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Howdy all! :) What have you all been up to? Well, if you ask me, I'll tell everything right here. Have you noticed changes in my blog? I chose Minima Lefty Stretch as my base theme for this, so that my blog would be wider and would value my pictures and content more than excessive design. hahah! I mean, I want my blog to be simpler! What do you think of my header and footer? For the brushes, I mostly used Tokidoki Brushes by Naturallady76 of Deviantart. Thank you so much! :D And there are a lot more credits on the Credits page of this blog. ;) Remember to contact me if I forgot to credit someone there. ^^, If ever I forgot crediting someone, it would really be my honest mistake, so please do ask me politely.
So, here's my blog header:

And my blog footer:

And you know, I'm not exactly done yet with my new theme. I still need to modify my About Me, also known as the Girl page here in my blog, since I observed that some of those things I had written there don't apply to me anymore because my personality kinda changed a bit, OR maybe my old personality came back I guess? HAHA. Whatever the case may be, I'll modify that section. ;)

So, I'll informally start the post I was talking about in my previous post! :D

Here are the recaps I've mentioned in case you didn't know what I talked about in my previous post:
    1. I did VECTOR ART. :D (Again, I'll post pictures once I'm done with the layout)
    2. I played Jamlegend. (More details on the next post..)
    3. I signed up for fashion sites; Lookbook and Chictopia. I'll post something soon! :D
    4. I really want to try online shopping na.
    5. I want to open up a bank account, and G-Cash!
    6. I need to earn money already!
    7. I decided to give this blog a new look, which I'll be working on right now, because I was inspired with doodles and Tokidoki designs. hahah! :D So I may apply what I was inspired on with the layout I'll be making. xD
    8. My mom bought me a new pair of slippers. :)
    9. I decided to share pictures of my stuff to you. haha! :D
    10. 10-Day Challenge, Day Number 9.
    11. Promote Panache Online.
      I'll now proceed, basing that list for the order. xD

      While I was away from Facebook (because my favorite chatmate isn't around since he's sick), I did something worthwhile that would unleash my artistic talents. (hahah!) And that's cartoonizing pictures, also known as making a vector. Here are vectors that I've made:

      What do you think? Which is better? The first one or the second one? The first one's my first try by the way. :D

      Then, upon reading one of ate Pearl's posts, I discovered Jamlegend, a music game. It's really an awesome game to play, and it can be addicting. xD Check it out for you to know what I'm talking about! :D

      I signed up for fashion sites too, like Lookbook and Chictopia! I've always wanted to be a model, an amateur one at least. hahah! But too bad I couldn't be one just yet. But I will be soon, when I'd be earning a lot then I could buy from shops like Forever21! For now, I'll settle on random clothes and accessories. :D

      Oh, Fashion! :D Image from Vintage Fashion

      You know, our family could finally (hopefully) go to Manila next summer! OMG. I'm so excited for Senior Year to end. LOLjk. HAHAH! I'm just exaggerating, but yeah, I'm excited to go to Manila, and finally I could go to some popular shops there, some famous attractions, top universities in the country, and maybe, just maybe we could meet our long-lost relatives there, like ate Hazel! It's good that I have this blog, if it weren't for it, I wouldn't have met her. ;)

      Here's a random thing I thought about these past few days: I want that, even for just once in my life, ... to try ONLINE SHOPPING! :D Uhm, well, since I saw a lot of goodies on online shops I visited at Multiply, and online shops I've read from Candymag magazine, and these goodies are mostly accessories and shoes. ahahah! Hmm, my eyes crave a lot, right? xD

      And yeah, I'd love to open a bank account and a Globe G-Cash account, so that I could deposit my PHP 3,000 worth of money there and grow! xDD I also plan to open up a business too, but because I don't have bank accounts or whatsoever, I couldn't do that yet.

      HAHA! I like this picture. xD Image from Life of Material

      Another thing, I need to earn money already, not for fashionable clothes and all that, but for COLLEGE (and yeah, maybe also for fashionable clothes and accessories. HAHAH). College education requires a lot of money you know, and I need to lessen my parents' expenses. And another, I'm not even sure if I'd get to be Valedictorian next school year, so, yeah, I should better be prepared than sorry. In my age right now, I should already be paying my parents back for everything they did to us. :)
      I'll skip the layout topic since I already talked about it in the beginning. :D
      So I'll proceed with the pair of slippers my mother bought for me. xD

      It's Havaianas! :D I love its design! I mean, I love its color combination, pink-brown-white! I even have a shirt with that color combination. hahah! I'd love to post a look on that. xD

      And, as what I have said, I'll post pictures of some of the stuffs I love to you! :D Here they are!

