Unforgettable Moments of my 2012

First of all, I would like to thank my friend and past schoolmate Mariel for suggesting this topic through Twitter. :) I was literally and unexpectedly in a state of mental block when I was trying to think of a good topic as a year-ending post for 2012. So yes, here it goes, I'm going to talk to you about some of the unforgettable moments of my year 2012. As someone imperfect and who makes mistakes, I may not be able to include all unforgettable moments since maybe I could ironically forget it or think that it's going to be too much if I include some more. To tell you guys, 2012 was a great year for me. There may be ups and downs, but that doesn't stop me from thinking that this year was awesome. So, almost everyday of the year, I had one unforgettable moment or two, good or bad, and I guess one blog post isn't enough to put everything in, right?

Unforgettable moments aren't necessarily all good, obviously, but in this post, I'm just going to highlight some good ones to maintain a fairly-okay aura in this blog. I also bet that very few would care about people saying their problems in public so yeah. I've been reading a lot of psychology stuff in the past months or weeks you know. :p Gora! Let's start. xD


- I passed the XU Entrance Examination plus/slash Scholarship Exam. :) I know it isn't really the highest score around but it's already fairly high for someone who didn't even study or prepare for it well. LOL.

I received this result last January 9, 2012. :) First ever best day of my 2012. Haha!
Or I'm not sure if this is the first ever best day or .. the next moment I'm going to write about.

- Winning 4th Place among other schools in our district in the Metrobank MTAP Math Challenge Elimination Round. :D Why this is another best day of my life? It's because we won because of the score I garnered, and I didn't quite expect that at all. I even thought that I'd have the lowest score among 3 of us representatives because the day before the event, I had some kind of a brain overload back then and I'm not confident with my performance in the review. So yeah. When I was told that I got the highest score among us 3, I didn't quite believe it at all, and I only got to believe it when I was actually thanked by our teacher/coach that we got that far, since we also got to the Top 20 that would qualify for the Division Round. o.O Awesome feeling, right? :))) 1st or 2nd best day of my 2012? Haha, not quite sure, but that does not matter for me. Only the moments would matter more.


- (It's supposed to be prom, but it's the worst prom I was in. xD Not to mention my whooping cough back then and my lousy partner. JK .. Then the inconveniently far venue too. Didn't quite enjoy it fully at all. T.T Here, I was stupid to say these cheesy stuff. LOL)


- March 3, 2012. WE WENT TO ILIGAN BEYBEH! \m/ HAHAHA. Capslock aside, yes, this was a really awesome experience of mine as it was the first time that I ever got out of our province and I got to explore "the outside". :p We went there because we came to attend the Physics Brain Tournament wherein which we almost got to the Top 8 and after that we ate at a delicious restaurant that I forgot what name it was then .. the really awesome part was that WE WENT TO MARIA CHRISTINA FALLS! :))))) We were like tourists back there, it was just .. super awesome! LOL. Here's the whole post, and ignore the intro of the post if you must. :p It's so embarrassing. Just, ew. But I gotta admit, I usually also enjoy myself whenever I read my old blog posts. xDD

Me with the coaches and my fellow contestants! :D Haha! This was at the Maria Christina Falls Nature Park.

- March 23, 2012. I was a special awardee, for winning 4th Place in the Metrobank MTAP Math Challenge (see what's written above). Then this was also another best day of my life as I heard the announcement that I'm Salutatorian! :D I literally yelled "YES!!" after hearing that announcement. xD If only you could see what my reaction was back there. Hahaha!

- The rest of the events? :) I'll let the pictures do the talking. Taken from this post.

Left: Mercury Drug Excellence in Mathematics Award + Medal
Center: DepEd Academic Excellence Award
Right: SALUTATORIAN + Silver Medal

#3 - 27 - 12

Me wearing my school uniform and sablay, which shows that I am an awardee. :D

#3 - 27 - 12

Me wearing my TOGA. :)) And yes, I finally graduated from High School!

I don't care if I have no makeup on, just as long as I graduated. \m/ HAHA

#3 - 30 - 12

"Believe" from Barbie and the Diamond Castle was our graduation song :)

Can you spot me? hahah . :p

#3 - 30 - 12


- [Nothing really remarkable actually. :p Only that it's finally summer but I still had SBO (Student Government) and Capitol Courier (School Publication) obligations to meet. LOL]

- Oh wait! There was one moment that's worth remembering! It was the moment when I went back and forth from my high school campus and to the university where I study now for meeting my scholarship and enrollment requirements. It was really tiring, but I knew it would pay off, and it really did. :))))


- XAVIER UNIVERSITY ENROLLMENT!! :D May 8 and 9, 2012. The day I woke up 3:30AM. The day I sacrificed my beauty sleep just so I can take the best slot in blocks and to simply finish all my hardships with the preparation of the enrollment. The day I went to school at 5:30AM. The day I .. first met you. :p Just kidding! Then there's the 2nd day of it, the day everything is finished. Well, if you're not satisfied with "the days", here's the whole post for you to get the whole picture. :)))) CLICK! ~

- 3-day ORSEM!! :) May 30, 31, and June 1, 2012. These days were simply unforgettable because we were warmly welcomed to the university and that it was the first time that I actually had lunch outside with my batchmates. xD Then there are other moments that's unforgettable like the first experiences I had in the campus and all that.


- June 4, 2012. First time I met my college classmates and the First day of classes! :D It was pretty awkward at first because I don't know anyone in the classroom, but ohlala ~ some of my classmates befriended me! Then I knew it was a good sign for me last semester, and it turned out that it really was! :) ACB is awesome!! :))))

- AMERICAN NAVIES film shooting! :DD From the 2nd half of June to .. I forgot exactly when. :o Bsta it was memorable because it actually took most of my free time, but nevertheless, it was worthwhile and it didn't really harm my grades.

Hand salute, American Navies! mwahaha! By the way, it's the name of our group in History. :D


- It's the month that me and my ACB Blockmates became closer and closer. :)))) ACB Memories FTW!

- First time we all wore our uniforms! \m/

I remember when we used to be so excited in wearing our uniforms. :))

- Le Photoshoot! :))))

First ever Photoshoot! :D


- August 25, 2012. ACB Outing!! ^^ First time I ever had fun in an outing. LOL. That's why it's unforgettable.


- September 12, 2012. First ever birthday that my classmates came over to eat. xDD Primarily it's because they came to shoot our film in Psychology in our place, and since they'd surely expect some food because they know it's my birthday, then yeah, they have it. :p Too bad I don't have a picture of all of us. Only a video, but I don't have the copy. Haha!

- The rest? Let the pictures do the talking. :)

Outreach program as part of my scholar's service :)) I'm not there xD I took the pictures. LOL

During our exhibit when we set up exhibits that showcase the colonization period that our groups are assigned to and we also dressed up according to that. :)

The event where we all helped and exerted an effort to make our presentation the best it can be. ;)


- October 11, 2012. It's heartbreaking, and I guess you already know what it is. xD

- October 22, 2012. It's heavenly, but it isn't enough to make me feel all good. This day was the distribution of grades, and I literally squealed and jumped when I saw a lot of As and A-s in my grades, but yeah, I saw the letter C. But then again, I'm okay with it now. :)) 

The rest of October until now? CLICK HERE!

That's it for now! :D Belated Merry Christmas and an Advanced Happy New Year to you all! ^^, In short, Happy Holidays!

Till here :*

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