ACB Memories ~ 2

ACB Memories ~ -- Part 1

In the past week we had this activity in Business Psychology wherein we'd give cards to some classmates we feel like giving to. xD LOL really, we were grouped at first, wrote for every one of our groupmates, then it's our choice whether we would also give cards to someone outside our group. ;) We also gave each other candy along with the cards. :p

This is what I call keepin' the love comin' .. ~

The cards I've received from my beloved blockmates. :))) Yes, they're Christmas cards, and they're advanced messages for the Christmas celebration I guess. :p

From Mamu. ^^,

From Michael. :D

From Lawrence. :)

From Noe :")

From Lovie. :))

From Jen, with love ^^

From Erah :) She isn't really from ACB, but she's from our Psych class. Even though I thought she doesn't really know me at all, I seem to be proved wrong because the message she wrote is somewhat accurate to me. xD

From Abby. =)

From Ruzzel. =D

From Yen. :>
From Lyrra :*

From Hannah :>>

Candies, anyone? :D

Till here ;) hopefully there's more to come. xD

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  1. patok pa rin talaga ang ganyan sa ngayon na mga card....kahit uso na ang cellphone...


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