Just a little update

Hello there! I would just like to say that after hours of discerning and conducting a trial and error on moving to other blogging platforms that resulted to epic fails, I finally decided that I should just stay here in Blogger. Yaay!

You see, I realized that Wordpress doesn't offer enough customization for free users plus it has this annoying infinite scrolling that I don't know how to get rid off because I already got overwhelmed with everything that didn't turn out according to my plan. I also realized that I am better off on Tumblr if I have a lot of pictures to post, but since I'm not really that fond of posting such, I decided not to transfer there and that Blogger is really the one for me.

But, it does not end there. I also searched for ways to export my Blogger posts to Weebly, a less popular blogging platform that somewhat would really fit for my customization needs, but then I found out that it was not possible. I mean, I think it is but I didn't understand the instructions I've read. LOL. Well I could've understood it if I did a little more effort in finding the answer but since I'm already very tired, I finally decided on just improvising my Blogger.

I was wrong when I said that Blogger doesn't offer the customization that I need anymore since I realized that I could actually make the most on what's available. Maybe I've just said that previously because I can't find my ever favorite Century Gothic font that I supposedly want to set as the main font on this blog, but then I saw that there was indeed a much better and simpler font than that, so yes, I decided that I should just be contented with that. I also got upset when I can't seem to find the settings where I could change the font color of the Post Title but then after some discovering and everything I finally found it. Haha. Silly me, post titles are actually Links. There's this glitch also in Blogger where at one point the font styles I have chosen would appear with no problem but then at some other times it would show Comic Sans.

I also would want to change the URL of this blog since I saw that it does not fit the personality that I have right now anymore. I mean, that was my 13 year old self out there deciding on that jeje URL in the past, and I bet there are already differences with who I am in the past and who I am right now, then yes, URL preference isn't an exception. But you see, the problem is that I want to retain everything here, including the views and the followers that I have. Is this possible? I think that if I'd change this URL I would encounter more problems ahead, so that's why I'm kinda hesitant with it. LOL this is somewhat a big problem for me. Another part of me would just want to leave the old URL there and move on, but this is really bothering me. Ugh.

I guess I'll just search more about these things. Till here. :*  

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