Day 7: Five Pet Peeves + Pictures of Cake from Recent Celebrations

  1. Being asked to do chores when you're at your peak of concentrating on something, just like when I'm writing this blog post and I'm continuously asked to do this and that, when I'm currently studying something on the internet and suddenly someone asks me about some activity or assignment, and when I'm currently doing a seatwork or answering an exam then someone asks me about what they don't understand, because I'll be thinking that why of all people I am the one being asked and not the teacher. The same goes for texting, like when someone talks to me while I'm currently texting an important message or whatever message I'm writing that involves right composition or something. As a result of these pet peeves, I lose my focus and concentration with what I was supposed to be doing, and that makes me really mad.
  2. Unknown numbers who text me first and when I ask them who the heck they are, they don't effin' reply. And the worse part is that they don't even know who I am or at least what my name is, which gets me wondering what the eff is my contact name on their cellphone, and the fact that they include me on their group messages, that's another "wtf" part of the pet peeve.
  3. Sick people who cough near you, especially in the public utility jeepney where I usually commute. They really annoy me, because I always think that they're trying to get even with the other passengers, like they want them to be sick too.
  4. Long commercial breaks, especially when I watch Pinoy Big Brother or American Idol. And not to mention, those shows that show their thrill in a wrong way, like you would think it's "bitin". I meant like Upin & Ipin, it's like every commercial break they always let us think that it's finished since it already shows the credits and we have to wait for another day to see the next part, but we thought it wrong.
  5. Annoying, flirty boys from the streets who call you like you're someone hot. Whenever I pass by public places like the gasoline station, and even when I go here outside the yard, there would always be boys who would be calling you "pssst, gwapa" (or "hey pretty" when it's translated in English), and when I ignore them they would be like "ay, ka-snob ba niya" (or "oh, what a snob" when it's translated). They're just so annoying. I'm not like any other girls that would be glad they're getting attention from boys like that. I'm like "go f**k someone else" in my mind when they'll be calling me that way. 
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Here are some pictures of the cakes my parents bought for me and my sister's graduation that I completely forgot about while I was writing this blog post: As I Sing My Heart's Thanksgiving. You could also click the link if you're interested about my Recognition Day and Graduation Day. Don't worry, it opens in a new tab. haha

And here are the pictures last May 3, 2012 - My sister's birthday:

That's the cake, presented by my youngest brother. :)

My family singing to my sister a happy birthday. (My sister's the one with the yellow shirt.)

After blowing the candle. Look at all the food. :p

By the way, I'm planning to spam you with my pictures again on Monday. hahah xD I'm giving a try on showing off what I wore. LOL

And oh, here's my report card in case you haven't seen it. xD

That's it for now :)


A shoutout to my friend and also my former schoolmate Kristille's blog, Tille the World Ends! :D \m/ It's her new blog, and I'm hoping everyone of you could visit it and welcome her to the blogging world! :))

tadaaaah ~ LOL


  1. omg langga! you're brilliant!! :) Im sure your parents are really proud of you <3 keep it up!

  2. Congrats on graduating! :) Hihi!
    BTW, pareho tayo ng petpeeves lol

  3. matalino ka talaga.....ang tataas ng grades mo..

  4. I hate those five things as well. Urgh! Why do I have to deal with them.

    Your grades are really good. Keep that up especially on college. It could be really different. (^_^) Just have some fun. You'll have all the freedom soon.

    Visit my other blog as well:


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