Twenty Fourteen: A Year-End Post

Oh, hi! As you can see here, this is a somewhat obligatory year-end post, and I kinda owe this blog a new post since it's been again so long since I've updated it so yeah. Here it goes.

Actually, I'd just let my pictures in the collages I made do the talking. Don't worry, I'd also explain a bit on what those pictures are all about. :)

Credits to the owners of the pictures I used that I do not own.

January 2014

1. New iPad mini - That picture is used to present this event because this is the first wallpaper I've put on my gadget.

2. Typhoon Agaton - That selfie of me is used to represent this event because it was when I was so cold and bored then I decided to take pictures instead.

3. JPIA Jacket - Yes, that's me wearing my JPIA Jacket, and this is very useful when very cold weather comes, obviously. Paid 995 pesos for this, and it's worth it! Thank you XU JPIA! Too bad it's the last thing I'd ever get from them since it was already my last semester as a member because there was a big probability that I'm not going to proceed to the next level anymore. I got my prelim and midterm results and they were heartbreaking. I actually got failing scores.

4. Foggy weather - That is a screenshot of a weather forecast showing how foggy it really is, and this was really unusual since it was the first time I have encountered this phenomenon, and this actually went on for the whole month.

5. Major not a Major Problem preparations - I was assigned as the layout artist for this event, so that's why I used that banner as a representation for the event.

6. iPad mini eBook reading discovery - This was when I discovered how convenient it was to just download eBooks and read it on my iPad mini. I also love the book I've posted there as a representation of this highlight because I can relate to some of its poems.

February 2014

1. Late night studying for Accounting - Here are some selfies to represent it. It is evident that I have been sleeping very late because as you can see I have eyebags and dark circles underneath my eyes. Oh well it has always been like this throughout my school life but I'd just like to highlight it for now since it shows how I've sacrificed a lot for the survival of this course but too bad in the end none of my goals were meant to be reached that time. You could also say that I'm a bit uninspired to go on already since I actually took the time to distract myself a bit by taking selfies. Haha.

2. Last tutorial session for NSTP - This is somewhat one of the happiest moments in my life since finally it was the last time I'm going to teach those kids. Phew teaching them was very hard. LOL. I'm so bad for thinking this way, but on a kinder note it was fulfilling that at least they had retained something from what I had taught.

3. The search for the "Major not a Major Problem" venue - So yes, we took those selfies while waiting for the CIT faculty room to open, I think. xD The quest was very tiring since we had a lot of options for the venue but we were unsuccessful in reserving those, but eventually we were able to reserve one, and you have no idea how thankful we were for that because if we weren't able to reserve a venue, there ain't going to be an event.

4. NSTP Culminating - This served as a farewell to the children that we have tutored, and as cliche as it sounds, it was very heartwarming to see them so happy. I didn't really join in the games because I only took pictures.

5. Tacenda ENG 41 Photoshoot - That's a picture of me at the photoshoot, and it was the first time that I have garnered 200 likes on a picture. I didn't quite expect it though since I don't think it's the prettiest picture of me around, but this is really one of the highlights of my 2014. LOL. At the photoshoot also we really had a lot of fun taking pictures then we had a little bonding with each other as close friends.

6. PE Aerobic Dance Competition/Culminating - I consider this as a highlight for the year since this is the last time we're ever going to deal with PE, and it was indeed fun dancing with friends, though it wasn't until almost the end of the program that I was able to dance with them because I was late and I wasn't able to find my friends immediately. Huhu.

March 2014

    1. Keep holding on to Accountancy - I posted those encouraging words on my wall to ease the hopelessness I was feeling at that time, and I dunno if it worked, but I did try my best to think positively about everything, but then the other part of me kept saying that I needed to face the reality that there wouldn't be any hope anymore.

    2. Ain't giving up on my dreams - Aside from the fact that this dreamcatcher fascinates me, I also thought that this is a great representation of what I should be doing to go on with my life, and that is to keep holding on to my dreams, which is to be CPA, though honestly all I wanted in life is to be rich and successful, and I thought that being CPA could give me that life, so yeah.

    3. NSTP Graduation - I didn't really receive any awards from this because I wasn't a team leader, but hooray for me for finally graduating NSTP! That reminds me, they didn't give us our certificates yet. :o

    4. Major not a Major Problem - So yes, that is my final edited poster for the said event, and I'm thankful that the event was successful and it had really fulfilled its purpose which is to enlighten students on what major they are going to take.

    5. Go team! - Since I went home early to study for an Accounting quiz, I decided not to finish the program, so that's why I'm not in the picture, but oh well, congratulations for a job well done! Honestly I really did regret not finishing the program though since I thought that I actually studied for nothing because I think I wasn't able to get a good score on the quiz I studied for. Accounting is a b*tch.

