Day 20: My Fears

Well, I'm afraid of all these things: (Not in order)
  1. Spiders
  2. Flying cockroaches
  3. Getting burned from cooking oil while frying food xD
  4. Failing a subject in school
  5. Not being in the honors' list
  6. Getting killed
  7. Getting raped
  8. Being burned alive
  9. Seeing a ghost or a monster alone (it would be cool though if I have someone to see the ghost with me. LOL)
  10. Flying bats
  11. Getting kicked out of the house
  12. My father getting angry
  13. Being spanked with a belt
  14. Seeing someone cut their own wrist
  15. Imagining myself cutting my own wrist
  16. Seeing someone kill somebody in person
  17. Cellphone snatchers
  18. Losing my cellphone
  19. Losing my family
  20. A sudden death
  21. Getting run over by a speeding vehicle
  22. Falling from heights
  23. Losing someone's trust
  24. .. and many others!
Anyway, this morning was the American Idol Finale, and guess who've won? Not Jessica Sanchez, but Phillip Phillips. Well, I was expecting Jessica Sanchez to win though, but it's okay. She's not the American Idol, she's the WORLD Idol! :D But in order not to be called "bitter" on this, I would just like to say congratulations to Phillip Phillips for winning the title. :)))) Jessica Sanchez, you'll have an amazing career ahead of you! ^^, I could download a lot of songs from your album soon. hahah

Here's an epic performance from Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday:

So yeah, despite the disappointment I felt about Jessica Sanchez not winning the title, I still enjoyed the performances in the finale. :D Rihanna was there! LOL. I'm a big fan of her, and many other singers too. xD

Till here :*


  1. I've been a fan of Phillip since the auditions, he's amazing. But I know Jessica is superior vocally, I just prefer Phillip's musical style. I respect Jessica though and her talent. I wish them both the best. :)

  2. Wow, you're afraid of not being in the honors' list. Nahiya naman ako! Hahaha. :)

    Jessica is a really good singer, but she's not that charming like Phil. I guess that was her downside tho.


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