My College Bucket List

Yes, this will be my last year in college, and just like everyone else, I have things that I want to do or achieve before this year will finally end. I will also enlist here the things that I have already done in the years before. Here it goes. :)
  • Attend leadership organizations
  • Be elected as one of the officers
  • Volunteer in school activities
  • Dance in front of a huge crowd
  • Run for a cause
  • Join a mini pageant
  • Have a complete attendance during Xavier Days without worrying about the so-called curfew
  • Try everything and take a tour on all stalls during Xavier Days
  • Wear shorts in school #XavierDays
  • Wear a skirt in school
  • Go rappelling/rock climbing
  • Get inside the ever famous horror house #XavierDays
  • Get inside our museum
  • Spend an overnight session with my groupmates on a project
  • Travel far away with friends, even for just a school project
  • Lessen my weight to 45 kilograms
  • Attend BOLTS
  • Attend a sports fest
  • Attend leadership programs and seminars
  • Head a project
  • Coordinate an event
  • Have my (ex) crushes read my blog
  • Give food to street kids
  • Sing my heart out at karaoke night
  • For once, go partying
  • Plan after-graduation trips with friends
  • Be on the Dean's List
  • Get a 4.0 QPI
  • Have no grades below A- in a semester
  • Speak in front of a huge crowd
  • For once, make the first move in making friends
  • Drink at Starbucks
  • Have a photoshoot with friends
  • Have dinner with my classmates after the exams
  • Get an A or A- mark in all (if not, most of) my exams in my last year
  • For once, don't worry about the curfew (please parents, for once, don't be a bit too paranoid about me)
In the months to come there may or may not be changes to this list. This list could either expand or shorten. I could either think of other things to add, omit some, or just let this be. Only God knows. :)

I just hope that as much as possible, I should not graduate college with regrets deep within my heart for the things I didn't do that I should.

Hours from now I will officially be a Senior college student. Right now I'm just killing the time to wait for 1am for me to finally enroll my added subjects.

So yes. That's pretty much it for now.

How about you? What's on your college bucket list?

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