Weird facts about me

I'm kinda bored, again. Haha. School is fast approaching and I don't really know how to prepare for this sh*t so here I am. I thought that, I think I should just blog, then yes, maybe you'd want to learn more about the deeper, weirder side of me. Here it goes.
  1. I always order sisig whenever available. It's one of my favorite foods.
  2. When there's takeout food I always use the disposable spoons and forks that come with it even though I'm at home where I should be using our own spoons and forks.
  3. I don't like secondhand books. I always buy brand new whenever possible. If not, I photocopy. Borrowing books of others is usually the last resort.
  4. I'm a bit obsessive compulsive, sometimes. There are times when I would really revise everything if there's one tiny bit of an erasure on my paper or that I would actually print again even if it means I would once again be spending for it.
  5. Whenever I wash the dishes I always organize the dirty dishes first before I'd wash them all. Those dishes should always be stacked neatly on the sink or else my OCD senses would tingle.
  6. I don't like listening to live recordings. I always resort to studio-recorded songs because I don't like hearing the sound of people's cheers that shouldn't come along with the song.
  7. I don't like ukay stuff because I don't like the idea of wearing used clothing of others.
  8. Sometimes I feel like I sound like a broken record. I tend to repeat what I say even though it's unnecessary. I don't really know why.
  9. I was a cry baby before. Now I laugh a lot.
  10. I always wear a hair tie on my left wrist. My left wrist feels awkward without it, unless I already used it to tie my hair.
  11. I never eat spaghetti during party gatherings.
  12. I don't like frying food because I have this great fear of cooking oil getting onto my skin. I panic like crazy when I'm near frying pans.
  13. I don't usually scream and run like I'm running for my life for something so small, but when I do, it's because a cockroach or a bat is flying.
  14. I don't eat halo-halo because of the beans.
  15. When it comes to eating fried eggs, I always eat the white part first.
  16. I am selectively social. I only attend events when I know my friends would attend it also.
  17. I'm allergic to perfume.
  18. I hate it when there's someone wearing the same clothes I have. I wouldn't wear those clothes anymore if that's the case.
  19. Whenever there are reflective surfaces like car windows and mirrors, I always take my time to look myself into it because I'm vain like that.
  20. I always drink my beverage last, unless what I'm eating is kinda dry for my mouth.
  21. I have a bad sense of direction. I need to have someone with me when going somewhere new. I'm lucky if I get the directions right the first time on my own.
  22. I can't sleep if there's a lot of people inside the room.
  23. I love dogs but I'm scared to go near them.
  24. I like watching and downloading dance videos but I'm not a dancer.
  25. I rarely wear leggings because it feels weird on my legs and I hate the fact that it doesn't have pockets.
  26. I like collecting brochures, especially when it's about gadgets, clothes, and makeup.
  27. I love Toyo (Soy sauce). I put it on my rice like soup. Because of that they would worry that I might get a kidney problem soon.
  28. I like dipping biscuits on my drinks, but I only do that at home.
  29. When I eat at home, I always sit like an Indian on my chair, but I never seem to get the urge to do that when I'm eating in other places. It's a good thing though.
  30.  When I'm sleepy in class I get really restless, like I would cross my legs in different ways every few minutes or play with my hair and my pen. It's a way of keeping myself awake.
That's all I can remember as of now. This will be edited every now and then. Till here. :*

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