Before I'll proceed to my 30-day challenge, I would like to apologize for my blog's disappearance yesterday. I don't really know what happened. When I logged in to my Blogger account, it said something about a suspicious activity that caused my blog to disappear. I was so nervous when I visited my blog and I saw a notice that it has been removed, even though I didn't really removed it. I really thought that my blog's a goner already, and while I was finding ways on how to get it back, I thought of all the times that I blogged and that I had to start all over again to make some memories, but when I finally did the steps given to me, I was glad that it worked and that I got my blog again, just like how it was when I left it. Because of that experience, I remembered to cherish every moment with my blog, since I'll never know when the next "suspicious activity" will occur again. I also had to be careful next time which website to visit and which website to join, because I had been suspicious with the recent blog I visited wherein which it's an "international directory" of blogs, since after I joined it, the next day my blog disappeared. I also thought that it was hacked since maybe someone guessed my password, but then again, why wouldn't he/she change the password if he/she hacked it. o.O So yeah, I have no idea what really happened. All that matters really is that I still got my blog back despite the odds. hahah. That was a big relief for me. :))

On a lighter note, I'm so happy I got enrolled already! Yesterday I woke up at around 3:30 am just to prepare early and arrive at the university at 5:30 am so that I could be admitted early and be enrolled. I plotted that plan because the day before that, when I arrived at around 9 am, there was already a very long line of chairs with incoming freshmen seated on it waiting for their turn to be admitted and to be enrolled. When I saw them, I thought they were just sitting down because they were simply waiting for their turn, but then moments later I knew that they had their priority number, and it was only up to 200. Because I was dismayed, I was really determined to be one of the earliest people on the next day, which was yesterday, and my plan really worked! I was able to be prioritized very early and that I was thankful to God that He permitted me to wake up as early as 3:30 am. hahaha. You have no idea how happy I was that I got number 6 as my priority number, and that my interview also went well. :) After the interview, me and my friend/classmate who also enrolled still had a lot of time to roam around the campus and prepare for the psychological exam which was on 12:45pm. It was indeed a long wait, since we finished the interview at around 8:30am and it was hours after that we finally had the exam. Also, after the interview, we inquired where the building where we were going to take the psychological exam is, so that we would have an idea later. Then, after that, I dropped by the scholarship office to get exempted for full-tuition payment since I have my half-tuition scholarship. So yeah, I was oriented about how the scholarship goes, how to maintain it, what I should do while I'd be granted that, the forms to give and take back, and many others. Then I thought, "this is a lot of work for me", but that's okay, I know I can do it. :D Then me and my friend went to Jollibee to take our breakfast since we only had limited breakfast at home. I ordered their breakfast joys, and I was satisfied with what I had eaten.

We went back to the campus after the breakfast at Jollibee, and it was still a long wait. My friend's boyfriend came to her and she accompanied him for the requirements, which left me alone and I ended up texting my other friends where they're at, and I went where they were, and finally I wasn't alone again. LOL. I had fun being with them though because they shared a lot of laughs and jokes, and they accompanied me in eating lunch. After lunch, I proceeded to the room where we would take the exam. It was pretty hot in there, but I'm glad I was still able to answer my exam well. hahah. When I was done with the exam, I went to my mother who recently arrived, then we went to the Finance office to pay for the enrollment and the English Placement Exam (EPT) which I was going to take the next day (today). After that we went to where we would order the uniform, and then we went to a nearby school supplies store to buy liquid eraser for the EPT requirement and to Jollibee to buy take out. We finally went home after that.

The next enrollment day, which was today, I spent time having my EPT receipt photocopied and finding the room where I'll be taking the EPT. This time I was all alone, and it was really hard. I thought back then that it was really better if you have someone to accompany you, and it's really better if you have friends around. Anyway, it was really tiring going back and forth around the buildings, asking people for directions, and going up the stairs. Then the time came when I finally arrived the room, and once again it was really hot because of all the people inside it and because the electric fans were off. Then yeah, I took the EPT, and it was okay, there were some confusions I had in the test which is pretty usual for me, but I thought I could pass it anyway. I went to the chapel right after the test to pray that I would pass it so that I would belong to the advanced English subject. I was there for an hour, then when the time came that I should go to the building where I should get the result, I went there, and I was surprised that there were a lot of people already. Well, I'm glad that we would only be called for the result, and I was very happy to see that I belong to the English placement I've been hoping for. I thanked God for it. :D

I dropped by the chapel to thank God for the results, then went to the Dean's office of my soon-to-be department for an interview and for the schedule. I'm glad that there was still time, and after the interview I got my schedule, but then there wasn't any time anymore for the university registrar, so I postponed it in the afternoon. I took my lunch alone (poor me xD), then I roamed around the campus and saw another friend of mine, I sat with him, then we inquired each other about the enrollment process and which classmates who would soon be our schoolmates next school year. Then we talked about the schedule I got. He was surprised to see an evening class on my schedule, and I took a look at it, and considering the fact that I wasn't able to see that when I got it before, I was so surprised that I was really determined to inquire about it on the office where I got the schedule. I released a big sigh of relief when I was told that it was just an error and that it was really a morning schedule. I'm glad I had the guts to inquire about it. hahaha.

It took a while for me to find the university registrar office though, but when I finally got there, I accomplished what was needed to be done there then I went back to the office where I got my schedule, and I had my scholarship form signed by the Dean, then I went back to the scholarship office and I was given the contract for my scholarship. Because of that I was kinda gloomy all of the sudden since I realized that I really had a lot of things to do and maintain, and I was also scared of failing a subject. It's like I lost confidence in myself, but I do hope I could get it back soon.

So yes, after the visit at the scholarship office, I'm finally done with my enrollment, and the only thing missing would be the books and the ID! :)) I congratulate myself for that because I never knew I could do it without anyone with me. LOL.

That's it! It's been so long since I've written posts like these. I'm glad I've once again did it. hahah. I really missed this. :D

I'll resume the 30-day challenge tomorrow because it's getting late.

By the way, I wasn't able to do my 30-day challenge yesterday because I was so tired with the enrollment process since I had been there from 5:30 am to 4 pm, plus I woke up 3:30 am like I said previously, so obviously I should have time to rest, and I hope you understand. :) I slept at 8:30 pm, way early than that of the time I usually sleep.

Anyway, I also wasn't able to do the challenge today since I was eager to talk about my enrollment process, because it's indeed a big part of college for me. hahaha :D I hope you really read everything :p JK. It's up to you if you're interested or not. :))

Till here :*

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