go. I do hope that soon enough this problem of mine would be resolved soon. I don't want this to bother me again. Wish me luck that these products could be of great help to me.

Also, I hope that you learned something from this post. Maybe you could try these products too for yourself, and if you already did, you can share to me your experience or recommend me something else that could be effective as well.

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  3. Your scars are still reddish and seemed like caused by mosquito bites. Best to apply proper lotion to your skin to avoid such. Also, I tried contractubex before pricey and not happy with the results. Would love an update regarding your state now. Thanks!


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