(Belated) Happy 4th Anniversary to my Blog and Happy Independence Day! :D

Hello there everyone! Again, I've been gone for a few days. Read this blog to get the picture of what I've been up to when I was away here. Don't worry, latest posts are in English. :) For some reason I'm more comfortable writing posts in there, maybe because it's somewhat a fresh start for me?

Anyway, yesterday was this blog's 4th Anniversary! *cheers* ^^ May this blog have more posts to come, more glimpses of the life I'm living, and may it continue to be active in bringing new things to share to the readers!

And also, I would love to greet all Filipinos a Happy Independence Day! :))) It's on its 115th anniversary already. Long live the Philippines! xD

Credits to the owner of the image I used.

That's it for now. Sorry for the short post today. Couldn't think of anything interesting. o_O

Till here. :*

Oh look it's finally raining in here as I publish this post. xD Yay!


  1. dropped :D have a nice day hehe

  2. Hey! Belated anniversary to your blog! :D


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