Day 5: Things I Want to Say to an Ex

Honestly, I don't have an "ex" that you thought I was supposed to write to. I meant, I don't have an "ex-boyfriend", but I do have ex-crushes (as if there's such. LOL). Well, I would just like to say this to them:

Thank you so much for all the goosebumps you gave me, and it was worth it. :p Although sometimes now I think that I was really pathetic to get a crush on you, I still thank God that you came into my life. xD If it weren't for you guys, my day wouldn't really be colorful and happy. LOL. I also wouldn't experience happiness at a single "hi" and a single conversation with someone, then my day wouldn't easily be completed without you. hahah. Through remembering you, I would always be able to have a big smile on my face even though I don't have a crush on you anymore because I can't help but remember all the things that I've been through when I still liked every one of you so much. So yeah, thank you!

But if I do have an ex-boyfriend, I would just thank him for the broken heart, for the permanent scar, because it made me stronger and that I would have the chance to find someone much better, and the experience would teach me not to merely trust any boy for a relationship, or something like that.

By the way, it's my sister's birthday today! :D Happy Birthday to her! ^^, I'll post pictures tomorrow because I'm really tired now. Mine and my sister's close friends came over for the birthday gathering, and we're grateful to have them here.

Till here :* 

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  1. Awesome! I will throw a shit to my ex's. But somehow, they have touched my life even if they are no longer by my side.


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