Leuterio Realty Orientation - A Reflection

Last Monday, we went to the Leuterio Realty Office at Iponan to submit the draft of our Memorandum of Agreement between the brokers and our school for the OJT that we will be having. Little did we know, we were also going to have an orientation about their realty as well.

Actually, we were already oriented a bit about their realty but it was in that moment that we became even more inspired to sell and become future millionaires. It was funny because the orientation seemed like an encouragement for us to dream high and aim high since the one who oriented us and his companion who's also there were living proofs of this mindset. The orientation was like that of networking since they both promise that we'd be earning millions from these but it's only in this realty that I became convinced because I am pretty much sure that there isn't a tiny bit of scam in it.

From the orientation I learned about the realty and how they've already made a reputation through the years. They've made a lot of people millionaires. They've won a lot of awards nationwide and worldwide. I could see that I am on the right track for choosing this realty for our OJT because of how promising they are and how they are willing to help us become like them. Through hard work and perseverance, they say that we'll be sure to achieve our dreams as well.

I really liked it when the one who oriented us passionately told their story and how they always had ambitious goals. He said that they always had meetings every now and then to discuss their dreams in life. From that I thought, that's a good idea. It would be great if we'd also have those kinds of talks with my friends. It made me think that we really do have to remind ourselves that we have these dreams to achieve in order for us to keep moving forward. It gives us a reason that we should not stop what we are doing now to reach our goals.

Honestly, I think that it will be tough for me to even start finding a client because of the aloof personality that I have, but I'm hoping that the dreams I have right now, moreover the A that I am aiming for this practicum subject, will be sufficient drives for me to gain courage in this business. Yes, it will be hard, but I pray to God that I will get through just one sale for this semester.

Since Leuterio Realty is a reputable realty as evidenced with what they are now, I'm pretty sure that with them, I will be challenged to be one of them and to not disappoint them.

Go Leuterio Realty CDO! :))))

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