Assessor's Office - The Visit

We've been planning this all this time, and finally the moment came.

Yes, we were finally able to visit the Assessor's Office in Opol, Misamis Oriental. My classmate and friend is actually the daughter of the Assessor there, and it was a privilege to have been given a chance to visit their office without any formal procedure like having to give letters asking for permission and whatnot.

Well, how was my visit? Aside from the fact that everyone in the office was so accommodating since they immediately gave us chairs to sit on, documents to scan through so that we could learn more about how they do it there, and delicious snacks to eat, the visit for me became one hell of a journey through memory lane.

It started with the nameplate I saw on my friend's father's table. I immediately remembered when me and my sister were given a chance to visit our Papa's office in Butuan, then it was, well, our first, and most probably our last visit there. There were also a lot of papers neatly arranged all around the office, and that's also what I saw back then. 

It was not only that time in Butuan but also when we were very little. When we were already going home, wherein which, we hitched a ride on my other friend's vehicle, we passed by the road to where my first school is, since Papa's office was located there when he was still assigned in Cagayan de Oro, and again it brought back a lot of memories. I remember those times when we used to play with magnets on the fridge, and when we used to take a lot of pictures in the office. I also remember when we used to hold parties there and how we used to enjoy. We were close with Papa's office mates. Like in the Assessor's office, all of them were friendly and accommodating. We also had free food every now and then, I guess. I don't really remember much details, but I could really say that my experience right now is very similar to my experiences every time I got the chance to visit Papa's office.

I'm glad to have relived those moments because it was then that I got the ambition of becoming just like my Papa who's highly respected by all. From thereon I've been wishing to have an office life, that's why I took Accountancy to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) whose job is account monetary records in the company, but now, even though I've chosen this path where we'd be Real Estate Brokers, Appraisers and Consultants which would mean that we'd rarely have that so-called office life at all, I'm still considering that dream, but I am now open to more possibilities and opportunities. I mean, all this time I thought that office life is where I am meant to be since I don't really have that extroverted personality needed in the world where there's a lot of sales talk, but since God sent me to this course in Real Estate Management where I'm sure to be off sales talking and all, maybe I do have a chance in this kind of life that's opposite to what I'm eyeing on.

Yes, I know that with this Real Estate Management course there's still a possibility that I'd be working in the office since I had just visited the Assessor's Office where the Assessor there is a Real Estate Appraiser, but it wouldn't hurt if I welcome something that's really destined for me, right?

I don't know my destiny yet since everything's still a blur, but I'm hoping that I will be happy with my fate and that I would surely deserve it with the efforts that I am exerting right now in my life.

Aside from my trip down the memory lane, going back to when we saw documents scattered there, all of us were enlightened about what we saw because they're exactly what our teacher explained about. From thereon I thought that it should've been better if we had those copies of documents for the discussion so that we could connect things better, but at least, even though it was just that afternoon that we saw those actual documents, we realized that we did learn something from our teacher because we knew that we were able to retain something. I am now beginning to appreciate better our teacher's efforts in teaching us about those things.

Also, we saw the Real Estate Broker's reviewer, scanned through it, and realized that everything that our teachers have been teaching us were there all along. From that moment it's like we want to photocopy everything there, but it's too bad that it was copyrighted and unavailable in bookstores, so I guess we just had to wait till review materials are given to us or till we'd be enrolling in review centers. I got to admit, I actually became excited to review for the board since I saw how easy to understand the reviewer is and once again, my aim to be one of the topnotchers was once relived, then I wanted to exert an effort to achieve that already.

Looking forward to more moments like these. Till here. :*  

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