Summer Vacation? NOT. :p

Well, at least, I do have a 3-week vacation right now that's soon to end after the Holy Week. Yes, the end is near. Haha! LOL what am I talking about? This summer is a whole lot different from the others because we have summer classes. Nope, this isn't the kind of class that's intended for those who failed because I'm in college now, and it's in our prospectus that we should take those subjects in summer, so yeah. No choice, but oh well, at least I'd be a bit free from being very, very bored, unlike all the other summers I'd been that I was always asking myself what I should be doing.

You know how I spent my short summer vacation? Since I copied movies from my classmate before the vacation started, I planned to watch those, and yep, I got with that plan of mine, and I actually enjoyed every movie in the portable hard drive the movies were copied to. xD It was the reason why I sleep very late at night, or at dawn. :p 

Sometimes I could say it's productive because I could learn a lot about how movies should be since we usually have film projects in school, and I could also learn something about life, then I could get a lot of insightful quotes to share or think about, although my father is also a source on those. 

On the other hand, it could also be unproductive to me since, aside from watching movies, I also have a lot of other important things to do like study or prepare for summer class. So far all I was doing regarding that was ask my blockmates about the steps on how to enroll because, as silly and forgetful as I am, I forgot what to do. I mean, I do remember, but I'm not sure if it was right. I remember getting the grades and study load ahead, but now on Facebook there weren't any announcements on when we should get them, or how if that matter, since we have "online" grades now. Speaking of grades, here are my grades for the 1st Year 2nd Semester:

Pardon me if it isn't that high this time. This was a really tough semester for me, but behind those grades, there were a lot of "almosts". I knew about that because I'm actually fond of consulting teachers about my grades. Like, I knew about Filipino, I got 82%, which is B, but only 2% to go for it to become A-. Then, for Accounting, that's actually 75.19%, only 0.81% for it to become B. If you're thinking it's that low, actually, 50% is the passing grade in our school, and that's D. Anyway, if I surpassed those "almosts" and actually got those grades, I would've been DL. Yes, that acronym that everyone in college is wishing to be. 

I guess it's every student's dream to be on the Dean's List, and I hate Accountancy for not letting me reach it. Yes, Accountancy is what I took because I once loved it since I fell in love with the many Law subjects the course has to offer, but it turned out that before reaching the year levels where Law is to be taught already, I had to hurt this bad and have my faith tested. -_-

But still, all that matters now is that I passed 1st Year Accountancy! :) I never actually expected this because as what I've said, I've really been having a hard time on the Accounting subjects, but here I am, looking forward to summer classes that's based on the Accountancy prospectus! Thinking about that makes me a bit optimistic and go for more. I never want to miss those Law subjects, do I? ^^

Anyway, enough of that, our school is really high-tech already to have our grades be put online. Rumors were also there that our enrollment soon would be online too. As of now I'm trying to find the study load in my account just in case we can get it in there.

There's also this downpayment we had to make and I'm not sure if we can pay ahead already or not unlike the previous enrollment. I'm also not sure if the same procedure would still apply to the enrollment this time, like, will we still have to go to the Engineering building and CIT building to enroll or will it be in a different place? If only they announced some things online for us to be guided. Come on, we're Freshmen for god's sake. And if I ask the upperclassmen as well, I'm not sure if they'd still remember or not, or if their steps still apply to us. I guess the only solution is to go to school before the day of enrollment to inquire, and I bet that would be tiring, but I had to do it, along with my friends.

If I know the answers to those confused thoughts of mine, then I'd really be good to go.

Going back about summer classes, actually, I am excited for it because finally I could do something productive all day and night long, but I'll surely miss the 10-day or 30-day challenge I'd usually have here and all those artworks that I'd be able to do because of boredom. Oh well, I'm pretty sure I could still invest a little time on that just to keep my blog running and not be idle for a very long time anymore.

That's it for now, till here. :*


  1. wow! good grades, atleast better than mine -_-

    from Myxilog with love <3

  2. Woa you have a very busy time. You had work hard :)*thumbs up* I hope you will do good next year too!

  3. There are just those unexpected things that will come and test us. But there are those that will surprise us as well. Just strive hard and just do what you're best at.

    Goodluck! College is really tough but you'll get used to it in the following years.

    1. sent your quote as a group message to my friends :)) truly inspiring! hihi

      thank you so much! :D


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