Ayala Land PKS Part 2 - A Reflection

------ Ayala Land PKS Part 1 - A Reflection ------

This morning, we had another product knowledge seminar courtesy of Ayala Land. This time, two of their developments, Ayala Land Premier and Alveo, were introduced. These are high-end and upscale developments, which would mean that they are pretty much for clients who have a lot of money to spare since prices of units and lots range from 4 million to as much as 200 million.

I went to Seda Hotel very early because, aside from the willingness to get a prize for being early, I went along with my mother and siblings in fetching them to school. When I arrived at the hotel, there were already a few people there, including two of my classmates who are always known for being early. We waited until registration forms were ready, but it's too bad that we weren't at the spot where we could have fast and direct access so it's unfortunate that we weren't able to register as the first five. It was okay for me though because I found out that the prize was a movie ticket at Ayala Centrio's movie house and I'm kinda certain that I won't be using it ever since I'm not really a fan of watching movies in theaters, or if I am going to use it, I may regretfully use it on a movie that isn't worth it because I'm not that good in making that kind of decision to choose. Haha.

All of us received another set of freebies, and this is always one of the perks that I look forward to when it comes to product knowledge seminars. There were also another set of prizes, but since I'm not alert enough due to the fact that I wasn't able to get enough sleep again, I wasn't able to avail them, considering that it involved raising our hands to answer trivia questions about their developments, and that I decided that I should just let them be and have their moment. At least I'm already contented with the freebies that I have, though I was hoping I would get that double purpose pen which also has a stylus tip. Huhuhu. Should've been for my iPad mini. I also wanted that limited edition notebook that they have because I'm really a fan of notebooks and I loved the color. Tsk too bad, but yes it's okay. I got over it. LOL.

Even though there was a rotating brownout, I'm glad that the seminar still went fine because Ayala was wise enough to put a generator in Seda Hotel so yes. I was stupidly afraid that the PKS won't go on, and I was wrong to underestimate the possibilities. xD

Horray for freebies! :)
Their food was once again delicious, and this is what I love about Ayala Land's PKSs. Haha!

Again, me and my friends took a lot of pictures after the seminar, and I choose not to upload it here because there are actually a whole lot of them and I can't choose which ones to put on this kind of spotlight. xD

Well, we took pictures to kill time since we were waiting for a miracle, I mean, you see, we were told that maybe we'd still be able to go to Alegria Hills for the site tour, but it's too bad that we couldn't be accommodated anymore, so instead we were scheduled for Saturday. Stay tuned for another post and set of pictures from our next site tour. :D

Till here :*

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