    6. Recognition Day of Prudence and Star and Graduation Day of Mars - So yes the collage says it all. Seeing them achieve something made me so happy for them but at the same time I pitied myself because it pains me to think that I am not going to march like that anymore on stage since I'm doing really, really bad in Accountancy.

    7. My friend Camille's debut - It has been a privilege for me to be invited at a debut party for the 2nd time around, so yes that's why it is a highlight for the month for me.

    8. Goodbye, Accountancy - Saying goodbye to Accountancy was really hard, and honestly I did resort to pleading our teacher to let me proceed, and also I almost talked to the Accountancy chairperson to make her reconsider my stay in the course. Yes, that's how desperate I was to stay. Honestly though, it was okay for me to get out of the course, but then there are those expectations from others especially from my parents, then there's my scholarship, but thankfully I was given a chance to reconsider that, though it was really a hassle in my part.

    This was when I spent most of my time crying and thinking that I don't want to live anymore. I was so depressed that all I do is cry and think of suicidal thoughts. Even my parents told me I was a failure. I almost killed myself but then I thought, what am I going to write on my suicidal note? That I killed myself because of the fact that it seemed like the end of the world for me since I can't proceed one more semester in Accountancy anymore? I thought that it was shallow, but despite that I was still kinda determined to end my life, but I'm thankful right now that I didn't continue that plan.

    9. Goodbye, Accountancy friends - It would be the last time I'm going to be with these group of friends, and oh wait lemme add two of my friends in this picture. Anyway I'm going to miss them. It's been great being with them because they were there through the good times and the bad during my last semester in Accountancy.

    April 2014

    1. First time visit outside Misamis Oriental: Trip to Butuan - Well actually this was only a trip to my Papa's office and to a restaurant in Butuan but oh well, I'm so glad we were given the opportunity to visit his office and to witness a bit on what Butuan is like. 

    Me and my sister were very ignorant because it was our first time traveling that far away from home, and as you can imagine while going there we were sitting in the car for like 4 hours since it was a private office vehicle that we rode. It's good that we didn't get sick or something as an effect of the travel.
      For a moment I took the time to forget my heartbreaks in Accountancy and just enjoy the first time travel, though my father and his co-lawyers at the office kept on enlightening me about how Accountancy is a great course and that they'd even offer me a job at DAR and a high pay for it if ever I'd be CPA, but yeah I'm so sorry they aren't going to see me work there because I'm never going to be CPA anymore, but at that time I'm still keeping my hopes up and I'm really stupid for being like that. At that time I wasn't able to tell my parents yet the big probability that I'm not going to be in Accountancy anymore for the next college year.
      To deal with my anxiety about everything, when I got home, I group messaged my thoughts on how I'm still holding on to staying in Accountancy because of the job opportunity that I had been proposed with, and thankfully there's this one guy who replied and enlightened me how BSREM (Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management) is also a good course to consider and that there are also a lot of opportunities for the course, but since I was still closed minded that time, I was too stubborn to admit that I honestly should just give up my CPA dream and just try BSREM instead. 

      I was also considering to major in Financial Management at that time so that I could still continue my journey to becoming CPA, and yes, I've really thought hard about choosing between BSREM and BSBA Major in Financial Management, but it wasn't until the last minute of enrollment that I had finally decided on something, and maybe you could guess which one I chose. :)

      2. Relatives' visit - The picture says it all.

      3. Goodbye Accountancy, Hello Real Estate Management - Due to the fact that my teacher didn't accept my plea to give me another chance in Accountancy and that our chairperson didn't approve our petition (yes, we had another petition because we thought it could work again), I had bid my final goodbye to Accountancy, though it was really bitter since I found out at that time that some of those who can proceed are actually cheaters who are never deserving of their slot, but I got over it eventually because I kept thinking that someday karma would hit them. 

      Anyway on the last day of enrollment, which was the time that all hope was lost for proceeding to Accountancy, me and my new friends I've met from the petition went off to enroll in our new paths, and since they're really still holding on to their CPA dream, they took BSBA to major in Financial Management while for me since I don't think that dream is actually meant for me, I chose BSREM instead. 

      To tell you guys I never regretted that choice because at the first month of studying in this course, I have already been bombarded with opportunities like being able to join the Product Knowledge Seminar of Filinvest One Oasis wherein which its scale model is shown on the picture I've put right there. My class standing also had improved greatly which is way different from when I was still in Accountancy. I honestly did not expect that I could manage to be one of the highest scorers among my classmates. 

