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Hello there everyone! How are you guys doing? Me, I'm doing quite fine. Not to worry, this isn't going to be another post full of rants and regretting about my downfall or anything. I just wanted to blog things that I should've had blogged, like important happenings that happened while I was away perhaps? I just hope that I won't forget anything. If only you know, I had been through a lot when I was away from the blogging world, and I felt bad that I hadn't even shared some remarkable moments to you yet. I'll be referring to my Facebook profile for it to be guided. LOL. If you want, you can add me there. Just tell me you've stumbled over this blog and wanted to befriend me. haha

January 2013

Nothing "big" happened this month, except that most of my Facebook statuses are about expressing my sadness on my low grades. But I know you've heard enough of it, so yeah. xD

Anyway, aside from that, many things became trends this month. Just like these movies, and for the first time I've actually watched these on time :p

Pitch Perfect

Les Miserables

This month was also the time when finally I was able to keep up with the trends. hahaha. Because in fact, all I know are what the trends are but I don't actually get to relate or watch the movies on time. I'm thankful for my 8GB and 500GB USB and for discovering movie2k.to as well because if it weren't for these, I wouldn't be able to watch movies and keep up with the trends. :p Not underestimating the advantage of having friends could also be one thing. ^^,

February 2013

First highlight of the month, ACLD (Ateneo Campus Leadership Discovery) Camp. :3 Here are my awesome groupmates:

Tribung Metanoia :))
This was held last February 2-3. :D This was indeed an experience full of learning and fun! I met a lot of new people because we're all mixed up. xD It's good that they were friendly. I'm glad that in college, I'm always surrounded with friendly people. hahaha! I mean, my classmates and schoolmates in elementary and high school were also friendly, but I could tell they're hesitant to actually make me as one of their group of friends since I'm really silent and I'm not usually allowed to wander around with them because my parents are strict. :p But anyway, yeah, I get to have friends now anywhere I go in college, and that's really a good thing. 

During this camp, I also learned more about being a leader and how important it is to take responsibility. Even though I learn the same basic things all over again ever since I was 3rd year High School (I attend leadership seminars and camps from thereon), still I always learn something new, and that it never really gets boring. ^^, 

I don't know why, but I'm always willing to join activities like these. Extra points for our First Year Formation Program subject isn't the only driving force that set me to join this, but also my willingness to develop what I am capable of. I've always wanted to serve like my relatives, since I come from a family tree of politicians, lawyers, teachers, businessmen and businesswomen, and a lot other professions that love to serve others. I guess that's it. :) I hope I'll be able to get out of my shell, and I'm hoping for that time to come.

Another thing I want to share would be that I get to try on some accessories in an accessories shop, but I didn't actually buy them. :p My friends brought me there. LOL. Look how these accessories seem beautiful in my hands. jk xD

And oh look, I still managed to smile even though this was one of the worst days of my life (February 5 - when I was told of my Accounting grade)

I don't look my best here. haha

March 2013

I think the only unusual happy moment that I experienced here would be that I got too addicted to watching movies. xD Thanks to a friend of mine for copying her movies to my 500GB USB. Well, I guess I already told you that in my previous post. :) 

I surely wished I also did some picture editing while we had our 3-week vacation, I really missed it. I missed those times when I become too bored and my creativity comes along. Oh well, I hope I still have enough time for that soon. :D

April 2013

Aaaand it's summer classes. xD This wasn't really that bad because many opportunities came to me, like being invited to join JPIA and the SBM Student Council Sophomore Core Staff. Here's a teaser for JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants):

Why JPIA? Why not? :p

Then here's a promotional picture for the SBMSC Sophomore Core:

I'm hoping I could be accepted to both of the organizations. :) If not, then it's okay. I'm ready to accept it as well. haha

Also, I made an effort to apply for a full scholarship, since mine is only half. Again, I hope to be accepted to this, because we're really in need of more financial assistance. But if I don't get accepted, it would still be okay. At least I still have my scholarship intact and that it's still enough to save a lot.

I like being opportunistic nowadays. It's good that I had the willpower to apply for these kinds of things. I'm also the one who encouraged my friends to join as well. LOL.

I think that would be it for now. Thanks for reading. :))) Till here. :*

P.S. I was chosen to be one of the interviewees for the Sophomore Core! :D I got accepted in the first phase of the application process, the top 49, out of more or less 200 who applied. It's my interview tomorrow, so please wish me luck. ^^

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