How far have we gone?

Being on the field was just one mere idea that we had when we thought of what we’ll be doing in our soon-to-be profession once we get to graduate in this course we’re in and pass the board exams. We only got a glimpse on what to expect through the lessons that we had in the classroom setting. That was for the past year, but now? With this on-the-job training/practicum subject, we will be taken to a whole new adventure, and that is to finally experience the things that they say would earn us millions, which is to be on the actual setting itself.

Of course, we couldn’t get into the actual practice without processing our documents first and filing our application to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), so we did just that. It may sound easy, but if only they knew, we had to put up with huge crowds while lining up to apply for the PRC since LET takers were filing their applications as well. 

Yes, we had to be early at the office to be accommodated and to actually get in, since due to the large number of people waiting around outside, controlling who gets in or not became a hard process for the PRC which made them inconsistent because, based from our experience, there were some of us who were unjustly denied to be accommodated where in fact some of the others were granted access without that much hassle. 

In the end though, we just charged everything to experience and learned from it. As for the HLURB, it wasn’t that much of a hassle compared to PRC because there weren’t a lot of people waiting in line. It only took more or less 10 minutes for me to process everything there, compared to PRC where it will take more or less 2-3 hours.

Right now, most of us are done with our PRC and HLURB application, and finally we could practice our being Real Estate Salespersons without having to worry about getting caught by the “Bantay Colorum” since we could formally say that we are accredited with our respective brokers and realty. But even before we’re accredited, we already experienced privileges fit for Real Estate Salespersons such as attending Product Knowledge Seminars (PKSs) and going to site tours. It’s like the only thing that we haven’t experienced yet is finding clients and having transactions with them, which is, I could say, is the most exciting part in the practice. 

Speaking of attending PKSs, this is one of the most notable experiences that we had for the meantime because we got to learn about the potential products we’ll be selling and the incentives that come with them once we get to sell them, plus getting free food while we’re at it. 

Also, so far there’s still only one site tour that we joined, which is in BellaVita, and it was a worthwhile experience since we got to know what it’s like to sightsee a development while it’s still not yet fully developed, then we got to imagine what it would be like if houses and roads would finally be constructed onsite. We were also supposed to tour Alegria Hills though, but then, since brokers were the ones prioritized at that time and that we weren’t scheduled for it, we weren’t able to join in, so instead we did manning at Filinvest, and it turned out that it wasn’t that much of a loss after all. 

Aside from the PKSs and the site tours, we experienced going to the Assessor’s Office as well since we were invited by Honey Faith. Yes, we took a glimpse on what it’s like in government appraisal. We saw documents that were usually just talked about in the classroom such as land titles, deed of sales, and tax declarations. With that, we were enlightened because finally, what’s only lacking for us is knowing how to process these documents and applying it to the actual practice. 

For our experiences in the Leuterio Realty, seminars were conducted for us to know more about them, how they came to be, and how promising it is to work with them. We felt really welcomed when we joined in their realty, and I can actually see a bright future with them. As of now, we are currently aiming on transacting online through Facebook, that’s why some of us made new accounts reserved for business purposes. We already made a head start by posting developments that we’ll be selling. We were also taught about the things we need to know when we sell, like the information to remember about the developments and how to prequalify clients. I believe that since we’re accredited under a realty that has established a great reputation through the years, we could definitely be successful in our endeavors, but I also believe that we wouldn’t be successful without our own hard work and perseverance as well.

As of now, the quest for finding a client is in progress, and we’re hoping that before the end of this semester, all of us could experience closing a sale, then get to realize the fruits of our efforts. In due time, we’d be one of those millionaires that got successful in real estate. This might just be wishful thinking for now, but if we truly believe, then for sure, it will become reality.

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