Baby, you're all that I want

Since it's Christmas, I'm going to talk about stuff I usually would wish for. I know, it's kinda too late for this but I'm sorry, it's just now that I had the mood to write, so yeah. :p Here it goes ..

My wishes for Christmas are usually material things, and some other non-material wishes too, but so as not to be called a hypocrite or anything, I commonly wish for material stuff, like new clothes, new shoes, more money, and so much more. I would like to consider this habit of mine as my "guilty pleasure" since, as much as I wish for these kinds of stuff, the more I also feel a bit guilty about it. You know why? I think you already know why. In our part, for the teenagers, most of us don't actually use our own money to buy for this stuff we ask for; it's our parents' money at stake. And as we ask these things from our parents, only those who are thick-faced won't be conscientious with this.

Well, I'm guessing most of us are like this, wanting to ask their parents for pamasko this Christmas, so I'm really hoping I'm not the only one. xD

Moving on, here are the things I want/wanted for Christmas, and not only for Christmas, but also .. before this year ends or some other time of the year next year. :p

1. PENSHOPPE clothes :)

Just so you know, I don't endorse nor am being paid to promote this brand here, and this is just featured here solely to show what I wanted for Christmas, so yeah. xD To tell you guys, most of my new clothes now are from Penshoppe, and it's just now that I became a fan of their clothes, beginning last September to be specific. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the clothes that I bought, but here's something I bought last September for my birthday and what I wore to the 2nd day of the Centrio Mall opening here in Cagayan de Oro which was last November 10. Why 2nd day? It's because November 9, the opening of the mall, was a Friday and that if I go after class, I would go home very late, so yeah. And there were a whole lot of people back there. :o hahaha! It's like the whole population of Cagayan de Oro were there to witness its opening. That's how much it was. Anyway, here it is.

I know that it's not so fashionista-like or whatever you call it. xD I'm no model. hahaha. Anyway, yes, that's me, wearing a blouse from Penshoppe. And yes it's proof that I'm not really there to endorse the brand as this photo just shows how I was just trippin' with that guy on the tarp right there. Ohnos, it's going to eat me. jk. Or more appropriate, it's smiling with me. :p LOL. Then there's that National Bookstore item I brought right there. Don't tell me I'm endorsing that too? xDD

Well, why Penshoppe? It's one of the very few clothing brands that attract my taste. xD It's one of the only boutiques that would make me go "I wanna have this!" or "I gotta have one of these ..". Or it's one of the only boutiques wherein I can find one item of clothing I really like in less than 30 minutes or 1 hour. :p Because usually, in department stores, it literally takes me an hour or more to find a decent choice of clothing. :p Ask my mother or my sister. LOL. Haha! I guess that's nuff said. I love Penshoppe. :D And I'm glad I got this for both my birthday and Christmas day.

2. Dresses! :))

Since I'm not really that girly-type-of-girl, I don't have a dress. I repeat, I don't. That's so unlikely for a girl, right? :p I guess I'm just one of the very few girls who don't have even one dress in her wardrobe, and I like it like that. LOL. But why do I have this in my so-called wishlist right now? It's because  I'd like to have a change and that only one or two dressed wouldn't hurt. Oh, I think this is more than a new year's resolution than a wishlist. haha!

Here's le wardrobe. :p See? Blouses are the only ones that are there, along with my uniform and slacks, then the rest are on my cabinet. xD Haha, most of my shirts and blouses are bright-colored after all. :) LOL, I just feel like including this here, so pardon me.

I want dresses like these .. (All taken from

I've always wanted to have something floral. :3

This simply looks gorgeous to me. :p

I've always wanted to have a dress or a skirt with ruffles on it. :))) I think it looks cute. I have a classmate who has this, and I soooo envy her. LOL. Should've been with them when they went shopping with my other classmate. LOLjk

I simply just love this. ^^

Will I really ever be girly as how I've wanted myself to be? Hmm, we'll just see. haha! After all, I'm going to be 18 next year, I guess I could someday give it a shot? o.O

3. Weight Loss! LOL.

As much as I've wanted to have nice clothes and everything, I also want to lose weight, .. but delicious food seem to be tempting me always and that it prevents me from reaching this goal. In school also, I'm always surrounded with fattening fastfood everywhere. Yes, fastfood chains, fastfood chains everywhere. T.T Plus, I'm also very lazy with exercise and that I rarely am in the mood with it, so yeah, it seems like I have very little hope in getting that coca-cola body shape and toned-down arms. Haha, tsk! I hope next year, I could finally fulfill that new year's resolution of losing weight. *fingerscrossed* All I need is more discipline and determination!

Oh yes it's weight loss xD

4. High Grades .. or the highest grades possible ^^

Nuff said. :p
Hahaha! Yeah, if only my grades would smoke week and get higher, all of them would surely be straight As. LOL. Since I have probable grades of a B- or C, Bs, A-s, and maybe some As too, it would be wonderful if they'd all be equally As. That would feel like heaven to me. That's all I want, not for Christmas, but by the end of the semester. Please Lord, make it happen. :)

And oh, this is so accurate. xD

THIS is the most appropriate resemblance of my wish. :)

5. Peace, Love, and Happiness :)

.. Not only for this season, but also throughout our whole lives, with ourselves, family, friends, and all other people around us, no matter how much you hate some of them. xD

From :D

aaaand, there are more to come soon! :))) Or I guess not, because I believe that I almost have everything in my life already, thanks to God, my family, and my friends. :D They're really that awesome, because indeed, they made my life complete. As of this moment, I don't need a love life to complete me, because I have everything that I need that would make me feel almost contented. ;)

Till here :* Have a Merry Christmas! Thank you so much! :D

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