Day 24: 5 Words/Phrases that make me Laugh

This challenge is going to be very hard for me because I don't usually laugh at words and phrases, I laugh at them along with a meme or a picture. -_- Could I just show 9gag posts here? LOL. Besides, there wouldn't be anyone grading me around here or pointing out my mistake or alternative way unless he/she is too much of a perfectionist, so yeah. xD

1. Have you ever been so mad ..

.. You shot fire out of your eyes?
.. You tackled a horse?
.. To try kill everybody with a bread?
.. You threw a cake against a police car?
.. You wrote a book about it?
.. That you killed a squirrel with a trombone?
.. That you punched God in the Face?
.. You threw milk at the police directly from a cow?
.. That you bent a bridge?
.. That you tackled a train?
.. You set fire to a police car using a trumpet?
.. That you flipped your house upside down?

Here's the 9gag post:



3. Forever Alone posts (This one's an example)

4. "Oh God Why" posts, like this:

5. Posts with memes that look like Yao Ming, like this one:

Till here :*

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