      To tell you guys, before summer classes started me and my father talked about moving on from my Accountancy heartbreaks and how he kept telling me that I should already focus on doing good in Real Estate Management. He even helped me study in advance on the possible lessons for REM 1 which one of our subjects last summer. During that time I suddenly blurted out to him how I'm already hopeless about everything and that maybe I'm going to be a failure once again. It seems like I've already lost my determination to even compete with my soon to be classmates because I thought that I'm going to finish last once again and be mediocre like I was when I was in Accountancy. Because of that my father became angry at me for saying those things, and he even asked me, "What happened to the old you? You used to be so competitive that you'd always do what it takes to win, but what are you saying now?". 

      While hearing those words from him, I thought that yeah, what happened to me? Did Accountancy really destroy me that much? So that was when I told myself that I should try changing back to my old self because that new pessimistic personality of mine isn't going to take me anywhere. It turned out that I still have some competitiveness left within me. It took me one month to move on from everything, and I swear, I'm really thankful that Real Estate Management came into my life, along with the teacher who introduced me to it and the classmates I have met in the course. I have actually changed for the better. I was once again happy. I didn't cry myself to sleep at night everyday anymore. Not a single tear was shed from thereon. From that moment I was even thankful to God that He had led me to a new path, that He did not let me proceed to Accountancy, and I thought that all those times I was actually praying to end all my sadness and pain, and He really did grant that. That one last cry I had for Accountancy was actually and hopefully the last time I'm ever going to feel great emotional pain in my college life, and from thereon I finally experienced what everyone says on saying goodbye, that when you say goodbye to something, you are saying hello to something much better. God is really good.

      4. BA 11 Group Activity with two of my close friends - Okay. The picture says it all once again. :p

      May 2014

      1. Primavera Product Knowledge Seminar - I wasn't able to attend my sister's birthday because I was attending this seminar but oh well, happiness is still evident on the picture. :D

      2. The making of the diorama for our report - LOL even though we're not professional architects we still decided to put on some effort in something like this just so we could stand out among our classmates. Haha my friends are also competitive too you know. :p

      3. BA 11 Final Defense - So yes I learned to work with a whole new group of people, and I'm glad that we were able to ace our defense.

      4. My friend Jen's birthday - I was once again invited to a friend's birthday party. Haha! BFB pizza is delicious. Pizza is love. LOL.

      5. Straight As for summer term - Simply saying how happy I was and thankful I am to God for giving me a chance to have these kinds of grades is never enough for me to express how I felt when I saw how a dream come true these grades are. :)))) For you to take a closer look here's a zoomed in picture of my summer grades.

      Plus, OSFA also reconsidered my scholarship, and I'm glad I'm still a full scholar, though I did have to reach a higher QPI to maintain my scholarship, but I knew I could manage that.

      When I posted these grades, one of my friends even commented that there is indeed a reason for everything. I'm just glad I actually had a better life now that I am in BSREM. Once again I thank God for this! :)

      6. My youngest brother's birthday - The picture says it all, though I did want to add that on this day I have finally learned how to swim. LOL.

      June 2014

      1. Enrollment Volunteering - with friends. :)

      2. Hello, 3rd year 1st semester! - My first year in BSREM!

      3. Lyrra's birthday - I was one of those who led in the organization of this surprise, so that's why I included this as a highlight for my year. ^^

      4. REM is LOVE - This is indeed going to be another semester of bonding with my REM family. :D

      July 2014

      1. First day of uniform - with friends. :D

      2. Xavier You-niversity Planner - Even though this was only for the Freshmen, I still got the chance to avail this because I am friends with the Editor-in-Chief of this planner. Hahaha! I'm enjoying the perks. LOL. Thanks much Kuya Arcy! But seriously though, other reasons that I could have availed this planner is that I am a co-curr org member and there are more extra planners available but it was already a bit late when I knew of the opportunity but thankfully my friend is soooooo kind to have put up with all the hassle in having to get the remaining planners for us with my other friend who also asked for it. I can't thank him enough. :))))

      3. BA 9 Interview with the HR Manager - I'm groupmates with my friends once again. ^^

      This month also is my brother's birthday, and I didn't have pictures for it so yeah.

      4. Alyansang Atenista General Orientation - Actually I just joined this because my friend invited me but hell yeah it was worth it because I got to take a groufie with my friends and my Law student crush. LOL!

