Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 29: 5 Weird Things that I Like

I'm not really good at recalling those weird things that I once liked or I still like now and am not aware of it, but here it goes:
  1. Men's spiky hairstyle - I'm not sure if this is weird for some or not, but I think it's weird because it really transforms men's appearance, which creeps me out sometimes and likes it at the same time. Get it? hahaha. And coincidentally, this has become a trend for this year, and I recalled one of my classmates started this whole thing. o_O
  2. French Fries dipped on sundae - Trust me, this is delicious. hahaha! I did this with McDonalds. :p
  3. Superstitions - Well, I don't know for sure if this is classified under weird things or creepy things but yeah, I like reading superstitions because they are just so fascinating and would really get me wondering about what I had been doing all my life. LOL
  4. The smell of citrus fruit - For some this isn't weird at all, right? I really love the smell of citrus fruit, like in colognes, perfumes, and other scented stuff, and if only I won't get colds for smelling too much of it, I would smell it all day. hahaha
  5. Shampoos that smell like candy - Oh yes, I like it when my hair smells sweet. xD I have a shampoo that smells like candy, and I really would love the scent to stay on my hair. :)) Sorry if this isn't weird enough for you. haha!

Till here :*

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 28: Somewhere I'd Like to Move to or Visit

I'm not usually fond of wishing I could go somewhere because home is such a great place to be in, and I only love to go to some beach resorts and adventure parks if I must name places I'd want to go to. But if I must name a specific place, I wanna go to Dahilayan Adventure Park. xD

From the entrance, you already know you're in it for some sight-seeing and adventure.

I'm afraid I can't post more pictures here because I haven't actually been here. -_- And I find it uncomfortable getting tourist pictures from others, so yeah. Search Google to find more about this amazing place that I'd want to go to. :)))

Till here :*

Have you been to Dahilayan Adventure Park? :D Tell me about it.


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Day 27: A Quote I Try to Live by

I don't usually live by a quote, so before writing this blog post, I did "extensive research" on what quote I should present to you. xD After minutes of searching, tan ta raran ~ here's the quote :

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” 

Well, I live by this quote because everytime I think about problems and obstacles in my life, I prevent myself from attempting to end it by thinking that it must go on. :) And besides, I have a lot of blessings, why would I just let it go to waste by attempting suicide?

Maybe I'm understanding this quote a little differently, but at least, did I get the thought?

Till here :* Sorry for giving you only a small explanation.

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Day 26: Things I Like and Dislike about Myself

  • I have something to be proud of
  • I'm good in academics
  • I have achieved a lot in school
  • My Virgo-ness xD
  • How some people like me
  • The way I easily understand things
  • I tend to be competitive
  • People say I'm responsible
  • They say I'm intelligent
  • I love to help others when it comes to information stuff :p
  • I tend to like serving people
  • I tend to participate when it comes to various school activities
  • Being invited to join an extracurricular activity excites me. LOL
  • The way I only gain a few pounds when I eat too much xD
  • I'm not the shortest girl around :))
  • I tend to be serious when it comes to something worth being serious for
  • I know how to draw and design stuff
  • I am healthy

  • My bad temper
  • My lack of self-confidence
  • The way I show my pride too much
  • My awkwardness when talking to people
  • The feeling of being awkward
  • I don't have a lot of friends
  • I'm only good at talking to people when it comes to chatting and texting
  • I'm an introvert
  • I'm too addicted to the internet
  • My stupidity
  • Being crazy
  • Being weird
  • I tend to be very sensitive sometimes
  • I tend to assume about something
  • I tend to worry too much

Till here :*

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Day 25: Something I'm Currently Worrying About

First of all I would like to inform you that I will be writing 5 posts today to cope up with my 30-day challenge because I'm planning to finish everything before May ends. Can you cope up with reading everything on this day too?

So, moving on, that "something" I'm currently worrying about would be what college would bring me. I guess all of you know that I'm such a worry-wart. hahaha. So yeah, I always worry about some near happenings in my life. I'm afraid to be too forgetful with things, to fail a subject, to not be on the honors' list (I need to be in it to receive full scholarship), and that maybe my classmates would be too smart for me. :o Maybe most of my classmates would be Valedictorians and Salutatorians *gasps*! These are just some things that get me paranoid when I'll be on a next stage in school.

Well, that's it! I still need to do other challenges. haha

Till here :*

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Day 24: 5 Words/Phrases that make me Laugh

This challenge is going to be very hard for me because I don't usually laugh at words and phrases, I laugh at them along with a meme or a picture. -_- Could I just show 9gag posts here? LOL. Besides, there wouldn't be anyone grading me around here or pointing out my mistake or alternative way unless he/she is too much of a perfectionist, so yeah. xD

1. Have you ever been so mad ..

.. You shot fire out of your eyes?
.. You tackled a horse?
.. To try kill everybody with a bread?
.. You threw a cake against a police car?
.. You wrote a book about it?
.. That you killed a squirrel with a trombone?
.. That you punched God in the Face?
.. You threw milk at the police directly from a cow?
.. That you bent a bridge?
.. That you tackled a train?
.. You set fire to a police car using a trumpet?
.. That you flipped your house upside down?

