Day 2: Something I Feel Strongly About

  • Maintaining and improving my academic performance.
Ever since I realized that maintaining and improving my academic performance are very important in order to be on the honors' list, I began to feel strongly about it. You know why? It's because I knew that it's the only way to boost my self-confidence, considering the fact that I am often shy and I don't have much "ego" in me. 

You might be asking, how is this a way to boost my self-confidence? Well, to answer that, I would like to cite benefits of being an honor student.
  1. You'll be marked as one of the best students in your class.
  2. Your classmates would begin to idolize you.
  3. You would be recognized for what you have achieved.
  4. You could go up on stage, receive awards and medals, have your picture taken with those, and many more. HAHA
  5. Your family would be so proud of you. :))
  6. You would be proud of yourself too. xD
  7. You'll have a brighter future ahead of you.
So, yeah, these are also the reasons why it is a way to boost my self-confidence.

Another reason why I feel strongly about it is because whenever I achieve high on my academic performance, I know that I'm on the right track and I'm surer that I would have a good outcome. I just want to be one of the best of the rest, and set an example to my fellow youth. :)

You might think that I'm just too obsessed with my academics. Well, that's half-true, because low scores and grades just crush the inside of me. I remember when I was high school, every time it's one week before the distribution of report cards, I evaluate and recall my performance like crazy. xD Then when the outcome's good after all when I finally see my report card, I release a big sigh of relief, but when it isn't, I cry.

Now you see how strongly I feel about my academic performance. haha.

Then there's ..

  • .. The feeling of crushing on someone.
When I like someone, I can't avoid giving out a little hint about it. Sometimes, I hate myself for doing that since some other people just can't understand that it is absolutely normal for a teenager like me to be crushing on someone, and because of that, they tease me every time we're close to each other. Some might even get mad at me or something. The person I'm crushing on wouldn't even like me back. xD Okay, I'm not really feeling all bad about him not liking me back because I'm just purely admiring him. And yes, the feeling of crushing on someone is so strong like up to the point that you think of him every time and that you get butterflies in your stomach, blush like crazy, your heart skips a beat, you get goosebumps even though it isn't cold (LOL), and that your day would become complete if he talks to you and you see him or something. HAHA. I'm sure a lot could relate on this, right? Come on, admit it. hahaha.

  • Looking forward to the future.
This often excites me, and it also makes me feel paranoid at times. I get excited because finally I'll be able to see something that I've been waiting for a long time, and paranoid because I don't know what will come for me. The fact that future is always unsure disappoints me sometimes, because I won't be sure if ever I would really get what I wanted or what I wished, but at the same time it also thrills me because I would be able to be more determined to effort for a brighter future. But whatever the case, we could always control the future as what we wanted it to be, just like studying very hard in order for it to be bright. But then again, if things get unsure, I would just think that whatever it will be, will be, and there's no need to force something into it.

Okay, enough said. Thanks for allowing me to share. :)) 

Till here :*

Day 1: 5 Ways to Win my Heart

  1. Have good looks :p - LOL. I like guys who are good-looking, and what attracts me the most would be his height, eyes or his hair, and might as well his face and body. xD I also like guys who are neat and clean .. and also those who smell good.
  2. Have some good sense of humor - I like guys who make me laugh, and I easily fall for a guy who effortlessly cheers me up. :)
  3. Have good personality and poise .. and also smarts - I would surely fall for a guy with a good personality, poise, and attitude, and I want him to have self-confidence as well, and help me bring out the best of myself. And yes, I also would like a guy to be smart as well, or be an honor student, so that I would at least have something to look up to him.
  4. DO NOT bring me down - By "bring me down", I mean dragging me down from how high I have achieved, especially in academics, like discouraging me from studying, or something like that. I would prefer a guy who encourages me to do better, help me with my problems, or be my inspiration and not my distraction.
  5.  Befriend me - So yeah, be on the "friendzone" first before actually becoming my boyfriend. HAHA. I prefer a guy who takes it slow so that I would get to know him better.
Till here :*

I should have something to do here

.. so I thought of doing a 30-day Challenge on this blog! :) Here it is:

I hope I won't forget about this. hahah.

Maybe I will be able to start the challenge tomorrow. :D That is, if I have the mood. xD

That's it for now! Just came to inform you about it. haha.

I'll be blog-hopping now because it's been so long since I last visited blogs.

My blog needs promotion you know. hahah, jk.

High School

The best moment in our school life as what some say,
In fact, you’d think “if only I could stay”,
That’s why leaving it would be,
A painful goodbye, as what most can foresee,
But sooner or later on,
We’d have to move on,
But the things we would miss,
And the memories we would reminisce,
They will forever remain,
In our hearts, and in our minds,
And to those who would still be high school students,
Do not take for granted your moments,
As the time would only be short,
For all these memorable things and more,
I guess you know all that already,
I just wanted you to see,
And to realized all these,
How you wouldn’t ever have regrets,
While you’re there,
And when you had been there.

The Internet

Dubbed as the triple W,
It’s something we’re addicted to,
We surf it every day,
As long as the connection’s okay,
It’s like everything’s in it,
And our world seems to revolve around it.

