Day 21: How I Hope My Future Will be Like

Well, I'm the kind of girl who has a lot of big ambitions. :))) So big that I would do anything to make them a success, which explains why I'm over-competitive when it comes to academics and extracurricular activities in school, and how hopeful I am that my personality would be more pleasing.

So yeah, I will proceed to telling about how I'd want my future to be.

Soon, my name will be Atty. Vanesa D. Salcedo, CPA. Yes, I will be a CPA Lawyer soon, but I don't know if I could change my mind. But if the CPA Lawyer occupation would continue to convince me that I will have a big salary soon, I will stick to that ambition. ;) I wanted to be a lawyer in the first place because I knew that I would have high authority among people, just like my father. I've been aiming to be a lawyer ever since I started school. LOL. But at some point between my 3rd Year High School and 4th Year High School years, since I was very addicted to the internet, I wanted to be an Information Technologist, or whatever people call the occupation after you've studied the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology course. Then I also wanted to be a Multimedia Artist. xD But then I realized that maybe the ambitions that have stayed long with me may be the ones that I need to pursue, so I decided I should be a lawyer instead, and besides, I don't know if ever I could be one of the best in dealing with technology. Then because Law doesn't have a Bachelor degree, I opted for Accountancy since I believe I'm good in Math and I'd love to analyze stuff.

HAHA, anyway, sorry I got carried away. xDD The next thing I want in the future would be having a big mansion with a pool, just like this:

Credits to the rightful owner

I would also want a cool vehicle with that. haha

Credits to the rightful owner

.. then a fabulous life. :D hahaha

I also wanted to have my own boutique or something. LOL. xD I would also want to earn a lot of money, I mean A LOT of them, too much for me that I have to give some to charity. :)) Yes, I want to be a Philanthropist soon, so that I could help the less fortunate.

I want to be very successful, but not up to the point that I would end up being sad for myself for not living my life to the fullest. Along with my soon-to-be success, I would also want myself to live and enjoy life with no regrets, and hopefully live a long and righteous life.

If I must have a family, I would want a small one, with only one child, but that doesn't mean I would spoil her/him. But I don't know. LOL. I want a man who looks like a prince and would have a pleasing personality. In other words, I want a man that I rightfully deserve. If given the chance to have a kind maid to help out at home, I would take that opportunity in the future as well.

So, my future would be more like focusing on my career first then family matters would come somewhere when I'm ready.

In general, all I want in life would be success, fulfilled goals, and a life worth living.

Till here :*

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  1. Finally, I found the right words to use to describe my future. Hahaha. Yes, you & I have same dreams. :D


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