Here's the 9gag post: http://9gag.com/gag/4047488



3. Forever Alone posts (This one's an example)

4. "Oh God Why" posts, like this:

5. Posts with memes that look like Yao Ming, like this one:

Till here :*

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 23: Something That I Miss

If you ask me, I miss SCHOOL, and everything in it.

I miss ..
  • My classmates who had been with me through the years;
  • The faculty and staff that selflessly rendered their services in school;
  • My schoolmates whom I see pretty much everyday;
  • The classroom that all of my classmates only clean during Fridays (LOL);
  • The way my classmates kept asking me questions about the lesson;
  • My activeness in extracurricular activities;
  • The way I panic when I just knew there was a quiz and I haven't finished studying yet. hahah;
  • The teachers who make learning worthwhile;
  • Those teachers who make us laugh everytime;
  • The way my classmates go to school very early to copy each other's assignments in Math. LOL;
  • Our class clowns xD;
  • The way everyone of us become united during Intramurals and other school activities;
  • During lunch time when the classroom turns into a party house. hahah;
  • The way the classroom instantly goes back to normal when the teacher comes in;
  • All the crazy sh*t we did (if you know what I mean);
  • Experiences in school organizations that led me to think that my job's really pretty hard;
  • The honor roll! LOL;
  • The way I always panic and worry when the end of grading periods come;
  • The way I cry over low scores;
  • When I finally had someone to be with during lunch time;
  • The way I always bring my book and notes everywhere I go during lunch time or break time to study. hahaha (I'm that much of a nerd);
  • My friends and all those picture-taking we do;
  • Those funny pictures we take;
  • The funny moments we had;
  • That moment when I considered every one of my classmates as "friends". haha;
  • The way some of my schoolmates look up to me;
  • The way my schoolmates are pretty good at hiding gossips relating to me (or maybe they don't gossip me that much xD);
  • Clearance-signing time - the time when everyone panics on requirements, even those lazy ones!;
  • That moment when I finally learned to open up about something;
  • That moment when I feel that everyone in school really knows me o_O;
  • That moment when I hear a lot of rumors about something;
  • .. and many others.
Till here :*

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 22: My Academics

If you're an avid reader of my blog, you would surely know how my performance is when it comes to academics, well, at least in high school since it's when I began sharing a lot of stuff here on this blog. :) To give you a recap, here's one post I shared to you about something I'm proud of (which is my academic performance): CLICK! (My certificates and medals are there) Then here are my report cards from 1st Year to 4th Year. I would be too showy if I show you my elementary report cards so yeah, I would just show you my high school report cards. LOL. You may click the images for a bigger view. :D (Facebook is such a handy tool to save a lot of pictures, and it doesn't go full, or at least not for me. haha. I got these from my profile by the way, downloaded them, and re-uploaded them here.)

As you can see, I never had a grade below 90 before, or at least I don't remember. hahah. If I do get a grade below 90, I would surely freak out. :o That's what I'm afraid of when I'll be in college. xD I will study my a** off soon.

Anyway, with these grades, I can say I've done pretty well in academics. But I know I'm not the best student around. :)) My grades had always been like this since Kindergarten. I am also very devoted to my studies because I know I can get rewards from it, and that I'm glad God gave me wisdom and knowledge to understand my everyday lessons well, and that my family has always supported me, and my teachers as well. :D

Till here :*

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 21: How I Hope My Future Will be Like

Well, I'm the kind of girl who has a lot of big ambitions. :))) So big that I would do anything to make them a success, which explains why I'm over-competitive when it comes to academics and extracurricular activities in school, and how hopeful I am that my personality would be more pleasing.

So yeah, I will proceed to telling about how I'd want my future to be.

Soon, my name will be Atty. Vanesa D. Salcedo, CPA. Yes, I will be a CPA Lawyer soon, but I don't know if I could change my mind. But if the CPA Lawyer occupation would continue to convince me that I will have a big salary soon, I will stick to that ambition. ;) I wanted to be a lawyer in the first place because I knew that I would have high authority among people, just like my father. I've been aiming to be a lawyer ever since I started school. LOL. But at some point between my 3rd Year High School and 4th Year High School years, since I was very addicted to the internet, I wanted to be an Information Technologist, or whatever people call the occupation after you've studied the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology course. Then I also wanted to be a Multimedia Artist. xD But then I realized that maybe the ambitions that have stayed long with me may be the ones that I need to pursue, so I decided I should be a lawyer instead, and besides, I don't know if ever I could be one of the best in dealing with technology. Then because Law doesn't have a Bachelor degree, I opted for Accountancy since I believe I'm good in Math and I'd love to analyze stuff.