      Lacoste. :D That's my digital camera right there. :D Kodak Easyshare C713

      Oh yeah \m/ It's made in France, where one of my dream places to go to, Paris, comes from. :))

      Front view. ;)

      A cute headband! :D And I love its color and pattern! ;)

      Oh I love these shots of mine. :)
      Aaaand !! :D Just a reminder:

      Please, if you have time, please visit Panache Online! :D If you don't know what "panache" means, well, it means, based from , "Panache is now used to describe someone who has a dashing confidence of style, or shows a certain flamboyance and courage, and is a familiar word now in English. Its meaning has also been extended to include anything capable of displaying such attributes." So, in this online magazine, we're going to do just that! :) My summer post, entitled "Feel the Heat! It's Summertime!", is its first real post! I'd like to congratulate myself for that. xD hahah! Thank you to my co-admins; ate Umi, Marinella, Michelle, Mariel, and Rhea for having a great start on the online magazine! :D It's been great working with them! :D

      That's it for now! Thanks for reading and viewing! :) I'll bloghop later. LOL. 'Coz I finished this post at dawn. :D
      EDIT: I almost forgot! Ate Marinella gave me this special emblem! :)) Thank yoooouuuuu very much sis! :D It's an honor that I was able to receive this prestigious award. xD And also, I would like to congratulate her for winning 2nd place of the first contest she has ever joined in! :D Woah. I wish I could have her luck. hahah! :) I am happy for her though. ^^, I received this emblem as an appreciation of the help I had given her to win the contest. ;)

      Again, thank you very much! :)


      1. I like your new layout. Its very YOU. Cute and bubbly! :D
        Anyway, The vectors you made are good, for starters. Not that I would really know. I don't even know how to do that. HAHA.

        Have a happy summer!

      2. that's a very long post.. haha. i can never get myself to post something this long. so i salute you. :D

        anway, I love your header. :) i used to play that jamlegend thing too but i got fed up. haha.

        cute vectors too. I think., you should make more.

      3. anyway, this is ayah from i cant seem to comment on your post using just the name and url. :( God, I felt cheated having to use my google account. haha

      4. @Ceedee: thank you so much! :D have a happy summer too!

      5. @Kcaiyah D.: haha! thanks! :D yeah, my post is really, really long! xD i started writing it at 10 then ended at 1:13 am! LOL.

        yes, i'll try to make more vector arts! :)) when i'm in the mood.

        uhm, well, you can comment with the name and url ;) there are options like Google account, OpenID, Name/URL, and Anonymous, then choose Name/URL to comment with just that. :))

      6. love the new header! and i remember doing my first vector art it kind of looked like this too! :) but a little practice would help you improve, don't worry :)

        and wow you're going to manila???? YAY!!! i hope that pushes through. i want to go to CDO again! our visit last year wasn't long enough! :(

        jam legend will close soon! i love that game/site also!

      7. The theme looks good so far even if it's unfinished. :) It's a nice header, I love the scrapbook style.

        I'm not really good at vector art, you can definitely do better than me. I think the second one looks better but the shading on the face could be improved.

        I have a job and it's kind of hard to save money when there are many things you want to buy. My parents pay for a lot of things for me but for the "extras" I've been trying to save. I have bought a lot of stuff online but since I live in Australia it is really expensive to ship anything.

      8. Thank you very much :) I try to make things simple and easy on the eyes, like you said.

        yeah, it's so cutie. I can't wait til my boyfriends clothes arrive!

        I might get a job, I used to work at mc donalds, and I hated it... lol.

        I love those vectors! I can't make them, I suck. And that headband is too cute <3

      9. Your header is soooo cute! I'll be in college soon too and I'm hella nervous. Let's give our best next school year and make our parents proud! :D Btw, nice vectors! Keep up the good work!

      10. I wanted to try vectoring too! I wanna learn how to but I think it really takes a lot of time, it looks so hard but whatever hahaha I might just try it sometimes. I love your first vector btw! I also play jam legend I'm like level 13 and then stopped and got bored. I don't know... I always got bored in games hahahaa but jam legend is really fan! I used my keyboard as a guitar, I look like a freak. Haha.That headband of yours is really cute! Goodluck in earning money and having a bank account :) Yeah right YOU GUYS SHOULD VISIT PANACHE!

      11. gumaganda ang blog mo.........pagandahin mo pa..

      12. I've played JamLegend before too. Too bad it has shut down. :(

        As for the vector, the first one is better. :)

      13. I remember doing vectors when I was in high school.. XD Although I'm not sure if I was really successful. XD

        And lol at "If you fear change! Leave it here.." XD


      What can you say? :)