Day 4: Bullet My Whole Day

  • I woke up at around 8 am. Shortly after that, while I was trying to recall my dream (LOL), I received a text message from my best friend telling me that she passed the entrance exam of a popular university here in Cagayan de Oro! :D Like any other friend, I am proud of her, because honestly, I never expected her to pass since many said that the Math part was very hard, but she still managed to ace it! I then congratulated her. :)
  • I got up then told my mother about how my best friend aced the entrance exam, so yeah. xD
  • I had scrambled eggs and bread for breakfast.
  • After that, I did some chores.
  • I spent almost 3 hours cleaning my room since their are guests to come for tomorrow's birthday party of my sister.
  • While I was cleaning my room, I found a lot of my things that were once lost, and I also discovered that I really did have a lot of shoes after all. o.O
  • After cleaning my room, I was so proud of myself that I cleaned everything on my own today. :)
  • I had malunggay soup and fish for lunch.
  • Me and my siblings were left at home while my parents bought some food.
  • I was surfing the internet after lunch by the way.
  • My parents brought back a lot of delicious food. :))
  • I designed that picture above using Adobe Photoshop CS3.
  • I received another text message from a friend saying that she got the highest score among all other Architecture students who took the entrance exam. Being a friend, I'm proud of her. haha. I congratulated her too.
  • Randomly thinking about the month of May, I thought that I should be reviewing Accounting already since class resume is coming near. :o
  • I found a song that reminded me of my last dance from my 3rd year JS prom. :) Here it is:

  • I uploaded pictures to my laptop. Here are some of them:

I took pictures of the token I got from my 4th Year JS Prom. :) I love it.

  • I chatted all day long with my guy friend. :D It's always fun chatting with him. ;) He is really a good friend to me.
  • I did some chores.
  • Then I'm blogging this to kill time since he isn't online now. xD
  • That's all! :)
Till here :*

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  1. Collide is really good song :)
    happy birthday to your sister!
    & i like your background. I'm following you now, hope you can follow back :)


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