      5. Orchella University-wide General Assembly - Me with my orgchella OOTD. :)

      6. The Gym FULLY filled with audiences at the University-wide General Assembly - This doesn't always happen when it comes to GAs, so that's why I consider it as a highlight. Plus I got to see my ultimate crush dance! OMG! Hahahaha *hearts*

      7. The making of the General Plan of Activities for Ateneo Real Estate Service - So yes we made the GPOA for our organization and after that we had some fun. ^^ We took advantage of the KTV our classmate has in her house. Thanks Lianne! :))

      8. First time visit at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church - We went there so that we could interview their priest, and since it was my first time visiting the church, I made a wish. :) It was great having my first time visit spent with friends.

      9. Avida Towers Aspira Product Knowledge Seminar - Another opportunity in BSREM! Once again we were introduced to another product that soon enough we would be selling once we're already accredited salespersons. Well, we already passed their accreditation exam though, but now we're already waiting to be licensed by the PRC. Anyway, aside from this, I got my own personal opportunity like having a lot of pictures with my ultimate crush. LOL. :p

      August 2014

      1. After watching She's Dating the Gangster - So yes after our 2-day Avida Towers Aspira PKS me and my friends spent our remaining time at Centrio watching a movie and wow it was one of the best movies I have ever watched since it's the first movie that I was able to cry. It was indeed worth it. Actually this was supposed to be put in July but since there isn't any space anymore in the collage I decided to put it here, and another reason is that nothing much really happened this month though so yeah.

      2. Seeing a cat with different eye colors - This is pretty unusual, that's why I consider it as a highlight. LOL. Actually this was taken during our meeting for our BSREM General Assembly.
      3.. Sector Hearing: Foreign Students - Since my friend is the project head of this event, she recruited me as one of the organizers, so yes, I did get some advantages in volunteering like free snacks and I got to see my friends that I don't see very often in school. xD Happiness! Now there's a groufie of us. :p

      4. Visit to House of Joy Orphanage - Another time of enlightenment through giving these children their happy moment in their life, and they are actually tolerable kids unlike other children that I encounter. I really got closer to them, but too bad we aren't going to see them again. The kid that I was assigned to really did say goodbye to me expecting that I will return, but I'm so sorry for her because I couldn't really do that.

      September 2014

      1. Let's start our September with a groufie full of friends. LOL

      2. Me with my business attire OOTD for our BA 9 Interview - This was actually our semifinal activity. Don't you know that my birthday is also within the semifinal exam week? It was hell. I never got to enjoy my birthday because all my subjects have exams for the day. I also didn't get surprises from my friends, but I understand them *sobs*. I just hope that next year my birthday won't be bombarded with exams so that I could enjoy it. My birthday was also very heartbreaking when I got home because I didn't get to eat with my family and that what's left for me were leftovers, then they didn't save my ever favorite Peach Mango Pie for me. :(((((

      3. Photoshoot for ARES officers and Mr and Ms REM contestants - Because of this photoshoot I did kind of regret my decision for joining the Mr and Ms REM pageant since it was hard having to serve two masters at the same time. LOL. But oh well, at least I'd never be a contestant anymore for the next General Assembly. I swear I will be working behind the scenes. Haha. But then I thought, will I be officer again next school year? Let's see this 2015.

      4. BA 9 Interview with the SM HR manager - Well I kinda forgot why we were tasked to interview an HR manager again but oh well, here it is as one of this month's highlights. :p

      5. First ever BSREM General Assembly invitation - Edited by my classmate and friend, Kuya Arcy. :)

      6. Me with my partner for Mr and Ms REM - Hello, ultimate crush! HAHAHA.

      7. First ever BSREM General Assembly: The event - It's good to know that our event was indeed successful, and even though I didn't win, I still considered myself as a winner considering the fact that I was one of those who organized this event and that it turned out pretty well, plus I got closer with my ultimate crush, which is the reason why my feelings for him faded away. Awwee. Haha. Weird me.

      8. Happy birthday to my friend, Lianne - Once again another time wherein I participated in giving a friend a surprise on her birthday. :)))

      9. Happy birthday to my Papa and a belated birthday celebration to our teacher - My father's birthday celebration this year was not like any other year because he wasn't with us since he was off to another place for his work. This day also our teacher, Sir Palasan, supposedly would give us a quiz, but thankfully he was too overwhelmed with our surprise for him so I guess it was postponed (?). I forgot exactly what happened but oh well, I'm so glad our class made him so happy. :D

      October 2014

      1. Case Study at Villa Candida - with friends :)

      2. Midterm Grades

      3. Won Robinsons Supermarket raffle draw - I actually won a washing machine. LOL. I felt so lucky that time. xD

      4. Unusual storm - This was a very weird storm because there weren't even storm signals issued yet but as how Mother Nature raged it seemed like it was Signal number 3. Oh well, we took groufies to lessen our tension.

