BSREM Students' Sneak Peak to the Real Thing

Students from the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management (BSREM) were once again given a taste of what it's like in the real estate industry. There were two Sundays we spent at SM Cagayan de Oro for this, wherein which I'm referring to today (November 16) and the Sunday of last week (November 9). Let's start with November 9.

Last November 9, this was the first time that we were invited by our teacher, Sir Palasan, to witness him sell real estate, particularly the Primavera Residences located near SM Cagayan de Oro (in case you're interested, PM me). He didn't make it compulsory, so that only those who were willing and able would bother to come. As expected, as I want to make the most out of my course by getting a glimpse of reality at the realty, I accepted the invitation, and thankfully my parents permitted me to go considering the fact that they had always been hesitant to let me go to places far away from home (XU is an exception), plus it's a Sunday, meaning it's supposed to be a rest day. Haha. SM is actually 45 minutes to 1 hour from where I live so yeah.

Moving on, during that Sunday, we observed, and even experienced what it's like to sell real estate. There was this classmate of mine who started the experiencing-the-real-thing as she really wanted to try giving flyers. As a result, she brought in 2 prospective buyers, which actually amazed us and made us want to try it for ourselves too, but as for me, I only gave 1 flyer because I wasn't ready to handle the feeling of rejection from strangers when I give flyers yet. Thankfully the first and only person I ran into accepted the flyer I gave. HAHA. One of my classmates also said that he found it awkward to see me do it. From thereon I vowed to myself that that would be the only flyer I would give for that day, since it was just for the purpose of knowing what it's like to give one. I also thought that maybe it's best for me to hire salespersons instead because for now I don't feel like I could do it successfully, but I'm hoping that I could develop my skills.

Here are the pictures. I turned it into a collage to save space.

So let's go to what happened today.

November 16, the second Sunday I went to SM, the first time for the others. This time, the attendance and everything are graded, so I attended again. Hahaha. To tell you guys, this day was a fun experience for me since we got to experience what it's like to be a buyer, and observe how the agents accommodate us. We were actually tasked by our teacher to go to a real estate selling booth and pretend to be prospective buyers. The thing is that we were discouraged to give our true identities, and we'd just pretend that we have an aunt that's interested to buy that's why we came to inquire. 

Our experience went like this:

We were wandering around SM to find booths where they sell houses or condominiums, and we passed by along this certain booth, or more appropriately called a store because we can get in (or IDK. Haha). A woman then came to approach us to give a flyer. One of us then started out our plan by pretending to be Tagalog and having an aunt that's interested to buy their product, wherein which we followed along with the plan (LOL actually we just remained there silently observing our leader). The real estate agents were actually very accommodating. The one who talked to us came out as very informative, then he also gave us some recommendations, plus he interviewed us a bit about what our supposed aunt was like, and who we really are. This was the funny part because before that point I kept on hiding my laughter within my smiles thinking of the possibility that they would find out our undercover plan. Thankfully we succeeded in hiding our true selves, and I was even having second thoughts on whether to say my real course or not, thankfully again my other classmate blurted out "BA", then I simply affirmed and said that I'm majoring in Finance. Hahaha. When we got out of their store, we realized that before we went in, or even wandered, we should've planned our plan well like assigning each of us our respective roles or whatnot. But nevertheless, we had fun and exchanged laughs remembering that experience. :)

We then shared our experience to our teacher and to our other classmates, and it turned out that their experience was funny too. xD Our teacher then gave us some important points on our experience, like if soon we'd be in their place, we should be careful with "prospective buyers" who ask for the whole price list, because they're most likely real estate agents as well.

After that, we took some pictures (as proof for our attendance. Haha!).

So that's it for now! Till here :*

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Till next post, hopefully. :p

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  1. very nice van. next blog will be about promoting primavera and stimulating prospects to buy. we will discuss the strategy this tuesday.


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