Here, we can do almost anything,
Whether it would be socializing,
Or simply just playing,
Music-playing, movie-watching,
Song-downloading, keeping track of news,
These are just some, to name a few.

And so we can see,
The internet benefits us greatly,
Such a great invention it was,
We would be thankful for its existence,
Imagine? With just a click away,
“It’s amazing”, you could say.

I owe you a lot of posts already, do I?

"Hello there everyone", as my usual greeting goes. Yes, about the title, I thought that I owe you a lot of posts since I've been abandoning this blog for like 16 days already. I know, it's that long. It's just that I didn't feel like blogging these days, and that I've been busy with college requirements, then it's almost every day of the week that I've been going back and forth to my alma matter and to my soon-to-be college. Then, I've been sick for 9 days because of some sores on my throat which I thought at first as tonsillitis but it isn't, and it's actually some kind of mouth sores ... that I kinda forgot what it's called. hahah.

Anyway, these past few weeks were an adventure for me; getting to know what applying for college feels like, which is pretty tiring and fun at the same time for some reason, then I gained a lot of knowledge and developed some patience. Mine was even more tiring than the others since I have this scholarship and that it required more requirements than the regular admission. But you know what? All my hard work, along with my parents, paid off, since I finally finished everything and that the only things that I'm looking forward to would be the interview and enrollment, although there's just one tiny bit of something that's missing, but that's going to be easy to take care off.

You know, I've been sickly this year, and I don't know why. I observed that I had a chronic cough at the start of the year plus colds, then fever last January and then this month. I've been wondering what I did wrong from the start of the year. Oh well, I do hope this wouldn't get worse since I like it if my health was like that of last year wherein never was a day that I got sick, ... or maybe I just forgot since it didn't really affect me that much as compared to this year. Hmm, maybe I should take care of my health some more and get some exercise like my parents always told me. xD

And oh, I have new bangs. hahah. Here it is:

Does it suit me or not? xD

Then here's my report card! :)

What do you think? :D

That's it for this post. And another thing, I'll post the poems I made when I was bored later or tomorrow. :) I hope I'll never forget. *fingerscrossed*

How Will I Know?

Hello! Since I can't think of other blog titles, I instead made the title of the song I'm kind of addicted now as the title of the blog post. haha. Do you know the song How Will I know by Whitney Houston? That's the song I'm referring to. I heard it on American Idol this morning, and it was sung by my idol Jessica Sanchez ❤ ! Her voice is just so breathtaking, and I could just listen to her all day. And the fact that she's just sixteen like me amazes me since she has already gone very far despite being that young. Haha, this is one of the rarest times I become obsessed with a celebrity, honestly. xD So, pardon me with that. hahaha. I'm on fangirl mode right now.

Here's her Top 8 Performance I watched this morning:

Astonishing, isn't it? :) Here's another performance by her and Joshua Ledet. I think it was amazing too, since they sound good together.

So yeah, I'm done fangirling. hahaha

Moving on to what I had been up to today. When I visited my blog, I was surprised to see 4 comments on my latest post! I thank Marinella, Ava, Rhea, and Rainy for those, my comeback to the blogging world was warm because of you guys. ❤ Your comments inspired me to blog some more for some reason. haha. So hear I am, blogging again. :)

Well, I had been more active on Twitter than Facebook now, though I keep the Facebook tab open for notification purposes. Wanna follow me? Here's my Twitter: FOLLOW? :)

I'd really appreciate it if you follow me, but if you don't, that's okay. :D

Speaking of college, I'll resume getting busy with it on Monday, or Tuesday, because tomorrow until Sunday are holidays and I simply can't do anything outside the house during those times.

That's it for now :D I don't have anything else to blog about anymore so, ciao. :* Happy Good Friday :)

Thoughts, thoughts, and more thoughts

Hey there everyone! I'm back, again. Finally I got the guts to blog about some things. :) I don't know if these would interest you or not so, yeah, here it goes.

I got a new phone as my Graduation/Recognition gift! :D It was bought the day after my Graduation Day. It's the Nokia Asha 303, a touch and type phone. I got no problems with it so far. It perfectly fits my style, and my preference since I love touchscreen phones, but I don't exactly like a touch keypad. I was hesitant in buying a touch phone after realizing that, but then these touch and type phones came, and I was really happy. ^^, It has a touch menu and screen and a "type" or "non-touch" keypad (or whatever you call it. haha). To those who don't know how this phone looks like, here's a picture I found in Google for you:

To tell you guys, this phone takes good pictures too, since it has a 3.2 MP camera. Its sound quality is also nice, it's like that of my laptop (haha). I could also surf the net without charges since this phone has wifi. So, yeah, it's a really cool phone, and I could even recommend it to you. :)

Oh, I totally forgot to imply in here that it's finally SUMMER for me! But then again, here goes college, something to prepare early for. You know why this early? It's because I'm actually a candidate for Academic Scholarship and I need to meet the April 14 deadline of the university I'll be applying to, or else I won't get the scholarship. It's half pa naman (because I'm Salutatorian - they provide scholarships for High School Honors), and I can't afford to miss that since a half deduction of the tuition fee is already big for me. God, I hope you'll be good to me this time. :| It's for my future.

