Are my 2012 resolutions met? xD

Hello guys! :D I'm again back with a new post! And since I have nothing else to blog besides ranting about what others went through or whatnot, I decided to blog about asking myself if I did meet my new year's resolutions or not. This is just one of the year-end posts I'm going to write, and I'mma start as early (?) as now so as to not be cramming or to be in a hurry during the 29th, 30th, and 31st in writing a decent blog post. I gotta admit, I was like that last year. hahaha!

So yeah, let's move on! :)

Here's a snippet of what my resolutions were this year:

  1. Lose weight - This has been one of my new year's resolutions every year. LOL. I do fulfill this, but then again I end up getting fat in some parts of the year.
  2. Study harder - Like losing weight, this has been on my new year's resolution list every year, and yes, I am able to fulfill this last year, and I'd want to fulfill it again this year. ;)
  3. Focus on studies alone - Yep, that's right. I'm not going to let "love" get in the way. I won't let a boy distract me in my studies ever again. Even being close with anyone, I'll be avoiding that. All that's on my mind is going to be focusing on my studies alone, and I'm strict with that already. I have a fixed aim, which is to be successful, and I hope to reach that.
  4. Spend money wisely - I've started trying to fulfill this resolution already, by refusing myself to request my parents to buy a new cellphone just yet since my current cellphone's track-pad doesn't work well anymore and I have to restart the cellphone for it to work once again. The track-pad is a very important part of my cellphone, since without it I could not scroll on the menus.

Let's now start. :D

1. Lose weight

- Uhm well .. the truth is, I gained weight this year. HAHAHA. Might as well blame it on eating fast food everyday and the fact that I'm really lazy with exercise. I'd like to have the idea that someday I'd magically be abstaining from eating too much and I'll be more willing to exercise and devote a lot of my free time for it. If only this would be possible. Maybe someday, I'll have to be practicing the water diet. :o *sigh* To those who think that not gaining weight when they eat too much is a curse, they're pretty darn wrong. xD I swear. LOL. If only I could have their metabolism. I've been wondering why I'm having less metabolism right now, compared to before that no matter how much I eat, I rarely get fat .. I mean, there was slow progress with fat developing within me. After evaluating myself with what I had been doing that got me to this point, I found out that fast food is the only difference why my metabolism slowed down. So yeah, enough said.

Looks like there's no difference? LOL. If only there were pictures of me where my arms are emphasized some more. haha! But admit it, I'm somewhat a bit thin on the first picture. :p That was way back in 2010. :D Then the middle, 2011, and the last would be 2012.

2. Study Harder

- Technically, I did fulfill this 2012 resolution of mine. :)) If I didn't, I wouldn't survive Accountancy at all. LOL. And, if I didn't study harder, my grades wouldn't be as (somewhat) high like this:

I know, I've already put this in my previous post way back. I already got over with that letter C. Maybe it's just not my time to get a high grade on that subject. xD But oh well, look at all the As and A-s. :p
Despite being culture-shocked with college, thank God I still managed to get grades like that. :) Even though they're not really the highest ones in the bunch, still I'm thankful. I know I can achieve more this 2nd semester.

3. Focus on studies alone

- Come to think of it, this is technically impossible. xD How can you "focus in studies alone" if you also had to focus on your social life and how you get along with people? And also, how can you if you also had to focus on meeting up the demands of well-being from parents and from other people? There are just a lot other things that we need to focus on in life. Considering the short explanation of that 2012 resolution of mine, it is somewhat impossible not to get close with a guy, since, we can't help but think of them as also great friends to be with and think that they don't really mean no harm. The guy friends I had never even distracted me from my studies, and in fact, they HELPED me with dealing with it. And with love? That's something I clearly fulfilled, because ever since I'm in college, I was only with friends all along and that they taught me to be more responsible. I mean, they kept me away from dramas like that, and throughout the semesters, all I had been filled with was smiles and joys, and I thank my friends, and family, for that. :) So yes, aside from all of these, I also am still fixed with my goal to be successful. I even cried when I got a friggin' letter C on that Accounting subject. lol. I'm sorry if I thought that grades are everything to be successful, help me talk me out through it. haha!

4. Spend money wisely

- Hmmm, I'm not sure if I did spend my money wisely. I'm not sure if buying more food in fast foods and canteens because I was still hungry would be considered spending my money wisely. xD LOL kidding aside, I've been spending my allowance mostly on fare, food, and some other things worth spending like the iPad case I recently bought. haha! Of course I always drool over fashionable clothes and such, but I don't really spend for them without my parents' consent. Being provided with allowance, and friends who are addicted to budgeting since they're given just enough allowance for the week, month, or so, of course I'm slowly learning how to spend my money wisely. :) But still, that isn't enough for me to justify that I did fulfill that 2012 resolution.

If I have more of these. xD From Google Images. :)
I guess that would be it for now. :)) Thanks for reading and viewing. I'mma visit some blogs right now. Till here :*

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