Ayala Land PKS - A Reflection

Yesterday, we, Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management pioneering students, attended the Product Knowledge Seminar at Seda Hotel provided by Ayala Land regarding their most recent developments in our city, namely the Amaia, BellaVita, and the Avida. Yes, Ayala Land Corporation will once again be dominating cities through their best-selling condo units and subdivision houses, and they're targeting Cagayan de Oro this time.
I've attended Product Knowledge Seminars before, but this one's different since there were a lot of participants other than us BSREM students, who were actually way older than us, and it was kinda awkward for me because I was seated among two of these people, though I've already experienced this way back when I attended the accreditation seminar provided by Gigi C. Roa at the Golden Haven conference room, but then at that time yesterday, it was awkward since I was conscious of the fact that my friends are actually there and that supposedly I should be seated with them, then I wasn't able to do so since there was a scarcity of chairs and I was only offered the seat that I was then sitting on all throughout the seminar. I'm thankful for the kind lady who offered that seat though, but yes, for most of the seminar's duration I kept on looking at the direction where my friends were sitting at, to the point that I thought my neck's already going to hurt, but thankfully it didn't.

Anyways, like how all product knowledge seminars go, the respective marketing heads of each Ayala Land development presented their products, but before that, we were introduced to what their company is all about and how they've already made a reputation all throughout the country and the world, since they also operated abroad like Hongkong, Japan, and San Francisco, among others. They have their core and support businesses, but what was focused were their residential developments since those are what we're actually going to sell in this real estate practice, though soon enough we could also sell office space, but that's another story.

As for my insight regarding the products, I admire Ayala Land's brilliance for having residential developments that cater to almost all target markets, which range from high class to low class, but as for the latter, in Ayala they refer to it as the "aspirational market" to at least give dignity to their worth. I remember when Jun Garing, a sales and marketing educator who also gave talks to us, introduced the wonders of how we could actually beautify labels such as when, instead of calling squatters "squatters", we call them "informal settlers", or instead of saying "housewife", we refer to them as "house manager", among other examples. Anyway, going back, while listening to their respective presentations, I could really see that Ayala has this passion and legacy to give the utmost experience every person should have in their homes. Personally I am someone who's easy to convince, but even though that's the case, I could say that Ayala could pretty much convince people who are way more skeptical than me as well. I mean, what do you expect? Ayala Land has proved a lot for the record.

Since I'm not a real estate salesperson yet because my PRC application is still in process, I couldn't give a promotion on their products as of now, so please stay tuned in this blog or in our website (to be updated once we know our final broker's details) to see what's in store for you.

So yes, even though I missed a 5-item quiz that could possibly make my grade go down from A to A-, attending the seminar was actually worth it and a good decision for me because of the experience that I gained and the fact that I have gathered more insights and knowledge about how we could properly sell real properties and we also had more inspiration to sell better, not that I'm just enticed by the incentives they introduced, though that's also one factor, but actually, I became inspired for the fact that we are able to help the community with their primary need which is shelter and it's good to think that we would become instruments for them to acquire such. It's just that fulfilling in our part as soon to be real estate practitioners.

From this experience, I learned a lot of things, from residential developments to life lessons, and I'm certain that there will be more to come. Our OJT hasn't started yet but I knew that once I get to experience it, it will really be a roller coaster ride for me and right now I still don't know what to expect. For those who aren't that daring, this could be scary, but as for me, I'm trying my best to welcome the real thing wholeheartedly because that's what I'm supposed to do to graduate as someone who's well-equipped with the skills needed to be one of the best real estate practitioners.

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