Day 23: Something That I Miss

If you ask me, I miss SCHOOL, and everything in it.

I miss ..
  • My classmates who had been with me through the years;
  • The faculty and staff that selflessly rendered their services in school;
  • My schoolmates whom I see pretty much everyday;
  • The classroom that all of my classmates only clean during Fridays (LOL);
  • The way my classmates kept asking me questions about the lesson;
  • My activeness in extracurricular activities;
  • The way I panic when I just knew there was a quiz and I haven't finished studying yet. hahah;
  • The teachers who make learning worthwhile;
  • Those teachers who make us laugh everytime;
  • The way my classmates go to school very early to copy each other's assignments in Math. LOL;
  • Our class clowns xD;
  • The way everyone of us become united during Intramurals and other school activities;
  • During lunch time when the classroom turns into a party house. hahah;
  • The way the classroom instantly goes back to normal when the teacher comes in;
  • All the crazy sh*t we did (if you know what I mean);
  • Experiences in school organizations that led me to think that my job's really pretty hard;
  • The honor roll! LOL;
  • The way I always panic and worry when the end of grading periods come;
  • The way I cry over low scores;
  • When I finally had someone to be with during lunch time;
  • The way I always bring my book and notes everywhere I go during lunch time or break time to study. hahaha (I'm that much of a nerd);
  • My friends and all those picture-taking we do;
  • Those funny pictures we take;
  • The funny moments we had;
  • That moment when I considered every one of my classmates as "friends". haha;
  • The way some of my schoolmates look up to me;
  • The way my schoolmates are pretty good at hiding gossips relating to me (or maybe they don't gossip me that much xD);
  • Clearance-signing time - the time when everyone panics on requirements, even those lazy ones!;
  • That moment when I finally learned to open up about something;
  • That moment when I feel that everyone in school really knows me o_O;
  • That moment when I hear a lot of rumors about something;
  • .. and many others.
Till here :*


  1. Don't worry though, school's coming back in few days. Haha. And then we'll hate it again. :P

  2. Those moments must be really cherished. I miss my classmates too. But not my school. XD I have so many hateful things to say about it (Yeah, forgive the word).

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