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.. But I ain't moving out in here. :) It's just so sayang to leave. Haha. Anyway, this post is about promoting my new blog and account, and also some other stuff that's worth sharing. :p

Click "Read more" to read more. xD Please? :3

Before I would go on I would like to say that I'm currently suffering from toothache, so I'm sorry if ever I would show a slight bad mood in this post. Please bear with me. :) Well, actually I'm not in a bad mood, I'm just a bit distracted from my toothache. T.T Can you tell me the cure for it?

Anyway, I'm sorry if I've been away for how many days again. It's just that there were a lot other things that kept me busy or that I didn't feel like blogging. Haha!

So yeah, a while ago I made a new blog, because once again I felt like it. LOL. Here's a screenshot:

Kung kasabot pud mu'g Bisaya or Tagalog, e click lng ni cya: CLICK!

It's actually a multilingual blog for me to express myself more freely. ^^ I made it in Wordpress. If you have no trouble understanding Bisaya, you're more than welcome to read it. :p If not, then it's fine, I'm not sure if my posts there would interest you that much. Kidding! xD But anyway, it's not all the time that I would post Bisaya posts, I could also occasionally post in Tagalog or English, that's why it's called a multilingual blog. Sometimes I think I might also sync the posts there with the posts here, but i dunno. That's for my senses to find out soon. ;)

And oh, can you tell me how to put a Tagboard on a Wordpress site? I wanna put a tagboard in my new blog, and I want it to be like the ones other bloggers in Wordpress have. Can you help me?

Anyway, don't forget to visit the NEW BLOG, regardless if you understand it or not. xD Because anyhow, you might check something out in there. :))

Moving on, as mentioned above, I also made an account. :) It might be new to you, but yeah, here it is:

You now know my full name, where I live (though it's not specific), and where I study (I hope you don't come kill me there. Hahaha, I'm so paranoid), to those who are new here. xD Please don't use it in a bad way. lol

It contains information that's enough for everyone to know me. :D From now on, I might want my About Me page to be patterned from that. You can visit the site HERE. ^^

So that's it! :) I'm done promoting. Next, I would like to share what I had been up to these past few days.

A few days ago, I was in a mood to design something in Photoshop again. Here are masterpieces I made. :p

CREDITS TO the owners of the brushes I used. :)

CREDITS TO the owners of the brushes and patterns I used. :)

What do you think? :D

And by the way, summer grades are up! Here are screenshots of them:

Hahaha, in descending order. :p Anyway, I'm thankful for these grades. xD I got a freakin' A in Math!! :D Wooooh!

Here are my QPIs. I'm a Dean's Lister for summer. xD HAHA. Too bad there's no such thing. T.T Oh well, I hope I'd have this 3.50 this 2nd year, and might as well 3rd year and 4th year too, if it's possible. Oh, anything's possible with God. ^^

Another thing, I forgot to tell you all these time that I have become a KPOP Fan, specifically a Bigbang and 2ne1 fan, and most recently a T-ara fan. :p Yes, I've been addicted to KPOP videos these past few days, and I've also been downloading a lot of them. Shh. :))

I'm a YG Lover! :)) Haha. They're so awesome, SUPER!!

Credits to the owners of the brushes and patterns I used, and also the image.
T-ARA. :)))) They're so pretty and have a great fashion sense. :3 Maybe the latest trends were influenced by them. ^^ Credits to the owner of the photo!

Here's my most favorite KPOP music video. xD I never get fed up of it. Oh, actually, I never get fed up with KPOP music videos because they seem hypnotizing to me. LOL. No really, I enjoy their music videos because of their dancing and awesome editing of the videos. :D Anyway, here it is:

And oh, I love looking at Jiyeon. :3 The one that's almost always at the center. Hihi. :)) She's so beautiful. :D I loooooove her eyes. Haha!

Eeeeeeehhh so pretty! :D Hahaha! My new girl crush. :)))) LOOOL. Credits to the owner of the photo!

And here are long lost songs I found because of my fan-girling moments. :p

The reason why I couldn't find this song a long time ago was that all the lyrics I could remember was "break it down now, break it break it down". xDD LOOL. Thankfully now I became a Bigbang fan and that I came to check out each of the members' solos, so yeah, I found the song! :D

The reason why I couldn't find this song a long time ago was that I forgot to search it up on YouTube. xD I only heard this song in a jeepney, and usually the songs I hear on a jeepney would be forgotten, but songs I like would usually be buried in my head until I get to listen to it online, so yeah. :p Weird, right?

I think that would be all. :)) Thank you so much for reading and viewing this post.

Till here. :*


  1. toothaches are the worst! if u don't take care of it, it'll turn into a headache too :(

    congrats on ur grades!

    1. i agree . my teeth would ache so badly if i eat hard foods . :/

      thank you! :)))

  2. Ugh toothaches suck, I usually just wait it out though because I rarely get them

    I visited your other blog to try (keyword TRY) to translate it, because I can understand some tagalog, but omg I need to brush up on it because I sucked at translating more than usual lol

    1. well, i only get toothaches if i eat too much or if i eat foods that are hard to chew .

      haha! i don't know if there's an available translation online for bisaya/cebuano too though . :) i usually post bisaya in there . lol

  3. heyy thanks for the compliment of my dress hehe. your blog is pretty :D

    1. you're welcome, and thank you so much! :)))

  4. hello Nice :D
    So this blog is still active? no need to update links? :D

    Anyways, you're using wordpress? I like wordpress too, it's easy to blog and so organize. I'm just not sure if you can fully customize them if you don't have CPanels, FTP and all. (I kinda forgot this thing XD) it has limited themes too unless you get yourself a domain or get hosted :D So not really sure for the tagboard on the sidebar... maybe you could use a page?

    and FELLOW VIP HEREEEEE!!!! WOOT WOOT! God I miss them! XDDD

    1. yes, it's still active, and no need to update links :))

      well, i realized that i still like Blogger more than Wordpress since it's easier to customize my blog in here . :D i know, it's indeed more complicated to customize in Wordpress and that we needed to know more about those cpanels and such. xD and i agree, themes there are limited, but good thing i still could find really cool free themes . ^^

      YAAY!! HIGH FIVE! :D hahaha! they aren't active anymore ? :o

  5. hi nice! I transferred din sa wp dati tapos I'm back again sa blogspot kasi ang daming limitation ng wp pagdating sa javascript :) and I realize blogspot is more convenient since it's connected to google. So yeah happy blogging ;) I'll visit your new blog once in a while. I love 2ne1 and Big bang but I'm not a die hard fan. Their songs are awesome also T-ara!

    1. hello mariel! :D i missed you in the blogging world! haha! anyway, i didn't transfer to wordpress. :) i just made a separate blog to express things that are somewhat hard to express in english, but this blog is still active. ^^ thanks! i'm not sure if you could understand the blog though, it's in bisaya. hehe . glad to know that you love them too! :))) happy blogging to you as well!


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