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I feel like emoting right now about missing my blockmates. Yes, it's finally the end of the semester and I'll be having new blockmates next sem, and it's pretty clear that I ain't ready to say farewell to my soon-to-be old blockmates. Until now I can't believe that I'll be saying goodbye to my ACB blockmates and soon be facing another set of students to be with throughout the semester, adjusting to them, and trying hard not to expect anything from them. If I don't know anyone in my block next semester, I guess I'll be back to being a loner once again, unless someone befriends me just like what happened in ORSEM and the first week of classes. 

Oh, the memories. I wanna bring them back so bad. T.T

This is Krestine. She's the one that befriended me last ORSEM, during our small group discussion. She's the first ever to befriend me among my blockmates. :))) I felt less of a loner after meeting her. I thank her for that one "hello", for that tiny chat that changed my perspective of what I thought my college life would be. I mean, I never thought that I'd have a new friend in the block as early as my very first encounter with them. Big thanks to her. ;)

This is me and Rodyard. I owe him a very, very big thanks for opening me the door to finding a big social circle of friends, and if it wasn't for him, I would still be a loner until now and I wouldn't really have some people to eat lunch and snacks with. :p He is indeed an awesome friend, but I swear, we're just friends. xD haha! Anyway, it all started with him inviting me for lunch, along with some other friend that I'm also close with until now. We took our lunch at Mcdonalds Ororama, and now, everytime I go there, I remember our first lunch together. Well, that time, it turned out that we can pretty much relate because he's a valedictorian and also an active student before like me. After that he introduced me to more friends, then ate lunch regularly with more and more of them. LOL seriously, right after the first time we got close, my social circle of friends widened bigtime, and I never was alone ever again. ^^, If only you knew how much he changed my social life. Hope I'd find someone like him again soon if ever we won't be blockmates next sem. 

I had a lot of close friends in my block, but these here are my closest. I mean, these are the friends that I often am with everytime I go anywhere. From left to right, that's Rodyard, Jen, Mamu, Lyrra, and of course, me. :p All of them are super-duper awesome! They are some of the reasons for my smile. My bad mood doesn't last when I'm with them. We share laughs most of the time, and I am always happy and comfortable when I'm with them. All of them have their roles as friends, and they also have something in them for me to remember. Rodyard is that one high-spirited friend that would always give us that happy atmosphere because of his talkativeness, clumsiness, annoying-ness (both in a good and bad way), embarrassing moments, and so much more. Jen is someone I could count on for encouragement whenever I'm feeling down about my low scores, and she's also someone that I can learn a lot from because she also shares a lot about some things. Mamu is called Mamu for a reason. xD I mean, she seems like a mother to us, not because of what she looks like (at least not entirely), but because of the way she's good at giving advice, for making me aware of the truths that I should know about love and a lot more, and for encouraging me as well. At first I thought we wouldn't be close because of her maldita personality, but I was wrong. :)) Beneath that, she's someone that's so sentimental about things and it wouldn't be a surprise if she'd miss the ACB as much as I do. :D Then there's Lyrra. ^^, Ever since the first time I knew her, I wanted to be her friend because she gave me the impression of being a good friend of course. haha! I remember when I discovered that she thought the same of me as well when she chose me as a partner for a History project. :)) Anyway she's that one happy, smart, talkative, and friendly girl that I could always share laughs with, and just like Rodyard, we can pretty much relate about a lot of things as well, especially about aiming high! She's got that bubbly personality that I usually get influenced with. I am always happy when I'm with her because she, too, like Rodyard, bring a happy atmosphere when we're together. My first impressions on her did last. :D Well, I'd really be lucky if I ever find friends like these again in my block next sem if ever they wouldn't be my blockmates anymore.

The aftermath of my marriage. :p HAHA joke. Yeah, seriously, since me and Rodyard were ridiculed for something we have in between, if you know what I mean, and then we had this roleplay about Filipino marriage in the past, they got us "married". LOL. So much for that explanation on why we were wearing such costumes and all, these blockmates here are part of my American Navies family along with our History teacher, and I love them so much that I thought I'm so lucky to have belonged here. :))) From left to right that's Marika, Lyrra, Lance, Mamu, Ian, Michael, Aubrey, Lawrence, Rodyard, me, Sir Ian, and Sarah. I am also thankful for our teacher here because he never fails to give us activities that would foster harmonious relationships between us group members and at the same time give us a lot of learning relating to the subject. Once again, this is another group of super-duper awesome people that I'd love to be with again in the near future which is the next semester. To describe them, Marika is that one blockmate that you would really envy because of her beauty and brains, and yes, she's the smartest girl in the block and I thought she's one of the luckiest girls that there would ever be. Lance is someone that could really give the impression that he's rich and is proud of it (LOL) and he's also smart and confident, then I always feel like debating (or arguing) whenever we talk. Ian is someone that you could admire for his being talented, musically-inclined, and pretty much his good personality. Michael is that one tall, white, and handsome person (hahah) at the back, and he's really good at techy stuff, and you can count on him for remixes and for video-editing. Trust me, he's really, really good at that! Then there's Aubrey, and she never, ever fails to make me laugh. :p I could cry laughing because of her. xDD She can be dubbed as the "comedienne of ACB" because of that. She's someone, or is one of the blockmates that I would miss the most. There's Lawrence, and trust me, he's really good at leading our group, and oh, did I mention that he's the very first boy ever to introduce himself to me from the start of the semester, and most probably, from the start of my schooling? I'm mentioning it now, and that's how friendly he really is and how he's really someone that I would find hard forgetting. We can also count on him on letting him teach us about our Accounting assignment, and that's how smart he is. And finally, there's Sarah, and I always find her cute because of her chubbiness. :p  She's that one artistic girl, along with Marika, that you would usually find drawing whenever she's bored. xD Now you know how awesome they really are. ^^,

"An Overnight Stay in Alae". That one bonding moment that got us Navies closer together. I will never forget how we had fun back then, how we stayed in the house like we're all family because there's someone that's like a mother, a father, and I along with the others are like children. LOL seriously, this is another moment that I learned to live with people other than my family, the first one was when I had a 3-day leadership training seminar with my fellow SBO officers. Anyway, I also learned how to play UNO because of them (well, particularly because of Michael), and you have no idea how much we had fun with it, how much we laughed about it, and how much we got frustrated when it took so long to finally have a winner. :p Oh, the memories, wish I could have another moment like that again. xD

THE WHOLE OF ACB! :))) (Though some aren't really from the ACB family) This picture was taken from our History exhibit-slash-semifinals (so much already from our History subject. hahah. told ya we had activities that foster harmonious relationship between ourselves) and it was really fun! :D But anyway, these are the awesome people that I'm talking about all along, and you know, I could say that they are the best classmates that I had so far (screw high school because I never really had a social life back then. LOL just kidding :p). It is with them that I had a lot of classmates that I can say I'm close with, that I had eaten lunch with most of them. They're the ones that taught me a lot about what class bonding should be and how it is indeed possible for me to have a social life after all. They're the reasons why I smile a lot in school, why I laugh a lot, and why I'm almost always happy. I thank them for that, and that's why it's indeed pretty hard to finally say farewell to them. 5 months is really too short to be with these awesome people, and I hope that it should've been at least a year that I'd cherish moments with them. There's still too much memories to cherish with them supposedly if it weren't for the short sem, but oh well, I had to let go and move on to a new chapter in my college life and accept whatever it is that would come for me.

Maybe there's more I could share about my awesome block, and this would be it for now.

Block ACB, I thank you for everything! I love you all :* Would this be a final farewell to all of you?

Till here :)

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