Day 9: How Important I Think Education Is

Education is important to me because I know it takes us closer to a brighter future, and that without it we would become ignorant about how the world works.

Through education, you would learn how to read, write, understand, and how to get along with people and to have some good manners. Through it you would know which is right and wrong, and with it you would be prepared for the real world.

You could also become open to new ideas if you're educated, which would also make you wiser and be able to influence others.

There are a lot more reasons why education is important, these are just some I could name at the moment.

Sorry I only named a few reasons now. My mind can't think as straight as it should be because I'm in a bad mood right now since I wasn't able to enroll early today. The worst part is that I wasn't in the right timing. I'm trying to think that today isn't the right time for me to enroll, but still I'm feeling mad, sad, and irritated because I was so close to enrolling, but fate didn't give me the chance. If only I knew about that priority number.

Oh well, I will be lucky tomorrow, I guess. xD I decided I should arrive at the university at 5am so that I could get priority number 1. LOL

I just had to accept that this isn't really the day for me. Tomorrow will be another bright day for another chance intended for me.

I should rest now like what my friend is telling me. Good night!


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