How was my college life so far?

My academic life wasn't really as I expected it to be, then this is also the same for my social life. No, I don't mean that my social life is also that bad, in fact, it's waaaaay better than any other social life I had in my whole life. xD Before I don't really have much close friends, and I don't really have much freedom going anywhere, but now I have! And oh, I just turned 17 last September 12, just so you know. :))) Belated happy birthday to me. :p

Guess I should let my pictures explain how my college life has been. ^^,


Ze American Navies ^^, Most of my closest friends are here. xD

With some of my close friends :D

Outing with ACB :))) With our History teacher ^^, Care to spot him? hahaha :p
Outreach program as part of my scholar's service :)) I'm not there xD I took the pictures. LOL

Stolen shots :p hahaha!

GO ACB! :D Before the cheerdance :))

Then there's a lot more to come next sem. xD I really do hope that we'd still be blockmates. They had been so far the best classmates I had been with in my whole school life. (Awww :") I love them. HAHA

That's it for now! :D Thanks for reading and viewing. :* Till here.

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