BellaVita Sales Process and Documentation Seminar - A Reflection

For this day, we had attended another seminar by Ayala Land, specifically for their BellaVita development, and with this seminar, we were pretty much taught how to process a sale and oriented about what forms and documents to use. 

Yesterday, we have just been informed about the seminar and I didn't pay much attention to it because I didn't understand what we're supposed to do and learn there since ironically I didn't understand the seminar name as well. Haha I was thinking of something like sales would just be documented and all and yes, for some reason I wasn't able to correlate things well. When my friend told me that we will be taught how to process documents for sales, I immediately became willing to join and confirmed my attendance because I thought that we're definitely going to need that kind of knowledge so as not to be ignorant when it will be our turn to sell. 

My experience for this was just similar to the previous one where we were in Seda Hotel, only that this time we're in Jollibee Gateway, it started in the morning, and that we focused more on BellaVita.

I actually went to the venue earlier than expected because I was skeptical about the venue since it's a fastfood chain for crying out loud and as far as I know, seminars aren't usually conducted in these kinds of places and if ever my thoughts are right I still have time to transfer to the real venue but it turned out that it was really the right venue so yeah I'm glad it wasn't such a hassle. When my friends arrived we went upstairs together and yes, there were already a lot of people and I thought that I should've gone upstairs beforehand and save seats for us but oh well, at least we were still able to take a seat and I'm finally able to sit with them. Haha.

For the whole duration of the seminar we just listened to the lecture on how the process goes in BellaVita when one would reserve and buy a house from them. From thereon I understood a developer's process in securing a sale and that I got a better picture of it. My expectations were met and again, it was worth it.

The downside is that some of the attendees I am with didn't have manners since they didn't have the initiative to turn off or put their phones in silent mode and that some of them also kept going out the room which is very distracting to me because here I am listening attentively while there's them not giving much respect but oh well, that's just how it goes and I just got to understand them.

I'm glad that we were given handouts after the lecture in case we did miss or forgot something that was discussed and my mood lightened because of that, considering that I wasn't really able to listen well since again, I was distracted.

The speaker did a great job in explaining everything, but when he almost ended his lecture he was electrocuted by the mic he's holding and due to that he was sent to the hospital because he also said that his blood pressure went up before that incident happened. I do hope that he's okay right now. It was good that there were attendees who tried to ease his condition and I assumed that they do have experience in health practices that's why they took initiative to help him.

I guess the seminar ended earlier than expected but at least its objectives were fulfilled.

After the seminar we had fun and it was definitely evident in the pictures and videos we took. Haha! Shout out to my friends whom I was with. :))) Till next time! 

Haluuuuuu :))
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