Day 29: 5 Weird Things that I Like

I'm not really good at recalling those weird things that I once liked or I still like now and am not aware of it, but here it goes:
  1. Men's spiky hairstyle - I'm not sure if this is weird for some or not, but I think it's weird because it really transforms men's appearance, which creeps me out sometimes and likes it at the same time. Get it? hahaha. And coincidentally, this has become a trend for this year, and I recalled one of my classmates started this whole thing. o_O
  2. French Fries dipped on sundae - Trust me, this is delicious. hahaha! I did this with McDonalds. :p
  3. Superstitions - Well, I don't know for sure if this is classified under weird things or creepy things but yeah, I like reading superstitions because they are just so fascinating and would really get me wondering about what I had been doing all my life. LOL
  4. The smell of citrus fruit - For some this isn't weird at all, right? I really love the smell of citrus fruit, like in colognes, perfumes, and other scented stuff, and if only I won't get colds for smelling too much of it, I would smell it all day. hahaha
  5. Shampoos that smell like candy - Oh yes, I like it when my hair smells sweet. xD I have a shampoo that smells like candy, and I really would love the scent to stay on my hair. :)) Sorry if this isn't weird enough for you. haha!

Till here :*


  1. Hi Nice!
    I agree with no.5 I also love shampoos that make my hair sweet, it makes me feel good.

  2. i mostly have the same stuffs that i like too :) well, except the superstitions stuff... as much as possible i avoid knowing some of them coz it scares me and just make me avoid doing normal stuffs in life >< oh well.

    hope u have blast this June! xoxo

  3. Lol. Mcdo fries with sundae. Hahaha. I pair it with coke float usually. :P I like reading superstitions as well. :)


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