BellaVita Site Tour

Last Sunday was another day of our adventure in BSREM. Well, we had been to a lot of product knowledge seminars, but we have never been sent to the actual site of their development, ..not until this day. Yes, finally, we had our site tour.
The night before this, when I was just about to sleep since it's already 12 midnight, a classmate suddenly popped up on my Facebook chat box asking about this so-called Buyer's Day if we will attend or not. Honestly I didn't want to anymore because that event will be held so early in the morning and I was already enjoying my staying up late at night that time, then besides, I thought that attending the event was purely optional since we were just invited by the marketing manager of the project to observe what they do for the day and how they do it. There were 3 of us night owls chatting back then, and I did not expect that anyone of us would actually be up so early considering that we finished chatting at around 1am already. 

Well, at least I still did try to set my alarm and luckily for me, I woke up early and I arrived to school on time like around 10 minutes before the time since I decided to go together with my other friends because I didn't feel like going alone. I wouldn't risk my life and sanity by going to a place where I'm not really sure where it is (though I did have a clue since I searched it in Google) and that there are also mentally-challenged people roaming around the streets that time and maybe they would harm me or something. My friends showed up 30 minutes late but as someone with a bit of patience, I was okay with that, I guess. Ika nga, sanay na naman ako maghintay eh. Huhu. What's important is that in the end we went together only to find out that there were still a few of us there in Grand Central, the place where the Buyer's Day will be held.

For the first hour we pretty much did nothing but take pictures of their office and took advantage of our mobile data for the internet and I was beginning to wonder what our real purpose was. Honestly, at that time I thought that I guess it was better if I didn't attend because yeah, we did nothing of some sort and I should be spending my time at home studying for our prelim exam in one of our major subjects, but when someone called out that we're going to have site tour, I was both glad and kinda hesitant because for one, at least finally my attendance was worth it, yet my outfit wasn't really fit for the site tour so boohoo for me. LOL. I should've worn a simple shirt instead of a spaghetti-strapped top with cardigan if I had known that we're going to their actual development site. Huhu.

Before we went to the site, it was silly for me to expect that the land would be fully developed but it turned out that it wasn't just yet, and it's kind of a good thing because prices of the lots aren't very much high yet which would mean that the buyers would definitely avail them as soon as possible.

This time, I will let the pictures do the talking.

During the site tour also, we took a lot of fun pictures but since this post is already getting very long, I would just leave you with these pictures for the meantime.

I will do all the promoting once I get accredited so yeah. Stay tuned :)) 

Till here. :*

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