Is this the end?

My blog just turned nine (9) years yesterday. Nine years ago, I was a thirteen (13) year-old girl who stumbled upon someone's blog and was inspired to make her own. The idea of having my own humble abode on the internet and being able to share my personal thoughts drove me to create my blog, which was then Story of my Life (my blog title for the first few weeks) with the URL, (this URL will still lead to this blog BTW). Along the way, I met a lot of new blogger friends. I enjoyed all the blog hopping and the commenting on blog posts of other bloggers.

But, who knew that this will all come to a possible end?-

Law School: One Year Down

...and three (3) more years to go, hopefully!

Yes, I am finally done with First Year Law. Well, I guess I can say that I survived. I'm still here and I ain't giving up. Haha!

Actually, mine ended last Tuesday on the 21st when we had our last scheduled final exam for the school year (so much for the finale, Basic Legal Ethics. Hihi). It's just now that I decided to write about it, even though honestly I'm still a bit in shock that one school year came by so fast.

So for this post, I am going to talk about what I learned so far in my first year in Law School and some insights in between.

My Blog Revamp Game Plan


This blog needs a new name, look and feel, and that has been my plan ever since the time I realized that I need to step up my game more in blogging.

As I was visiting blogs and observing them as I went along with it, I saw that I need to change some things around here on mine. I had some flaws that I need to fix. Also, I received some negative feedback regarding my branding and how it wasn't catchy enough or noteworthy for some readers, so I also took note of that.

Now, I'm in the process of slowly changing my blog branding, so here is my game plan.