My Blog Revamp Game Plan


This blog needs a new name, look and feel, and that has been my plan ever since the time I realized that I need to step up my game more in blogging.

As I was visiting blogs and observing them as I went along with it, I saw that I need to change some things around here on mine. I had some flaws that I need to fix. Also, I received some negative feedback regarding my branding and how it wasn't catchy enough or noteworthy for some readers, so I also took note of that.

Now, I'm in the process of slowly changing my blog branding, so here is my game plan.

Blogging Blues

I don't have anything, in particular, to blog about for now, so why not blog about not having anything to blog instead?

Kidding aside, yes, I'm going to write about this blog's depressive state. I will tell you about why I find it hard to blog these days, and pretty much everything in between.

2017: A Year-end Post

Hello everyone! I'm here again with my obligatory year-end post, this time for 2017! 

Every year, I see to it that I get to write about my year in retrospect so that I could document how my year has been. This will serve as a reminder for me that even though that particular year isn't really my year in general, I can still say that there are silver linings to it.

If you want to know about my highlights for this year, feel free to read on.

(EDITED on January 8, 2018)