Well, the reason why I totally forgot about summer? It's because I was too busy thinking about college life. Yeah, it's almost finally here. I'm excited, at the same time, paranoid. I'm already stressing on it now.

Looks like I'll be very busy next week. Well, I was already busy this week, since I spent my Facebook hours chatting with friends from the university I'll be applying to about how the enrollment and admission goes and what I should do. Hmm, I could say I knew a lot about those because of their help, and I'm really thankful for them! The only problem I have is how to manage my time so that I could meet the deadline. May everything go as I expect them to be. *fingerscrossed*

So, you might be asking what my plans for summer would be? Well, preparing for college is already one. Others would be as follows:
  1. Preparing for college - For emphasis, I would be compiling requirements, going back and forth to school, the university, clarify for the requirements, and finally be able to submit them when they're complete. There would also be interviews, enrollment, and orientations. Yep, looks like these 2 months would really be busy for me, but luckily I'd still have a few days to have fun, be bored, and have some creativity going on, hopefully.
  2. Get some creativity going on - Like last year, I also want to do those creativity stuff all over again since I love doing masterpieces because I love being proud of them. I'll make the most out of my digital camera and my phone. xD
  3. Lose weight - I gotta admit, a few pounds were added to my weight already, and I know I gotta lose them. :p I know that would be hard because I'm lazy, but it's worth the try. hahah.
  4. Study accounting some more - Because I need it for college.
  5. Make sure I'll be First Honor in college 3:) - Or 2nd or 3rd would be fine, it would just be the start of my college life when I'll be in 1st Year, I don't need to pressure myself too much, bsta I should be an honor student because my soon to be resume lies in my good college performance. Every honor rank counts for me. hahaha. I don't want to break my record in being consistently on the honors' list. :))
I hope to achieve all these plans for summer. :D

By the way, it's Holy Thursday today, and all the malls and other business firms are closed for the employees to spend their holy day with their families. Catholics treat this week holy by recognizing what Jesus had gone through just to save us from sin, and by sacrificing as well. Well, I did sacrifice something - I minimized my hours in surfing the net. :) Then I helped in household chores, even though it was kind of against my will because it tires me, but still I did it.

Well, that would be all for now. I'll be visiting other blogs tomorrow (hopefully) because it's been so long since I've looked through other's blogs. I miss all of the people here in the blogging world! :)

Till here :*

As I Sing My Heart's Thanksgiving

Well, it's been so long since my last post! How are you all doing? Did you miss me? I read some messages asking me to blog some more, and I gotta admit, my conscience tells me that I had been abandoning my blog for so long already, and to those who messaged those, thank you for helping me realize that.

Anyway, about the title, I'm sure most of you fellow Roman Catholics know that song. :) I find that song beautiful, and I can somewhat relate, that's why I made that the title of this post. Then, I also have a lot to be thankful for! :D

These pictures explain it all:

Left: Mercury Drug Excellence in Mathematics Award + Medal
Center: DepEd Academic Excellence Award
Right: SALUTATORIAN + Silver Medal

#3 - 27 - 12

Me wearing my school uniform and sablay, which shows that I am an awardee. :D

#3 - 27 - 12

Me wearing my TOGA. :)) And yes, I finally graduated from High School!

I don't care if I have no makeup on, just as long as I graduated. \m/ HAHA

#3 - 30 - 12

"Believe" from Barbie and the Diamond Castle was our graduation song :)

Can you spot me? hahah . :p

#3 - 30 - 12
And so we can conclude that God has answered all my prayers, and everything I asked from Him, He gave me all those. ^^, For sure He did not disappoint me. I asked for the Salutatorian rank, since Valedictorian is just too mainstream (HAHA), then He gave me that, with additional awards as well! Honestly, I didn't expect getting the Mathematics Excellence Award since I thought that someone else is better in Math than me, but I did receive that! Maybe they knew that I love Math so much, so I deserved being credited excellence for it. Then, I am also awarded for my Academic Excellence, which is a great honor since it meant that I'm one of the smartest in academics (the Valedictorian is the other one who got the award) in the class. 

I didn't mean to brag about anything, so sorry to those who thought I was.

So all I had to worry now would be college requirements and meeting deadlines for it. I hope God will once again help me with this! :)

And oh, I forgot to mention that I was also a Special Awardee last March 23, 2012. I was awarded for winning the Metrobank MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge along with my fellow participants. I also thank God for that since, as how I remembered, that was actually the first time I became a special awardee in High School. So, yeah, there were really a lot of firsts when I was 4th year (Remember me winning the chess tournament last Intrams? Or didn't I post about that? o.O . hahah .. Oh well). :D

Anyway, as a closing remark, I would like to say God bless you all Roman Catholics and other religious sects commemorating the Holy Week, and be thankful for what you have. :)

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and viewing! ^^

I'm beginning to be good at summarizing already. hahah :p