HAHA, anyway, sorry I got carried away. xDD The next thing I want in the future would be having a big mansion with a pool, just like this:

Credits to the rightful owner

I would also want a cool vehicle with that. haha

Credits to the rightful owner

.. then a fabulous life. :D hahaha

I also wanted to have my own boutique or something. LOL. xD I would also want to earn a lot of money, I mean A LOT of them, too much for me that I have to give some to charity. :)) Yes, I want to be a Philanthropist soon, so that I could help the less fortunate.

I want to be very successful, but not up to the point that I would end up being sad for myself for not living my life to the fullest. Along with my soon-to-be success, I would also want myself to live and enjoy life with no regrets, and hopefully live a long and righteous life.

If I must have a family, I would want a small one, with only one child, but that doesn't mean I would spoil her/him. But I don't know. LOL. I want a man who looks like a prince and would have a pleasing personality. In other words, I want a man that I rightfully deserve. If given the chance to have a kind maid to help out at home, I would take that opportunity in the future as well.

So, my future would be more like focusing on my career first then family matters would come somewhere when I'm ready.

In general, all I want in life would be success, fulfilled goals, and a life worth living.

Till here :*

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 20: My Fears

Well, I'm afraid of all these things: (Not in order)
  1. Spiders
  2. Flying cockroaches
  3. Getting burned from cooking oil while frying food xD
  4. Failing a subject in school
  5. Not being in the honors' list
  6. Getting killed
  7. Getting raped
  8. Being burned alive
  9. Seeing a ghost or a monster alone (it would be cool though if I have someone to see the ghost with me. LOL)
  10. Flying bats
  11. Getting kicked out of the house
  12. My father getting angry
  13. Being spanked with a belt
  14. Seeing someone cut their own wrist
  15. Imagining myself cutting my own wrist
  16. Seeing someone kill somebody in person
  17. Cellphone snatchers
  18. Losing my cellphone
  19. Losing my family
  20. A sudden death
  21. Getting run over by a speeding vehicle
  22. Falling from heights
  23. Losing someone's trust
  24. .. and many others!
Anyway, this morning was the American Idol Finale, and guess who've won? Not Jessica Sanchez, but Phillip Phillips. Well, I was expecting Jessica Sanchez to win though, but it's okay. She's not the American Idol, she's the WORLD Idol! :D But in order not to be called "bitter" on this, I would just like to say congratulations to Phillip Phillips for winning the title. :)))) Jessica Sanchez, you'll have an amazing career ahead of you! ^^, I could download a lot of songs from your album soon. hahah

Here's an epic performance from Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday:

So yeah, despite the disappointment I felt about Jessica Sanchez not winning the title, I still enjoyed the performances in the finale. :D Rihanna was there! LOL. I'm a big fan of her, and many other singers too. xD

Till here :*

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 19: 5 Items I Lust After

So yeah, everyday I lust after a lot of fashionable items that could never be mine .. oops, well, at least not today. xD Here's my top 5 though :)

From weheartit.com

1. PUMPS/HIGH HEELED SHOES - Yes, those gorgeous heels that would catch my eye. They've been one of my must-haves ever since I, well, became interested in fashion. :)) Too bad I can't walk in these shoes though, but someday, I'll be able to practice walking in these and wear it in public. haha

Google Images

2. ROLLED-HEM DENIM SHORTS - This is indeed a must-have for me, now that it's on trend. Wherever you glance at the mall or somewhere else, there would always be girls who would wear these shorts, which look kinda cute. Well, I wasn't a fan of shorts until it got on trend, so yeah, I must go with the flow. LOL

3. CONVERSE SHOES - I'd love to have one of these shoes for casual wear! I can't go around wearing rubber shoes all the time in public since it simply wouldn't go with what I usually wear and with what my personality is, and I only wear them during PE class so yeah. xD I gotta have those shoes. I've had this long ago though, but I picked the wrong style that wasn't easy to wear for me.

Google Images

4. ANIMAL-PRINT BANGLES (or whatever you call it. LOL) - Oh yes, I'd really love to have one of these simply because it would look so cool if I wear it. waaaah. Enough said, I'm just lustful for this item. hahaha


5. CARDIGAN and BLACK TOP - These two items really do look good together when worn, so yeah, that's why I'm lusting over this wardrobe combo. xD

These are just some of the items that I lust after everytime I'm in the mood for fashion finds. I don't usually have these items because I'm not aiming to be a model, but since I'm a typical girl, I would surely be one of the other girls who also lust after these kinds of things. :D

Till here :* Maybe I could post 3 blog posts tomorrow to cope up with my 30-day challenge.

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