Day 26: Things I Like and Dislike about Myself

  • I have something to be proud of
  • I'm good in academics
  • I have achieved a lot in school
  • My Virgo-ness xD
  • How some people like me
  • The way I easily understand things
  • I tend to be competitive
  • People say I'm responsible
  • They say I'm intelligent
  • I love to help others when it comes to information stuff :p
  • I tend to like serving people
  • I tend to participate when it comes to various school activities
  • Being invited to join an extracurricular activity excites me. LOL
  • The way I only gain a few pounds when I eat too much xD
  • I'm not the shortest girl around :))
  • I tend to be serious when it comes to something worth being serious for
  • I know how to draw and design stuff
  • I am healthy

  • My bad temper
  • My lack of self-confidence
  • The way I show my pride too much
  • My awkwardness when talking to people
  • The feeling of being awkward
  • I don't have a lot of friends
  • I'm only good at talking to people when it comes to chatting and texting
  • I'm an introvert
  • I'm too addicted to the internet
  • My stupidity
  • Being crazy
  • Being weird
  • I tend to be very sensitive sometimes
  • I tend to assume about something
  • I tend to worry too much

Till here :*

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  1. Yeahh. We have lot of commons in dislike. Hahaha. :D


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