      5. SBMSC Midyear Convention - It was my first time attending it, and maybe it would be my last, or IDK. So yeah that's why it's a highlight.

      6. First October of not having my heart broken because of Accountancy - You know why? I got these high grades. Seeing these grades felt like heaven. I didn't expect I could actually pull this off. I thank God for giving me a chance to actually prove myself well. But then there's still one more grade to wait for, but even if the remaining grade would be C, I would still be a Dean's Lister. I'm so glad that finally I get to experience being on the list!

      But then there's this traumatic event that happened this month that I'd rather keep mum about because you may have already read articles about it so yeah. Got a clue?

      November 2014


      3. Walk the Chalk: An activity dedicated to Coco Levy Farmers - Remembering how I became a volunteer of this event amused me because I was only recruited at the last minute and that originally I was in school only to help for the preparations for the SBM Teachers' Day. I didn't even have an idea what I was going to do, but thankfully my friends oriented me. So yes I also joined in the activity by drawing something on the ground along with my friend as a starter for the event. I did not quite expect that I could actually do it because I haven't really done chalk art on the ground before, but I'm glad it turned out pretty well, at least for me. It was indeed fulfilling in my part to have participated in this event because I knew that it would pay off, and it really did. I just forgot the link of the article though, and I'm sorry. xD Anyway I'm so glad to have friends who have concern for the society. ^^

      While at the event also, I saw these grades, and I'm glad my long wait for the BCA 10 was over, then hell yeah the wait was worth it! :)))) Thank you Lord! I got a QPI that's only 0.08 short of being First Honor! (Base the QPI on the From Enrollment column)

      4. Happy SBM Teachers' Day! - It has been great being part of the preparations for this special event for the teachers. This was held on the same day as the Walk the Chalk event, and I'm glad I was still able to help with this one in the afternoon because the prior event was held in the morning so yeah.

      This month was also the time when the Assistant Dean and Ate Jerica, the former American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines Business Leadership Program (AMCHAM BLP) participant told me that I am one of those chosen to apply for this prestigious leadership program next year out of hundreds of SBM students around, and I felt really honored. :))) This announcement was also given on my mother's birthday, and it was great having something to tell her and my father knowing that they would be proud of me once again.  

      December 2014

      1. The AMCHAM BLP application - It turned out that my friends also were chosen. See how smart my friends are too? Haha! :))) But there was a point that I almost surrendered in applying because the application process was very tiring. Care to guess if I actually proceeded to apply or not?

      2. Xavier University Festival Days 2014: Beyond Compare - This was indeed fun, but the Typhoon Ruby scare seemed to limit me from having fun though because I only got to participate for 2 out of 4 days. Tsk. Oh well, better luck next year. I swear I'm going to make the most out of my last year in college by actually finishing the XUFD.

      3. Sector Hearing: Athletes - First project headed - Thank you so much to the Central Student Government Sector Representation Department AKA my friends for trusting me on this project. I thank them for believing in me. Well all I did was have my name on the project proposal, reserve the venue, talk to the Registrar Head and the OSFA Director, and get the cash advance from the CSG Treasurer .. Haha oh wait I actually did a lot of effort on the project LOL but anyway I am so thankful for my organizing team they they have helped me, not only in the tasks that were needed to be done but also in giving me courage to do the things that I normally get shy doing like talking to the heads of the departments involved. With this event my self-confidence level was actually raised because I forced myself not to be shy anymore because I knew that attitude ain't going to take me farther in life, and I'm glad I was successful in fighting off my shyness. 

      While organizing the event for the day, there's also this happening that I consider a rare one because I don't normally eat alone with a guy, so yeah. :p It was like a date. LOL. It's not like I have feelings for this guy, hmm well maybe I actually do but okay nevermind. I'm not going to elaborate anymore. Hahaha. The rest of the organizing team were late so that's why it was only the two of us that time since we were the ones early and we didn't have lunch yet. Their tardiness did have an advantage. JK       

      For the event itself, I'm so glad that it was successful, though we didn't reach the number of targeted audience but oh well at least the purpose of the event was fulfilled. :)))

      4. BSREM Christmas Party - This was a party full of KTV moments. LOL. It was indeed fun. I received  a journal from my manito, and even though it wasn't exactly what I wanted, it's still nice and I really, really love it. :D Here it is:

      5. Salcedo Family Reunion - The picture says it all. :)

      6. Final Grades for 3rd year 1st semester (Center) - Well I already elaborated this in November so yeah. ^^

      I guess that's it for now! :D 2014 has been a great year! Till here. :* Cheers to the year 2015! :)))))

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