Day 30: One Thing I'm Excited for

Actually, I was and am excited for a lot of things. :)) I'm so sorry that I had just done this last challenge now because these past few days was our Orientation Seminar of our college and I slept very early and woke up very early for that to gain energy for that 3-day event. Anyway, maybe I could talk about that orientation seminar some other time since I'm kinda in a hurry with this blog post because I still need to prepare my things for tomorrow's classes (yeah, tomorrow's the start of our classes).

So yeah, here are the things I was excited for:
  • 3-day ORIENTATION SEMINAR (orsem - May 30 to June 1) - This was soooooo enjoyable as what I expected it to be! :D I saw a lot of my ex classmates and schoolmates, and I was with my friends who also study in the university I'm going to. The only bad thing that happened to me was the last part of the orsem, that I wasn't able to finish the whole thing, but that's okay. At least I'm not the only one who missed out.
  • My youngest brother's birthday (May 31) - Here's something I made for him :)

I wasn't there for the whole day with him because of the orsem, but that's okay :) At least I was there for about one-third of the day.

  • THE START OF CLASSES (June 4) - Yes, even though I'm this paranoid for the start of classes, still I am excited. :)) I get to meet my new teachers, get to see my new classrooms, and so much more! Wish me luck! *fingerscrossed*
Till here :*


  1. How was your first day? :D Did you meet a lot of friends?

    I like your brother's name. Belated Happy Birthday to him. Although you weren't there with him, I know he understood. :)

  2. Hope you had an awesome first day! :) And belated happy birthday to your bro!

  3. Wow, ORSEM! How did it go? :)
    Belated happy birthday to your brother!

    PS: Check my new blogpost!

  4. kumusta ka na..belated happy birthday kay Prudence..


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